Toward A World Of Integrity.

Posted on August 26, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”

– SAMUEL JOHNSON (1709-1784) English essayist, poet

393-1Now and then thinking about how truth gets buried pounds you like a sledgehammer. Those are the moments when people think about late actor Peter Finch’s character in the film “Network” written by Paddy Chayevsky. The one where news rock star Howard Beale (Finch’s character), watched by millions of Americans on the country’s most popular news program, told the millions to “Go to your windows now, and yell: I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

The United States will hold mid-term elections in November. It will be interesting how large an issue Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in Gaza becomes between now and the voting, and if any candidates possess enough integrity to describe the Israeli actions as the war crimes they are. Will any candidates simply speak the truth about what has occurred in Gaza, or will fear of losing their elections result in them taking the “safe” stance, or obfuscation of their answers/opinions. Given the worldwide opposition to Israel’s actions, candidates for national office in America will become forced to make a moral, public decision.

One could predict that the Israel-Gaza conflict won’t become addressed in most debates from now until November, nor the “Maidan Massacre” of February 2014 and July 2014 shoot down of Malaysian Flight MH17 in Ukraine, or who is funding the world’s most barbaric terrorist army ISIS. Debate questions will not include anything to do with a real investigation of September 11, 2001, what really happened in Syria in August 2013 chemical attacks there, or prosecution of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for Iraq War crimes.

There’ll be no mention of current NATO Commander Fogh Rasmussen’s participation with Bush and Cheney in drumming up the Iraq War, where his country Denmark became part of the “coalition of the willing”, and how he told the world “we know Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction”. Not mentioning very important facts during a national election process is evidence of something wrong in America. Integrity means soundness of character and honesty so, even if candidates refuse to break the silence on the above listed facts, such silence is lying by omission and displays a lack of integrity.

Now is the perfect time for Americans to unite and push all candidates for national office – appearing at town hall meetings or in debates – on important issues which haven’t been honestly addressed. Candidates need to become pushed hard, especially on issues where the American people have been given lies either from the corporate media or their government/elected representatives.

Along with pushing candidates hard for the truth on important issues, Americans need to make certain that every candidate – not only the Republican and Democrat, but all qualified candidates – take part in debates. It is extremely important for those other candidates to be included in debates across the United States, because now more than ever Americans deserve to be given complete truth.

One tool which Americans can easily create and send over the internet and social media is a list of questions for candidates, along with strong statements demanding answers. Men and women all across America can create lists of questions then pass them along to friends, relatives, activist organizations, and social media followers. The idea is to start an “internet firestorm” in the few remaining weeks until November elections; to the extent where “questions for candidates” lists become the lead story on corporate media’s nightly news.

This is about taking the strongest actions possible, becoming powerfully involved, and making a good difference for the American people. If enough concerned citizens unify and push hard in getting their concerns fully addressed in the weeks ahead until November’s election, it will not only make a good difference for the American people but will help the people of Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Africa, and the world. Organize.

Is it possible that the November 2014 election in the United States will be read about forever in history books as the most effective, productive, transformative, and positively consequential election ever?  Yes, it’s possible. Because, when the American people join together by the millions and demand real democracy, integrity from all candidates, and straight answers to their intelligent questions, it will become clear which candidates are honorable, honest, and worthy of leadership.

With history-making, unified, bold, moral, and fearless action, Americans can place their nation on the certain road toward joining a unified world based on integrity. In this election, Americans will know who their true leaders are. In this election, the American people will know real democracy.

The following video is of a talk given by Robert Steele from May 21, 2014. He has experience in U.S. intelligence and is 61 years old. Having never met or communicated with Mr. Steele, some of the reasons for including his talk here are that he’s reviewed more nonfiction books on Amazon than any other person, he has no hesitance about speaking truth on issues and events which may put him at risk, and simple agreement with his ideas.

In the talk, he mentions his meeting with the Occupy movement and disappointment that his recommendation to make electoral reform the top priority didn’t pan out; become the fundamental Occupy stance. His view that the United States electoral system needs to become completely reformed – not only overturning Citizens United, but bringing about all necessary system changes – makes sense. He notes that 50% of American voters, because of the two party monopoly and exclusion of all others, have in effect become disenfranchised. It’s an exact point, and reinforces the previously written suggestion to push strongly for all-inclusive, all-party debates from now until the November elections.

Mr. Steele and some of his friends decided to place full-page advertisements in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times calling for an end to the Iraq War, but they were turned down with “No… unpatriotic”. Up until that time he had the idea the New York Times was a genuine, respected newspaper. He believes media and government have lost all sense of integrity, but he still holds faith in the larger population.

Mr. Steele believes democracy ended in America in 1963 with the murder of John F. Kennedy, a massive coverup crime of which he believes Lyndon Johnson played a leading role. He believes that during the Iran-Contra Senate hearings then Senator John Kerry intentionally stopped the hearing to protect his chances to become placed on the Democratic ticket for President or Vice-President. About Barack Obama, he believes it’s not too late for him to save his presidency. According to Mr. Steele, this means Mr. Obama has to reconnect with integrity, push for electoral and national security reform but, since the “cabal” killed John F. Kennedy, presidents who don’t play their game risk assassination. His view is that Barack Obama is like a prisoner in the White House, and that Joe Biden from Delaware is his minder.

His strong advocacy for electoral reform is understandable. System-wide reform, in contrast to the two-party system running on lies, allows truth “to become pervasive”. His advice is for men and women to “think for themselves”, he runs a website ( with 800 contributors, and said “this is not about me, this is about getting to a collective truth that does good for all of us”. Hope you find the talk interesting. Critical comments are appreciated.


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3 thoughts on “Toward A World Of Integrity.

  1. I think the oligarchs should take Steele’s presentation as a warning. Either they reform the system voluntarily or the people will go for their pitchforks – as the people in Pakistan are currently doing. You can follow the live updates here:

    Gil Scott Heron was right when he said the revolution will not be televised.

    It will be tweeted.


    1. Stuart,
      Thanks for the link. Wasn’t aware of how severe the Pakistan situation had become. The world must join together, widely publicize what’s occurring, and take action to prevent violence from escalating.


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