Rania Masri’s Historic Address Lifts Israel-Palestine Debate To Highest Level.

Posted on August 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“We shall some day catch an abstract truth by the tail, and then we shall have our religion and our immortality.”

– HENRY (BROOKS) ADAMS (1838-1918) American historian

aaa-28Thanks to Eva Bartlett at ingaza.wordpress.com for posting Rania Masri’s speech. Thanks as well to Ageel Shatry for recording Ms. Masri’s speech while in the crowd in Texas and posting it on YouTube. This proves that average men and women can accomplish great things even without possession of immense political power or vast sums of wealth. Here is found further proof that simple, honest actions – taken by simple, honest people – make real change possible. Ageel Shatry explains the video’s sudden ending in the comments at his YT channel as a technical issue with his phone. Despite that minor glitch, Ms. Masri delivers in this writer’s opinion a very rare, moving, and historic Israel-Palestine address.

It is challenging to come up with words to accurately describe Rania Masri’s astonishing Gaza speech of August 2, 2014. Although the power of words and ideas become measured on a different scale than the explosive, destructive power of bombs and missiles, Ms. Masri delivered a message louder than the total of thousands of explosions on Gaza over the last four weeks.

Men and women will interpret her speech – recorded on a phone by rally attendee Ageel Shatry – well into the future, and rightly so. Through history there have been moments where powerful speeches have changed the course of human events, and Rania Masri with her passion may have indeed touched that rarely visited place. She, along with the millions around the world calling for an end to mankind’s savagery and barbarism, can be perceived as those who’ve decided to walk a path toward a new and better world, and now look back to those walking behind them.

Perhaps recalling times where one walks outside in nature with a group of family or friends and visualizing the person furthest down the trail waving the group along – “come on, this way” – will offer the perfect minds-eye image. The power contained in Ms. Masri’s speech encompasses the tragic history of man’s cruelty and inhumanity to his fellow-man, from the genocide of Native Americans begun around the year 1492 to 2014’s current example of barbarism in Gaza.

A barbarity means “cruelty; brutality; inhumanity; a cruel or brutal act”. A barbarian is one who exhibits qualities described as “a member of a people or group with a civilization regarded as primitive, savage, etc., an insensitive, coarse, or unmannerly person; boor, a savage, cruel person; brute”.

Ms. Masri, millions of men and women human rights advocates, and one by one the world’s democratically elected leaders are sharing the path which leads to a new world, where man’s inhumanity to man – barbarism – is no longer acceptable. Thanks to a person armed only with a phone capable of recording video, a profound example of speech courageously and directly communicating full truth has become available; for all who hear it to benefit from. Rania Masri speaks in the higher language of honor and integrity, without any pretense or wish to confuse and misdirect for malevolent purposes.

Barbaric acts do not only occur in violent events which severely harm or kill innocent men, women, and children. Intentional transmission of information which is inaccurate, manipulative, or meant to deceive is also barbaric when lies become told so to carry out unjustified, inhuman violence and/or treatment against people.  From the spirit of words spoken by Martin Luther King – “I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight, that we as a people will get to the promised land!” – to words spoken by history’s greatest men and women orators, no person can predict with certainty when the Earth will literally become that promised land for all people everywhere.

It may happen 5, 10, or 20 years into the future, but sometimes in the course of human events circumstances are such that profoundly accelerated change comes. In this moment circumstances are such, spiritual power grows stronger everywhere on this Earth, and nothing – not bullets, bombs, money or lies – can stop the good and moral actions about to positively transform the lives of all who walk this beautiful blue-green planet.

Moral excellence is entering human consciousness at an awesome rate. Life is moving now in an encouraging direction, and there are good reasons for feeling higher levels of gratitude and hope – the feeling that something desired is possible.  Prepare to experience joyful and total amazement on the path ahead.

Thank you Rania Masri.


(Thank you to Ageel Shatry at YouTube)

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  2. Ageel Shatry

    Mr. Jerry Alatalo,
    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your poignant, insightful and glowing review of Rania Masri’s speech. Immediately after watching (and recording) the speech, I had a sense that I was a witness to a historical event, one that should be recorded in the annals of time. My indignation at the systematic and deliberate mainstream media blackout of the ‘Texas Stands With Gaza’ protest further fueled my need to upload and share this powerful speech. Despite being informed about the event, not a single TV station (from Houston, Dallas or San Antonio) sent a reporter to cover the protest. You would think that gathering on the steps of the State Capitol building in Austin (the capital of Texas) and this being the largest EVER protest held in the Lone Star state would garner more attention. Buses from all over Texas ferried protesters into Austin. I was in one of the 3 buses from Houston. Dallas had filled up 7 buses. I’m not sure how many buses came in from San Antonio, but needless to say, in the end, it did not matter to the media outlets. It was amply evident that any criticisms of Israel’s ‘barbaric’ actions were purposely stifled. Incidentally, this reminded me of a quote by Voltaire, a French philosopher, when he stated: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”


    1. Ageel,
      Thanks to yourself and others who’ve recorded such rare moments of truth, people will be inspired to speak bravely and honestly as well. It’s somewhat difficult to understand exactly how humanity arrived at this place where telling the truth is seen as a rare courageous act, when it should be common and universal. Thanks again for recording an unforgettable address that’s touched many people around the Earth. Do not be surprised if your actions literally results in saving lives. Keep the faith that truth will become stronger in the days ahead, until all people speak with nothing less than full integrity.
      Best regards and thank you,


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