Organize Global Military Force And Stop ISIS, Terrorism Now.

Posted on October 8, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

– AESOP (620-560 B.C.) Greek fabulist

aaa-44Which President, Prime Minister, or high official from any nation on Earth will become the first to propose an international military force to end ISIS, and terrorism, once and for all? Here’s the proposal, and it’s about as straightforward as it gets. The leaders of every nation on Earth agree to send 1,000 ground soldiers to the Middle East, namely Iraq and Syria, to direct ISIS out of existence.

According to reports there are some 30,000 soldiers in ISIS, of which presumably 20,000 are in Syria and 10,000 in Iraq. The growing view is that airstrikes alone have not made any significant dent in ISIS’ power, and will not if continued, so more voices are rising in calls for ground forces. One thousand soldiers from every country on Earth would represent sufficient military power to soundly defeat ISIS forces who refuse to surrender. ISIS would receive forewarning. Once the international military forces arrived in the region, ISIS will receive the ultimatum to either surrender within 24 hours or die.

All it takes to organize such a truly multinational police force begins when one or more national leaders seriously proposes the concept. At that point of initiation, the world will find out who is truly concerned about ISIS extremism as a threat to world peace and security and who is not. Those world leaders who decide against participation in such a world police force at this time will become forced to fully explain to their citizens their reasons for deciding on non-participation. They will then have to specifically articulate why they are against such an organization plus explain any ideas which they feel would more effectively solve the ISIS threat situation.

When this proposal reaches the entire world, what will become manifested is a profound moment of truth in the history of the human race. The people of every nation and future generations will have access to, and will forever benefit from, speeches made by their leaders as they weigh in on a global debate revealing all aspects of terrorism, war and peace, geopolitical strategy, economic motivations, governance options, natural resource wealth distribution, societal consequences of military action, and all the diverse factors presently contributing to the ISIS phenomenon, Middle East tensions, and universally similar situations and consequences anywhere on this planet.

An international police force organized to stop ISIS now is a superior option over a coalition consisting of a handful of nations, because all of humanity will experience unity against an entity which has proven its capacity to harm innocent men, women, and children. The entire world community has the chance now to truly come together in solving this problem, and will continue to experience great benefit from such a unifying action when tackling other significant problems as time moves on.

When kidnappers hold hostages law enforcement comes in and carries out its best effort to free the innocent and punish the people who have harmed others and operated outside the law. An international law enforcement agency consisting of 1,000 men and women from every nation on Earth is the logical extension of fundamental actions by organizations of people dedicated to prevention of all varieties of crimes and malicious harm to people. The organizing, transport, and coördination of a global police force to stop ISIS is the option which deserves the most serious consideration of all options now on the world’s table.

First, foremost, and most importantly, because the immediate, overarching concern of the ISIS problem will become resolved. After the extremist threat of ISIS becomes stopped then removed, post-arrest interrogations will show how the criminal organization came into existence, expose critical information on tactics and strategies used by terrorist groups, while leading to those who are accountable and punishable for terrorist financing. The deterrent effect from this will prevent recurrences of similar extreme terrorist situations in the future to the extent where they become near to extinct.

The extraordinary, unprecedented benefit humanity will realize – once this proposal becomes soberly considered, strongly suggested, widely agreed upon, then implemented and invariably succeeds – is the historic paradigm shift in human consciousness from an “us versus them” centuries-old mentality to a universal awareness of wholly possible building of a global society living together in unity, truth, justice, and peace for all time. This is a serious proposal directed to the leaders and citizens of every nation on Earth.


(Thank you to PressTV News Videos)


8 thoughts on “Organize Global Military Force And Stop ISIS, Terrorism Now.

  1. Jerry, I admit that I haven’t really followed the news about ISIS so I have no idea why they are at war. I have to agree with Gandhi’s grandson – war, even if it is shared equally by all nations, doesn’t feel like the correct solution. Honestly, I don’t know how one reasons with mob violence unless it doing something that diverts attention. I wonder what would happen if all nations agreed to work together to shift to renewable energy within five years. Would ISIS still want to control oil-rich lands? Would nations still be willing to fight for control of these lands? As long as oil is viewed as the only reliable source of energy, war will continue – if ISIS is conquered, who will take up arms next?.


