Masters Of War: Become One With All People.

Posted on August 20, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-30At the end of the movie “Full Metal Jacket” the screenwriter created the closing scene where a group of U.S. Marines, after experiencing the insanity of learning then carrying out war and killing, joined together in the singing of one of Walt Disney’s most-famous cartoon characters:

“M – I – C – K – E – Y M – O – U – S- E!” 

“Full Metal Jacket” along with anti-war films such as “The Deer Hunter”, “Catch 22”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Born On the Fourth of July” and many others became written, directed and acted in artistic collaborations designed to point out the views of most human beings: war is insanity and must end. How else can one describe war – human beings murdering their fellow human beings – but as madness? And why is it that those who are known as “hawks”, “warmongers”, and “masters of war” never articulate on war as insane?

The irrationality and mental derangement of war and killing is clearly understood by nearly every man, woman, and child in the world, so how do the war-makers not get that same understanding? What is the difference between the rational people who view clearly the destructive nature of war and those who feel war is still an acceptable “tool” for resolving conflict and disagreement?

The greatest obstacle for humanity to overcome lies in figuring out ways to convince the warmongering men and women on Earth that what they are advocating is insanity. Surely the war-makers are aware of “violence begets violence”, “blessed are the peacemakers”, the Golden Rule, and other spiritual concepts from the days of their youth. One wonders if the masters of war, during their times of quiet introspection, ever think about and regret how they went from gentle, joyful, friendly children to becoming advocates for war; advocates for murderous, life-destroying madness.

What really goes through the mind of a warmonger? In the year 2014, there are millions of men and women living in all lands of the Earth who think about these things and ask themselves: “will war ever end?” It has become increasingly clear that there are people who own unimaginable wealth and yet are not satisfied enough to stop making war and become peacemakers. The Indian philosopher Krishnamurti, in his book “Think On These Things”, told the well-off university students attending his talks that they had the freedom, with their wealth and privileged life situations, to devote time to thinking on ways to create a better world for all people.

Perhaps when discussions take place on the various situations around the Earth where wars and killing are occurring, there is an insufficient number of men and women making references to war as madness; a shortage of calls for its abolition. Mankind has accomplished an almost endless number of fantastic things through history, and yet remains somehow unable to finally and forever end war and killing. One can only imagine why there isn’t much greater time and effort devoted by the world’s political, business, academic, military, and religious/spiritual leaders – to ending war.

One can imagine…

If war ended…

And all people became One.


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2 thoughts on “Masters Of War: Become One With All People.

  1. I think an essential first step in ending war is dismantling the corporate state. The corporate oligarchs who control government (and our lives) have near total power and are fundamentally mentally deranged. As I see it, the only way to stop them is to get rid of them.


    1. Stuart,
      Tolstoy said it correctly: “war is the naked, criminal, business of murder.” Being against the death penalty for murderers because of the possibility an innocent person gets executed, life behind bars for war criminals would be a very good start. Those who’ve committed one murder are now behind bars numbering in the thousands, so the question has to be asked: why aren’t those who’ve murdered thousands in prison for life?


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