Sweden, Britain Recognize State Of Palestine: Will USA Be Next?

Posted on October 14, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-31Alphabet In governmental moves which mirror the rapidly growing international condemnation of Israel’s 50-day massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, lawmakers in both Sweden and Britain have recently voted to recognize an independent, free, and sovereign State of Palestine. Many around the world are wondering which nations will soon follow the lead of Sweden and Britain, place similar resolutions before their lawmaking bodies, and call for a nation called Palestine.

With American mid-term elections around the corner, it shall be interesting to see how many of the thousands  of debates will include questions to candidates about the actions taken by Sweden and Britain, and if candidates feel the Palestinian people deserve the support of the US government – in line with most American citizens’ views – that the Israel-Palestine decades-old conflict needs to become irreversibly resolved once and for all.

As much as one admires British MP George Galloway there is disagreement on his stance against Palestinian statehood as well as his opposition to Scottish independence. Palestinians and Israelis, just as a husband and wife after the wife has suffered too many years of serious physical and mental abuse – must divorce. Using another divorce term, Palestinians and Israelis cannot live together in the same country because their “irreconcilable differences” have become so large that nothing but complete separation implementing a two-state resolution is realistic and tenable.

Making the issue of Palestinian statehood a major one in the remaining days and weeks of America’s mid-term elections from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans – and because it is becoming clearer that an unresolved Israel-Palestine conflict is the source of most violence in the entire Middle East region – people living in America, through efforts to convince the Congress to emulate Sweden and Britain, have a real opportunity to initiate historic, peace-increasing change in that region of the Earth which has suffered horrific, unimaginable violence for far too long.

It is worth remembering that when Bishop Desmond Tutu, one of the most forceful leaders in the drive to abolish apartheid conditions in South Africa, visited Gaza and the West Bank for the first time and saw with his own eyes conditions that Palestinians were living under he concluded Palestinians were living in conditions much worse than South Africans under apartheid. Some observers during this last Israeli massacre viewed Israeli actions as delivering a “leave, submit, or die” message to the Palestinian people.

Continuation of the “status-quo” in Israel-Palestine, when the entire world now sees Israel as the criminal, rogue, apartheid state it truly is – combined with the fact that irresolution of the over-60-year conflict will guarantee more violence in the Middle East – is no longer an option, just as a wife can no longer remain in a marriage where her husband inflicts overwhelming pain and misery.

If millions of American men and women decide to help the Palestinian people out of their clearly wrecked “marriage” with Israel by demanding that the United States Congress – and those from all political parties running in every state for national office to serve – recognize the State of Palestine, a people will never again experience “leaving, submitting, or dying” ultimatums, but instead will experience staying on the lands of their ancestors, freedom for too long denied, and living life aligned with universal human rights given to each man, woman, and child on Earth directly from the Creator.


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3 thoughts on “Sweden, Britain Recognize State Of Palestine: Will USA Be Next?

    1. Stuart,
      On the one hand it’s understandable that people hold the view US Congress’ voting to recognize the State of Palestine is the same as “hell freezing over”, yet on the other hand in Britain it seems hell froze. It will happen, whether one week or ten years from now nobody knows. Just like all initiatives worth working toward, an independent Palestine is the just resolution to this conflict of 60 years. As we and millions around the world are now aware, the tide has turned very dramatically in favor of the Palestinian people’s independence, so here’s hoping both of us become pleasantly and massively surprised in the very near future.


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