    1. Carol,
      ISIS is a paid mercenary army created to overthrow the Assad government of Syria. There is uncertainty if ISIS is doing exactly as its paymasters are ordering or if the entity has gone rogue and is grabbing as much land and natural resources as possible. ISIS seems to have met little resistance in the weeks and months since it’s come on and started taking cities in Iraq starting with Mosul. Iraq’s former leader Maliki had asked for help from the US but he received none for months, he was driven out of office (given his silence since then, it wouldn’t surprise if he was bribed by Saudis to remain quiet. Just a guess), and only then did US airstrikes begin. ISIS is a criminal organization, so a global police force is a logical proposal. A worldwide debate in every nation on sending 1,000 police/soldiers would result in the truth becoming revealed, as mentioned, and establishes the best foundation for further actions.
      The political thriller novelist Tom Clancy couldn’t have dreamed up with what is actually happening in the Middle East. Turkey’s involvement opens the possible entry of NATO and escalation against the Syrian forces, then Russia could become involved. so the situation is very dangerous. ISIS needs to become dealt with/stopped immediately, not in 3,4,5 years as Obama has stated, or 30 years like Leon Panetta has said. An international police/military force of 150-200,000, made up of 1,000 members from every nation on Earth, in Iraq and Syria would take down ISIS very fast. ISIS would be conquered, and no groups of extremists would be insane enough to attempt what ISIS has attempted after seeing the ending of ISIS’ existence. Such a global police force can then be quickly organized and used in other situations requiring similar large deterrent force in the future, with the same resultant success. Part of that worldwide debate on formation of a global police force today would force the issue of renewables, another benefit.
      The main point to stress on this option for dealing with ISIS is that the issue/problem is most rapidly dealt with, while preventing what could be a very serious escalation of war.

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  2. Turkey will not save the Kurds, they want them dead, and are waiting for IS to kill them before they do anything other than protect their border. The only way to stop terror is to castrate Israel and the American- British Imperial Military Industrial Cartel of War profiteers and royal corporate mafiosi. The parasitic protocols of globalism are so entrenched and planned with such sinister precision that they have metastasized into a systemic capitalist disease. The cure is the cause, the vaccine is the source of the pandemic. The Hunger Games are not far off. The Game maker-puppet masters have biological weapons psy-op weapons, systemic legislative weapons,they orchestrate global events and public opinion. It is all a game. Ebola and Enterovirus are fireworks in the show, the fake war on terror, on drugs, on illegals, etc are all tools of the trade of global dictatorship. Revolution is coming.


    1. Stuart,
      Yes, the ISIS entity seems to have become treated in a “hands-off” way, as well as the purchasers of stolen Iraqi and Syrian resources. Let’s hope more speak out truthfully like Joe Biden (hell froze over) did to shift the situation away from potential escalation. ISIS is analogous to the street dealers of drugs, but their crimes are murder, theft, etc. as paid mercenaries. A global military/police force would put ISIS out of commission in a short time, and the option necessary for preventing what seems like imminent NATO involvement and large-scale escalation.

      On a separate topic, while watching the French film on nuclear waste you posted, something your friend Mr. Fetzer may be interested in occurred to me. He’s probably already aware of this, but having never heard him mention it, here it is. Regarding 9/11, at VT there are articles about mini-nukes used to take down the Twin Towers. Watching one of Judy Wood’s presentations months ago she talked about a man who was on the street near the towers when they collapsed and described “a blast of warm/hot wind that threw him a city block” (paraphrase). The man was on a mainstream media/TV talk/interview show, and Ms. Wood showed her audience the clip. My mind immediately produced the famous images from films of early nuclear blasts where houses are leveled/destroyed, rows of trees are bent 90% etc. from the intense winds produced by above ground nuclear tests. It struck me that mini-nukes would explain that man getting hit by a gust of wind strong enough to propel his body through the air a city block. Don’t know whether that piece of info is relevant or, as mentioned, Mr. Fetzer is already aware of it, but thought to share it with you. Who knows if the man is even still living.


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