Saudi Arabia Monarchy Connection To Both ISIS And 9/11.

Posted on October 2, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

(Photo: Courtesy

McCain11Has anyone seen member(s) of the Saudi Arabian monarchy being interviewed on television lately? How about the British royal family sitting down for interviews sharing their thoughts on how to resolve the violence and bring peace in the Middle East? And we shouldn’t exclude that world’s banking family dynasty the Rothschilds. As opposed to men and women who speak out against monarchy, and for democracy, in Saudi Arabia who’ve ended up tortured, imprisoned, and/or killed, surely hereditary, powerful members of the Saudi and British royalty along with the Rothschild clan have no fear of retribution for speaking their minds freely.

If anyone reading this happens to make contact with any of these people, pass along the message that they need to speak up regarding their solutions for the Middle East region. In that same message, you can pass along as well that the solutions they bring don’t have to become confined to only the Middle East. Just make certain to tell them the world is wondering if they have any solutions, if they are concerned about what has occurred/is occurring in the world, or if, in their estimation, everything is just fine around the Earth.

There are other dynastic, monarchical people on the Earth who could just as easily be included with the Saudis, the British royals, and the Rothschilds in this direct solicitation for their ideas on ending wars, disease, poverty, and greed. Let us say that it is interesting in a media-frenzied world that the rich and powerful, the really big money and power, are rarely – if ever – seen or heard, nor eager to share with humanity their ideas for making the world a better place now and for future generations. Just using these three families for examples, how many reading this have become overwhelmed with inspiration and hope for the future of humanity after hearing members of these families speak, reading their published words, or seeing them in televised interviews?

How many have been overcome with tears of joy after hearing any members of these families and others in the same league explain to interviewers and audiences their personal philosophies, what their spiritual motivations are as they relate to their actions, their deep concern for the men, women, and children who’ve been killed in wars or their survivors, including those left orphaned – or wounded or suffering the horrific consequences of organized mass-murder – through history up until this day, and/or their vision for improving the health and well-being of the greatest number in the human family?

These questions have been asked while keeping in mind the uncertain, although fascinating, topic of reincarnation. Who knows if one was in a previous lifetime in the same circumstances as members of the Saudi and British monarchical family, or the possessor of extreme wealth like a Rothschild or Rockefeller. Reincarnation is a subject for another time, as this writing is focused on and concerned about the role of the Saudi, Qatari, and other Middle East monarchies as they relate to financing the terrorist, extremist group ISIS.

The Real News Network spoke to Saudi Arabian democracy activist Ali Al-Ahmed recently about the Saudi monarchy and its actions in the Middle East as Mr. Al-Ahmed perceives them. If readers have an interest in learning about the conditions that people in Saudi Arabia live under, research into the speeches and writings of Mr. Al-Ahmed wouldn’t be a bad place to start. From just the first listen to one of his speeches at a United Nations event, he and his family have experienced the extreme repression of the Saudi monarchy, his younger brother is in prison for protesting for democratic change in the country – and perhaps a death sentence, and cousins and uncles, etc. have suffered under the tyrannical system in Saudi Arabia many call the “Kingdom of Darkness”.

While many are advocating for the Palestinian people to take actions which result in officials of the Israeli government standing trial before the International Criminal Court for the barbaric, over-50-days of massacring civilian men, women, and children of Gaza, the question is why no leaders in Iraq or Syria have considered taking Saudis in front of the same court, and it remains unanswered. According to Mr. Al-Ahmed, and it has become common knowledge, the Saudis, Qataris, Turks, Jordanians, and others in the Middle East have supported terrorist mercenaries from some 80 countries during the three and a half years of war and killing in Syria. He suggests Saudi Arabia is one of the main architects of ISIS and is using the terrorist group for their agenda – eliminating the threat of modern, moderate, secular, and democratic models of government in the Middle East.

Ali Al-Ahmed is unable to say for certain whether the Saudi, Qatari, etc. creation ISIS has become an out-of-control entity or if they are doing exactly what the Saudis want them to: destroy the threat to their monarchical government which comes from a democratic model in the Middle East. In Mr. Al-Ahmed’s view, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others monarchies in the Gulf have directed billions of dollars toward arming, training, and paying terrorist mercenaries during the past over-three years to fight in Syria,  because a governmental model like Syria, if it continues, is “the most dangerous threat to monarchies who rule by DNA without representing the people”.

He noted in the interview that, although there are some reports that ISIS has its eyes on the eventual overthrow of the Saudi Arabian monarchy, he has seen no evidence thus far of any attack against Saudi Arabia by ISIS. His view is that Saudi Arabia became named to the US-led “coalition” to fight ISIS as a deception and smokescreen, in what he describes as the Saudi monarchy’s “rational, pragmatic” choice. Real News Network host Paul Jay mentioned the recently reported-on “28 Pages” which are still censored from the public’s attention that deal with Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11.

Mr. Al-Ahmed did not provide any comment on the 9/11-Saudi connection, but he did suggest that strong efforts and action be taken by the US Congress to bring the Saudi Arabians to account for their role in creating terrorist groups like ISIS and others through the years. He mentioned a woman, not identifying her name, who worked in the George W. Bush administration with the Saudis who essentially became the Saudi royal family’s mouthpiece. The reason for this has to do with a person’s placing personal and financial interests above the commonly recognized, altruistic reasons one enters into public service, government positions.

Listen to former President of Lebanon Emile Lahoud:

(Thank you to GlobalReasearchTV at YouTube)

Listening to Ali Al-Ahmed has resulted in an increased awareness of the Middle East as it pertains to the political motivations and agendas of long-time Gulf State monarchies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and others. If one were to attempt to describe a “big picture” of the situation in the Middle East, perhaps the foremost source of tension which has become manifested into reality as war, killing, displacement, and untold human misery, now and through recent decades, is the tension between monarchies, extreme power and violent repression on one hand – and most of the people living in the Middle East who are in favor of establishing peaceful, widespread, true democracy.

Perhaps the Saudi royal family, the British royal family, the Rothschilds and others could let the world know what they think, and help the rest of us by shedding some large measure of light on the subject. The truth would be fine.


(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Monarchy Connection To Both ISIS And 9/11.

    1. The big boys are aware the people in the Middle East are moving toward major political power transformations, directly threatening the monarchical rulers, so ISIS can be put in the same league as 9/11 – a huge false flag operation. An energy war.


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