ISIL’s Al-Baghdadi, John McCain Connection Raises Serious Questions.

Posted on August 24, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“To tyrants, indeed, and bad rulers, the progress of knowledge among the mass of mankind is a just object of terror; it is fatal to them and their designs.”

– HENRY PETER, LORD BROUGHAM (1778-1868) Scottish statesman, historian

whitekeys4Will Republican U.S. Senator John McCain be making the rounds on the Sunday news talk shows any time soon? Face The Nation, Meet The Press, and others are popular corporate news programs that have become a Sunday family tradition for millions of Americans, so it will be interesting to hear Senator McCain’s explanation of reports suggesting a nefarious connection between him and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist mercenary leader Al-Baghdadi. The Senator has some very serious explaining to do.

Millions of men and women remember a video filmed a year ago during a town meeting of Senator McCain’s where a U.S. military veteran basically chewed McCain out for his call to support al-Qaeda and a bombing campaign against Syria. The video went ultra-viral on the internet, and was one of many videos and reports by citizen journalists disseminating truth unreported by the corporate media, and which contributed to preventing a military attack on Syria by the United States in September of 2013.

The Arizona Senator is in even more public relations and perhaps legal hot water after reports have circled the Earth on the internet linking McCain with the terrorist leader Al-Baghdadi. In Ukraine, where Senator McCain appeared on stage with members of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi “Right Sector” party during the Maidan protests, he was similarly photographed with some very questionable individuals. It seems that John McCain’s choice of “friends” – one of which has become viewed by most of the human race as the world’s most notorious, #1 most-wanted, terrorist – will now become the topic of media discussions and articles about ISIL around the Earth.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth about ISIL is widely known. Will those who facilitated ISIL’s reign of killing through arming, financing, and training become mentioned in the same sentence as the International Criminal Court – as Benjamin Netanyahu and others have as a result of their massacre of Palestinians in Gaza? Will John McCain call for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, and the United States to discontinue support for, and stop, ISIL?

Will John McCain address the concerns of American citizens who’ve seen reports and photographs suggesting a link between the Senator and ISIL terrorist boss Al-Baghdadi, or will he brush those concerns aside as he did with regard to his associating with neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Does John McCain have any serious concerns about the slow investigation and non-resolution of who the guilty persons are in the case of Malaysian MH17, the plane shot down in Eastern Ukraine killing 298 passengers?

At the time of the meeting where John McCain became photographed sitting near Al-Baghdadi, the terrorist was wanted by the United States for al-Qaeda membership and killing; while there was a large monetary reward offered for his capture and arrest. John McCain will have to explain to the American people whether he took part in leading the organization of terrorist groups in both Syria and Ukraine, and whether he is guilty or not of violating U.S. law/committing terrorism-related war crimes.

If asked, the Senator from Arizona would most likely answer “nobody is above the law”.

Perhaps the long-time Senator from Arizona is about to learn that the phrase “nobody is above the law” holds a great deal more truth than he ever dreamed possible.

Or his worst terrorist-related nightmare.


(Thank you to Press TV News Videos)


2 thoughts on “ISIL’s Al-Baghdadi, John McCain Connection Raises Serious Questions.

  1. It looks like Secretary of Defense Hagel (and Obama, of course) is still following the same script, i.e. to whip up popular hysteria over ISIS to justify airstrikes against Syria (which Congress overruled last year).

    Hagel is presently warning that ISIS is on track to attack a major US city:

    Hopefully the US public is growing weary of this bullshit approach to manipulate their emotions. I doubt if many people understand the real agenda in the Middle East – to consolidate US control over dwindling oil resources and maintain the integrity of the US petrodollar (by preventing evil countries like Iran from trading in Euros and other non-US currencies).

    However most people seem to get it that Obama’s approach to fighting so-called “terrorism” is only increasing “terrorism.”


    1. Stuart,
      Yes, the big bankers are willing to conduct wars over what currency people use. When will they learn killing people is absolutely not the way to satisfy “customers”, only drives them away, and makes certain their determination to never deal with your institution again.


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