Justice For Children Of Gaza, Children Of Earth.

Posted on August 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-7While driving on the highway yesterday, a young deer/fawn dashed from the left shoulder in trying to cross. It ran in front of the Toyota pickup ahead and was unfortunately struck head-on. The man driving the Toyota pulled over on the shoulder to inspect for any damage to the front of his late-model truck – probably minor to none because the deer was so young and small; perhaps 40-50 pounds.

For whatever reasons, thoughts turned to the more than 400 Palestinian children who were killed in the last month during Israel’s bombing campaign, as the car continued down the highway. The man driving the Toyota pickup must have felt more than concern for damage to his vehicle and the insurance hassle; like any human being would, he probably felt bad that the young deer was most likely going to die. One can imagine thoughts going through his mind such as “if only the fawn had crossed a minute earlier” or “if I’d only looked up a few seconds before…”

The man driving the Toyota truck had no intention of killing that deer fawn. It was an unfortunate accident which is not uncommon in the northern part of Michigan where deer are present everywhere.

But the hundreds of young boys and girls who died in Gaza were murdered intentionally – and that makes all the difference in the world. There is no escaping the fact that intentionally killing hundreds of human beings is mass murder. The predicament humanity is in now necessitates determination of what measures to take legally against the mass murderers. For any who feel mass murder is a harsh term, the crime of mass murder was carried out – this is the reality. The plain truth is Benjamin Netanyahu and others in Israel’s government made the intentional decisions and are guilty of mass murder; on the international law level: genocide.

It is impossible for any man or woman with eyes to see – despite any media efforts to spin, propagandize, excuse, or obfuscate the facts – to truthfully say that Israeli officials aren’t guilty of war crimes. Period. End of story.

If the leaders of this world had any real sense of law and order, Benjamin Netanyahu and his co-criminal associates would already have been placed under arrest and locked away behind prison bars. Law enforcement agencies small and large around the Earth share the common experience of dealing with crimes that vary on the scale from easily solved to difficult. What Israel’s political leaders did to the men, women, and children of Gaza – the war crimes Israel’s leaders carried out – are those that law enforcement officers call an “open and shut case.”

Failure to hold war criminals accountable for their actions allows the next group of war criminals to become emboldened through their sense of absence of law and order deterrence. There is no difference between allowing a known individual mass killer to escape justice and freely walk the Earth and allowing the same for those who carry out mass murder on the largest scale. One doesn’t need to hire a legal expert to know and understand such a fundamental premise of the world’s almost universally practiced legal theory/framework.

There is no debate that in a world operating under the rules of law and order, Israel’s accountable political leaders must stand before a war crimes tribunal, all evidence presented and witnesses called to testify, legal arguments made, then punishment assigned and enforced in proportion to the crimes proven committed. To those who, from a legal standpoint, see this major offense against the nearly 2,000 Palestinians killed, against some 10,000 injured, along with the crime of an estimated $6 billion of property destruction, in any other way, please answer the following question: “Are you for real?”

War criminals are now evading and eluding international law enforcement, with the very real potential/threat to commit even more grave crimes. The world’s people must agree on and acknowledge the common morality, powerfully rise to meet this historic ethical challenge – then do the right thing.


Media reporting on Gaza

Both Canadians, Middle East Professor Ariel Salzmann and law student/activist Azeezah Kanji engage in a very timely, important discussion about recent Israel-Palestine media coverage in their country.

(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)