Join Together For Peace In Ukraine.


Posted on September 3, 2014

Jerry Alatalo

pict rocks 2-1All  parents inevitably experience those times when the children are fighting and the parents ask “what seems to be the problem?” Danny Schechter said during “The Debate” on Press TV that what is needed is a third-party to help negotiate a settlement in Ukraine. How about somebody start a campaign asking parents from around the world to send in a short video where they say “what seems to be the problem in Ukraine?”

The parents video/internet campaign suggestion was presented mostly out of frustration over the strange series of events in Ukraine during 2014, but perhaps the parents angle could go viral and be effective. Now is certainly the time for men and women around the world to use all of their creative tools for stopping the war insanity taking place in Ukraine. Let’s hope billions of people show up at the NATO meeting coming up only days from now in Britain and, besides protesting any escalation of war in Ukraine, make a strong point about solving the conflict peacefully. Why are political and military leaders using the unwise, provocative, inflammatory rhetoric? Isn’t the loss of over 2,600 lives and somewhere between  500,000 and 1,000,000 people now displaced in Ukraine enough?

Whether the issue is corporate greed, political ideology, international finance competition, geopolitical power, Ukraine’s natural gas, mineral, and agricultural resources/GMO, energy markets competition, generational disputes between Western and Eastern Ukrainians, serious problems associated with investigating MH17, or some combination of these or other factors, all parties need to compile their lists of concerns and questions, sit down for discussions for as long it takes, and come up with a mutually agreeable, peaceful way forward.

One commentator made the point that if Victor Yanukovych had taken the same actions as the current government in Kiev has for close to five months – initiated a bombing campaign on Western Ukrainians, killing thousands with indiscriminate shelling of homes, schools, and infrastructure, to the point where 500,000 became displaced – there would have been hell to pay.

There is something very wrong and disturbing about events in Ukraine. Humanity must demand an end to warring in Ukraine while taking strong, highly coördinated actions calling for a ceasefire and peace negotiations now.

Deliver a viral, loud, powerful, impassioned, worldwide message…



(Thank you to Press TV News Videos at YouTube)


10 thoughts on “Join Together For Peace In Ukraine.

        1. Barbara,
          You and I, and virtually every one of the 7 billion people on Earth, are in agreement. War is an outdated, uncivilized, barbaric concept ready for extinction on the ash heap of history. Humanity is coming together and moving powerfully in the direction of unprecedented peace. So be it.
          Thank you again,


            1. Barbara,
              Yeh, it’s tough to see fellow members of the human family being hurt and suffering. For what it’s worth, there are many millions of men and women around the Earth who feel exactly as you do. Keep the faith, Jerry


  1. The Eastern Ukrainian separatists and Russians have repeatedly requested negotiations. Kiev has refused mainly because of the loan they have received from the IMF. This loan requires them to commence fracking the gas fields in Eastern Ukraine – the rigs are all sitting there idle waiting for the fighting to stop. In addition to wanting stronger autonomy, the separatists are adamantly anti-fracking, just as most people in Western Europe are.

    Increasingly fracking is shifting from countries like Western Europe, to countries like the US, New Zealand and Ukraine, where people are less well organized.

    Fracking is associated with water contamination, cancer, bloody noses, rashes and poisoning of farm animals. It shouldn’t be forced on people against their will. There is fast violence at the point of a gun and slow corporate violence that just poisons you.

    Both are wrong. If I lived in Eastern Ukraine, I sure wouldn’t accept a ceasefire that forced me to accept fracking and slow poisoning with fracking contamination.


    1. Stuart,
      Yes, it’s understandable that Eastern Ukrainians would get upset when their legitimate concerns are ignored. The “new” government in Kiev is not democratic, appointed billionaires to the highest political offices in the East/South, and signed massive contracts directly affecting people without first discussing with those same people. An asset grab.


        1. Stuart,
          Noticed John Kerry walking in the background, and was reminded of a clip showing Henry Kissinger wandering around some type of party. Both were alone in crowded rooms, evidently not men people were eager to associate with.
          Perhaps there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and the fighting will end. Like Netanyahu, Poroshenko faces war crimes charges.


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