Which Syrian Narrative Is The Truth?

Posted on September 17, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

P1000889-1Australian priest Dave Smith is known as the “Boxing Priest” for his years of involvement in the sport of boxing. In this talk at an Islāmic Center in Australia from early August he describes the two narratives of the war and violence in Syria, which since 2011 – longer than three years – has claimed the lives of over 190,000 and displaced one-third of the Syrian population.

The situation in Syria is the largest humanitarian crisis on Earth.

After listening to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and head of the U.S. military General Martin Dempsey speaking to the Senate, where a larger part of the questions and answers than one would expect was about Syria – then hearing Father Dave Smith describe the separate (Western and alternative) Syria narratives – one becomes forced to think long and hard on what exactly is the “mission” for the United States and its “coalition of the willing”.

Should Father Dave Smith be part of an alternative narrative/truth panel that is given the opportunity to speak to the U.S. Senate? Will the U.S. Congress listen to all perspectives before taking any actions of war and peace – from distinguished, intelligent men and women who are sincerely concerned about potential escalation of violence in the Middle East?

Mr. Dempsey told the Senate committee that there are an estimated 31,000 ISIL fighters. If these fighters average $500/month in salary, that’s $15,500,000/month. ISIL has been able to come up with the financial means to pay their soldiers, plus pay for food, guns, mortars, ammunition, vehicles, fuel, and other necessities of life for months, but only now are Senators considering ways to block their money supply.

The question all Americans need to deeply consider, before giving their government the approval for yet another potentially destructive, ill-considered, years-long, foreign policy catastrophe/war in the Middle East, is – which Syrian narrative is the truth? 


(Thank you to (Father) Dave Smith at YouTube)


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