British Royal Scandal Makes Scotland “Yes” Vote, Independence Certain.


Posted on September 13, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Kings, aristocrats, and tyrants, whoever they may be, are slaves in rebellion against the sovereign of the Earth, which is mankind, and against the legislator of the universe, which is nature.”

– ROBESPIERRE (1758-1794)

If men and women in Scotland trying to convince their fellow citizens to vote “yes” on September 18 for independence have been looking for political firepower, the British royal family may have provided it.

The following short report by Press TV – “Britain’s Queen asked for state poverty grant to help heat palaces” – may be the proverbial game-changing,  straw that broke the camel’s back, and “tipping point” that seals the deal for Scotland’s people voting yes for independence. During American presidential elections, when the month of October arrives, citizens become ready for possible bombshell news reports which change and sway the entire election. These bombshell, late-in-the-election process events have become known generally as the difference-making “October Surprise”.

Well, this bombshell news report, as it relates to the September 18 vote on Scottish independence, could go down in Scotland’s history as the “September Surprise” that insured the people’s choice/vote for becoming a sovereign nation. It’s 2012 United States Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s bank accounts in the tax haven jurisdiction Cayman Islands – on steroids.

For the men and women of Scotland and around the Earth who want a “yes” vote by the Scottish people on September 18, this revelation is likely being viewed as a gift from God, a thing of extraordinary beauty, an event approaching near perfection, evidence that truth and justice still exist in this world, and perhaps even a direct message of divine support from Scotsman William “Braveheart” Wallace in the afterlife.

The woman reporter in this video perhaps says it best:

“Most of us in this country have no idea what planet this family operates on. We really don’t.”

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(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)

14 thoughts on “British Royal Scandal Makes Scotland “Yes” Vote, Independence Certain.

    1. Yes, seeing these British guys in their military costumes complete with swords makes one feel like being in a time warp. Monarchy, government by hereditary sovereign, is now seen widely as very destructive, arrogant, and out-of-touch with the democratic aspirations of people across the Earth.


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  2. “Britain’s Queen asked for state poverty grant to help heat palaces”????

    #1 Queen Elizabeth II is the largest landowner in the world.

    Land: 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide including Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia and a few other spots here and there. Also, the all-important Falkland Islands.

    Background: England’s third (and most likely soon to be second) longest serving monarch, Elizabeth II retains royal title over The British Commonwealth and as such manages to keep her face on money throughout the globe.

    With her 6.6 billion acres, Elizabeth II is far and away the world’s largest landowner, with the closest runner-up (King Abdullah) holding control over a mere 547 million, or about 12% of the lands owned by Her Majesty, The Queen.

    Acreage estimates provided by The New Statesman.

    Read more:


    1. Tony,
      Nice to meet you. It seems odd that in 2014 there still exists monarchies on the Earth. Seeing the men in the royal family in their military suits complete with swords makes one feel like being in a time warp. If there were a land tax system, she’d probably “unload” a good share of those acres. Jeesh. Thanks.


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