Benjamin Netanyahu: Guilty Of Palestinian Genocide.

Posted on October 25, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Political language – and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

– GEORGE ORWELL (1903-1950) Writer

ocean55Alphabet Genocide n. 1. planned extermination of national or racial group 2. the systematic killing or extermination of a whole people or nation. Any man or woman on Earth, after learning the horrific facts about what occurred during the Israeli 51-day military assault “Operation Protective Edge” carried out in July and August of 2014, can only logically conclude that Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu is guilty of genocide.

To learn those extremely disturbing facts, every man or woman on Earth with access to the internet would be strongly advised to visit the YouTube channel “Frank Barat”, where the Russell Tribunal on Palestine 2014 is seen in its entirety. The Russell Tribunal took place in September 2014, and is available for viewing around the world in 17 videos at Frank Barat’s YouTube channel. For those who are unaware of the real details and who are determined in learning the truth about Israel’s military operation, please be advised that watching and listening to the testimonies and addresses at the Russell Tribunal will be an extremely uncomfortable, disturbing experience.

In other words, men and women whose awareness of the July-August Israeli attacks on Gaza consists only of what they’ve seen and heard on mainstream/corporate media – and who then listen to the Russell Tribunal – will experience an intense series of emotional reactions ranging from shock, astonishment, sadness, perplexity, to righteous indignation over what actually occurred in Gaza.

To some extent, the same could be said to even those who consider themselves somewhat or more-than-average knowledgeable and informed about the latest Israeli massacre of Palestinians called “Operation Protective Edge”. All aspects of the 51-day brutal, barbaric attack of Gaza and its 1.8 million imprisoned population become articulated, including:

Ending Israeli impunity and the role of civil society

European Union accountability and complicity in Israel’s violation of International Law

Israeli war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge

Use of young Palestinians as human shields by the Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

Intentional attacks on health personnel committed by Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

Examples of executions by Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

Bombing and attacks on health facilities by Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

Incitement for genocide in Israeli society discourse during Operation Protective Edge

Munitions deployed by Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

Framework of International Law in Israel-Palestine

Requirements for prosecuting genocide

Widespread destruction of Palestinian factories, farms, and economic infrastructure by Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge

plus statements by members of the jury, and more…

In the following testimony by German journalist Martin Lejeune, he reports to the Russell Tribunal what he observed and learned from Gazans after traveling to Gaza upon cessation of Operation Protective Edge. Mr. Lejeune provides shocking evidence of the Israeli-planned, malicious goal of destroying the factories, farms, and economy of Palestinians living in Gaza. As profoundly disturbing as Martin Lejeune’s testimony is, please be aware that no western media has reported on this genocide-related, major war crime.

Please be aware as well that the testimonies of each witness at the Russell Tribunal is equal in power to Martin Lejeune’s, and the combined power of those various truthful testimonies on all criminal aspects of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge demands that urgent, necessary, immediate, and deterrent legal actions begin by the international community.


(Thank you to Frank Barat at YouTube)


To view the Russell Tribunal 2014 in its entirety please visit:

To find out how people around the world can help, please visit:

It is extremely urgent this powerful information becomes disseminated to humanity. Please share the links with everyone you know and urge your family and friends to do the same while sparing no creative thinking in getting this vital information to all the world’s people. Envision the point where awareness of truth about Palestine has built to such a magnitude that world leaders and corporate media will find it impossible to continue ignoring their responsibility to speak the truth and act for moral justice. Know and believe that by doing so you – along with many others around the world who become aware of the very real and serious dangers of inaction on Palestine – will be helping to simultaneously prevent an even more devastating human catastrophe and create a new, peaceful, and more just world.

Thank you.



5 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu: Guilty Of Palestinian Genocide.

    1. Stuart,
      Continued impunity of Israeli leaders, and others who were accessories, after the obvious major crimes committed during Protective Edge is perhaps the most frustrating situation any serious man or woman deals with.
      A concept for the writers at VT came across today. It’s “100 Questions”, where the entirety of VT’s voluminous library of articles become distilled to the 100 most important questions needing answers in the world today. To arrive at the most important questions, all writers at VT would be asked to submit 5 or 10 along with reasons why they should be included, then the editorial team would select the 100. The readers of VT could be asked to submit their suggestions/questions as well in a campaign which would attract a great deal of interest. Once the 100 combined summary of issues and the corresponding issue-specific question were compiled and published, one could imagine the worldwide response would shatter records. The best part, next to the most important – zeroing in on the major, in-need-of-resolution issues facing humanity – is the project wouldn’t cost one red cent. The 100 questions could generate so much publicity that it would become impossible for world leaders and media to ignore the related issues any longer.


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