War Crimes Far Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

Posted on August 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“There is one thing and one thing only, which defies all mutation: that which existed before the world, and will survive the fabric of the world itself – I mean justice.”

– EDMUND BURKE (1729-1797) British statesman

medicine1Israel’s ongoing, over 30-days long “Operation Protective Edge”  has led to millions around the Earth calling for a war crimes trial. As astonishing as it is, there have been men and women in public discussions asserting that Hamas is responsible for the obscene destruction and death toll in Gaza. The Palestinian political group uses civilians as “human shields” so that, according to U.S. Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire, they can use photos and grim statistics to “get what they want”. The Senator’s logic, similar to her colleagues in the U.S. Senate, could be used to assert that Palestinians in Gaza over the last 30-days have been intentionally killing themselves to “get what they want” – in the world’s first ever “self-genocide”.

In a recent Press TV edition of “The Debate” a woman guest blamed Hamas for the 1,900 deaths in Gaza because Hamas “should have built bomb shelters for their people”. According to this irrational, twisted logic, which rhymes with Senator Ayotte’s, one could blame the Vietnamese people for the immeasurable harm they experienced from massive bombing by the United States during the Vietnam War – five times the explosive power of bombs dropped during the entirety of World War II – because the Vietnamese didn’t build a bomb proof dome over the nation of Vietnam.

Americans weren’t responsible for millions of Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian deaths – they should have known to protect themselves from massive bombing campaigns. Israel isn’t responsible for close to 2,000 Palestinians dying, because the Palestinians should have known that when you “snooze instead of building bomb shelters, you lose.”

To be honest, it is remarkable that any man or woman would knowingly use language on air or in their writings, seen and heard by the public, which is the opposite of reality to paint false impressions in the minds of whoever were hearing their words. This kind of deceptive practice would be more easily tolerated if the subject wasn’t literally the life and death of many thousands of innocent human beings. If men or women go on the air or write in a deceptive way about another’s stealing a bag of candy when they were 11 years old or having an extra-marital affair that’s one thing.

Covering for people who have committed the worst crimes possible in this world is truly heartless, vile and – philosophically – as heinous as the war crimes committed.

Law Professor Marjorie Cohn’s article – “Tallying Israeli War Crimes” – organizes in legal form evidence men, women, and children around the world are witness to. Evidence that is overwhelming:


To those who hold on to their false belief that there is any legal argument to overcome evidence of Israeli war crimes: realize your efforts are futile. The evidence is overpowering, crushing, beyond obvious, and indisputable. Give up because there is no chance of “winning” this time; spend a long time searching your hearts, and see if there’s a need to change your perception about the infinite value of every single sacred human being.

Take the time to search your soul, then see if your soul is one with every other soul in this world. If at first the feeling of oneness with all people does not enter, search again.  If you so choose.


(Thank you to breakingtheset at YouTube)


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