Ukraine Political Leader: “Poroshenko Is Covered In Blood.”

Posted on August 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“War is the naked, criminal, business of murder.”


superior222.jpg(UKRAINE) – Victoria Shilova is an elected political office holder of Ukraine representing the District of Dnepropetrovsk. She delivers a powerful message to her fellow Ukrainians around the Earth – calling for an end to the bloody civil war in that country.

There have been a number of articles recently where writers have asked readers why Malaysian Flight MH17 – crashed in Eastern Ukraine killing 298 passengers – has been virtually forgotten for weeks by the western mainstream/corporate media. Western nations and media were quick to blame pro-federalist Eastern Ukraine dissidents and/or Russia for shooting down MH17, but since then investigative journalists and analysts have published a great number of articles which point to Ukraine’s government in Kiev as the most likely guilty party.

The black boxes from MH17 were apparently handed over to British, then NATO authorities some weeks ago, however neither the British or NATO has informed the world public about any findings, which has some observers wondering why. Various articles are appearing on websites claiming a cover up over the MH17 shoot down is occurring, so the drama builds over this very consequential, criminal, and unfortunate event. At this point, worldwide public opinion has resulted in increased calls for a more rapid resolution of the MH17 tragedy, especially with regard to discovery of the responsible criminal parties.

If it becomes determined, as the many recent articles are suggesting, that persons in the Kiev government were guilty of shooting down Flight MH17, such a revelation would cause shock waves in the halls of every government on Earth. The downing of MH17 remains an extremely important world event and one which millions of men and women are watching and anticipating further developments.

While western mainstream media have left MH17 developments in the recent weeks unreported, the civil war in Eastern Ukraine has also been unreported in the western press. If what Ukraine political leader Victoria Shilova says in the following video becomes disseminated widely to her fellow Ukrainians and the people in all nations on Earth, just as MH17 becomes unavoidable by the media, so too will what is occurring in Eastern Ukraine.

Ms. Shilova speaks forcefully and with strong emotion while delivering her message, and holds no punches in her very powerful criticism of Ukraine’s President Poroshenko. She directly contradicts Poroshenko on his use of the term “anti-terror operation” in describing military actions carried out against the people of Eastern Ukraine; instead she calls it a civil war. She openly describes the Poroshenko administration “murderers in our government”, and straightforwardly tells Ukraine’s president that “the Hague Tribunal is waiting for you”.

Ms. Shilova points out that 75% of Ukrainians are against the ongoing war in Ukraine, but that people are afraid to express their true feelings in public for fear of being “detained, interrogated, kidnapped, or even killed”. She notes that “anything can happen in Ukraine today, because we have thieves replaced by killers”. She is particularly fearless in her criticism of Ukraine oligarchs, speaking about their being “like vampires, they suck our blood, the blood of our mothers and sisters, our son, husbands and wives”.

According to Victoria Shilova, 170-200 Ukrainians are dying every day in the civil war, the total now some 6,000 civilians and 11,000 soldiers. She points out that the numbers do not include those wounded and left behind on the battlefield or those who’ve told the truth and been sent to mental hospitals. She believes when the real numbers of dead, wounded, and censored become known, what has occurred over the last four months will be no longer possible to hide or deny – the truth is coming out.

She, along with others in Ukraine trying to stop the civil war, have taken actions including preparation of documents by the best independent attorneys in Ukraine to stop Poroshenko’s “unconstitutional anti-terrorist operation in Donbass”. She notes that the documents will become delivered to the highest courts in Ukraine, because according to Ukraine’s constitution an army cannot violate its own citizens on its soil. She speaks directly to those who fight on the side of Poroshenko and asks them, “why are you fighting with Poroshenko against the children of the Donbass?”

Finally, she reaches out to the people of Ukraine: “Please let us unite. Let us protest against this war. Let us be heard, just like during the Vietnam War. We have been bombarded for months. Please stop this. I cannot believe that they have no goodness in themselves. Are they not human beings?”

Some may hold a different perception after hearing Victoria Shilova’s moving video address, but her words may well become recorded forever in Ukraine’s history books. Because one woman member of Ukraine’s political leadership came to the point where she felt it urgent to take action to save the lives of her fellow citizens, the land of Ukraine – and the world – is on the verge of profound historic change.  


(Thank you to Anti-Maidan at YouTube)

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  1. Well, it looks like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has come around to your way of thinking on Ukraine – at least according to an article they published in Foreign Affairs –

    Since Obama and all his predecessors always do what the CFR tells them, I think this probably signals an imminent change in US policy.


    1. Stuart,
      Someone there must have mentioned that old wise saying, “if one is in a hole, it’s best to stop digging.” There’s been some world-class criminality going on in Ukraine, and it’s becoming known by people who don’t tolerate world-class criminals.
      Thanks for the interesting link,


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