A Message From Buenos Aires.

Posted on August 18, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The history of the race, and each individual’s experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.”


366-1While reading an article about Argentina’s financial problems in dealing with a “vulture fund” run by billionaire Paul Singer, a reference was made to another recent article written by Argentinian Adrian Salbuchi. In Mr. Salbuchi’s article he suggested a good part of Argentina’s debt was in the form called “odious”. An example of nations’ odious debt is when corrupt  leaders take multi-billion dollar loans from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or one of the “too-big-to-fail” mega-banks while knowing the loan proceeds will never be used for benefitting the people living in the particular country.

So-called third world or developing countries have been the victims of large-scale predatory lending in recent history, with unfortunate consequences for citizens but good results for the small number of wealthy who become the recipients of national debt loan proceeds. For those who’ve never heard of John Perkins, or read his geopolitical bestseller “Confessions of An Economic Hit Man”, finding his interviews and reading the book will offer an excellent analysis of how odious debt has come to strangle the economies and living standards of many nations.

With some familiarity of Adrian Salbuchi, and some time passed since last listening to his interviews, it was good to find he uploads videos on his YouTube channel. Around a month ago he uploaded a video which recorded a TV program broadcasted from Buenos Aires as a special English-language production. The program title is “False Flags: Past, Present, and Future” – the subject of which will most likely never go out over the airwaves from U.S. corporate media outlets into the living rooms of American citizens.

In simple terms, a “false flag” event is one where a nation carries out an unexpected attack on itself or others then blames another country/group for it. False flags are engineered to manipulate public opinion in favor of escalated military actions or economic warfare/sanctions against the blamed nation(s) or group(s).

Before getting into the program contents, perhaps it’s worth noting that the term “false flag” has come into the awareness of a great number of men and women around the world since the rise of the internet. Before the internet became popular –  and increasingly the source of news for people who no longer find corporate media credible – if one mentioned the phrase “false flag” they’d find responses such as “what is a false flag?” or “what are you talking about?” But now nearly everyone knows what a false flag is; the phrase has become part of everyday. common language.

“False Flags: Past, Present, and Future” begins with a video clip of President Barack Obama at a press conference during a recent European conference on nuclear weapons safety. In his address, Mr. Obama notes his concern about a “nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan”, which Mr. Salbuchi then suggests may be hinting a possible large-scale false flag. One may be reminded of Barack Obama’s press address some months before the controversial August 2013 chemical attacks in Syria, which nearly resulted in a bombing campaign on that country, where he warned Syria’s using chemical weapons would be crossing a “red line”.

The August 2013 Syrian chemical attacks are now seen by many as a “false flag” event designed to bring about a U.S./U.K./France military attack on Syria, with the citizens of those nations accepting the assertion that Syria’s government/army was responsible. Before the internet, such a false flag action would have been “successful”, the people of the world would have believed Syria’s army did it, and the bombing campaign would have happened. Fortunately, within hours of the chemical attacks, the false flag became the subject of many articles flooding the internet, leading to worldwide knowledge of the deception and 90% opposition to any attack on Syria.

Unfortunately, too often false flags are soon forgotten in the current short-term memory nature of the world’s news cycle. Those who attempt to – or successfully carry out – false flags, instead of properly facing accountability for intentionally deceiving their citizens, somehow remain “off the hook” for their serious and immoral actions. Adrian Salbuchi mentions some of history’s false flags: the USS Maine, the Lusitania, the “surprise” attack of Pearl Harbor, Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin, September 11, 2001 and destruction of the Twin Towers, Britain’s train bombings of July 7, 2005, and others.

In Ukraine, many question whether the February 2014 “Maidan Massacre” – where over 100 civilians and police officers were gunned down by snipers – and the shoot down of Malaysian Flight MH17 were not “false flag” operations. In similar fashion to the Syria chemical attacks, the Maidan Massacre seems to somehow have drifted out of public consciousness and now gets nearly no international media or legal attention. No unbiased investigations were undertaken and carried out to completion; in neither case have the criminals responsible been correctly identified, prosecuted, and punished. Both were major historical, criminal actions. The Maidan Massacre remains an extremely important, of global-consequence, unsolved mass murder event.


Whether deceptive, harmful, and highly consequential actions falling into the class of “false flag operation” become carried out by leaders of any nation or group, the highest ranking military or intelligence officials of any nation, or covered up/censored by the most powerful media corporations on Earth: humanity must act to expose them, prevent them, demand punishment for those responsible – and protect innocent men, women, and children around the world from their profoundly negative effects.


(Thank you to Adrian Salbuchi at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “A Message From Buenos Aires.

    1. Stuart,
      Yes, that was pointed out in the great documentary “Debtocracy”. Another blogger posted the film around a year ago, and remember being astonished that I’d never been aware of the documentary. It’s a much more powerful and important film than anything Michael Moore has produced. Come to think of it, it’s surprising more isn’t being written about odious debt, as there’s plenty of it for nations to write off after they conduct their debt audits. One can only imagine how many nations’ leaders were heavily bribed to sign $multi-billion odious-debt loans. Yes, “Debtocracy” is a great documentary.


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