Joe Biden’s October Surprise One For The Record Books.

Posted on October 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Galaxy1With a nationwide election coming up in the United States in early November, Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and others financing ISIS have every political candidate’s debate advisors scrambling. ISIS is at the top of every foreign policy list for men and women running for office, and now their answers to questions about ISIS will need to become reformed in ways which align more closely with the truth about Middle East violence over the past years.

However one analyses the timing and intent behind Mr. Biden’s truly amazing public revelation, there is no doubt whatsoever that it surely meets all the requirements for attaining the status of “October Surprise”. Joe Biden is aware of the world internet saturation of John McCain’s photograph from a year ago in Syria sitting across the room from ISIS “Caliphate” Al Baghdadi, and, although he doesn’t mention McCain specifically, he knows that millions of Americans will become (both those who have seen the photo, and the rest of the US population who soon will), after hearing Biden’s remarks, more intently focused on McCain and the Republican party in a negative light.

As the old saying goes, if you are the type who’d bet on it, after hearing what Joe Biden said about ISIS, John McCain most certainly “blew a head gasket”. What John McCain is about to experience, once again leaning on an old phrase, is something people “wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy”. It is perhaps safe to say that Joe Biden has just lit a fire which will soon rage in political debates, on television and radio news/talk shows, across the independent press over the global internet, and that debate audiences as well as men and women candidates for office in the November US elections will long remember being part of a democratic cycle for the record books.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. To those who include as part of their personal worldview and philosophy that “nothing surprises anymore”: admit it – you’re surprised. And astonished… And wow…


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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s October Surprise One For The Record Books.

  1. The real October Surprise I worry about is that Paul Vallely and other high level US, British, and Israeli officers who allegedly play some unclear role in masterminding ISIS will suddenly pull out. Making ISIS go poof and miraculously disappear the week before the election.

    Any variation on this theme will allow Obama to claim that his ridiculous bombing strategy is a success.

    Failing this, I think the only predictable outcome in November is that voters stay home in droves. The US public is sick to death of these Middle East wars that accomplish nothing except to worsen terrorism. They see no alternative to 2 pro-war parties. Thus there’s absolutely no incentive for them to vote.


    1. Stuart,
      Yes, and if the US public is sick to death of ME wars, can one imagine how the average people living in the Middle East feel about them? Absolute, monarchical power is evidently very addictive and those addicted will do anything to keep it. Interesting you commented that someone should lock Obama in a room to listen to Evo Morales UN address then Biden makes this shocker of a statement. Perhaps the Sunday corporate talk shows will be worth watching (at least interesting) for once.


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