The Israel-Palestine Catastrophe: Humanity’s Great Challenge.

Posted on August 4, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-33While governments around the Earth call for a ceasefire, then end, to the inhumane violence in Gaza, the number of killed and injured Palestinians and Israelis climbs. Mainstream media corporations continue to “spin” the narratives about world events including Gaza, while independent and alternative news groups continue calling them out and portraying the real facts and circumstances on the ground. One can only wish and pray the time soon arrives when telling the truth becomes acknowledged and practiced widely, where both corporate news journalists and those in the independent press are on the same truthful page most of the time – only failing to share the truth because of rare unintentional errors.

If one gives those who turn reality upside down by saying Israel has the right to “defend itself” the benefit of the doubt, it is still impossible to ignore how truly lopsided is the “score” of deaths and injuries between the “sides”. Palestinian deaths have surpassed 1,800, and the videos of destroyed buildings show the world that Israel is “winning” the war – whatever winning means here. There doesn’t seem available any videos of Israeli buildings destroyed, or scenes from frantic Israeli hospital emergency rooms.

Democracy Now and Amy Goodman recently interviewed an expert about the Iron Dome that Israel claims to have shot down most of the “thousands” of rockets Gazans have fired toward Israel. The gentleman said on air that the Iron Dome could be the worst security investment any nation could make, because the system in his view could conceivably successfully stop Hamas rockets 5-8% of the time. If his assessment of the Iron Dome is correct, then thousands of Hamas rockets got through the Iron Dome, yet the reports on television aren’t showing the destructive results of those rockets to Israeli people, homes, or buildings.

Certain elected politicians in the United States have called Israel’s bombing of United Nations facilities where thousands of Gazans have fled for protection as “unacceptable” – then voted for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military weapons for Israel. Israel blamed Hamas for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers, the genesis of the four-week bombing campaign, then recently admitted that Hamas wasn’t responsible. Then the reason for continued bombing became the “terror tunnels”, which could have been destroyed in less intense ways long ago, and not requiring the massive bombing campaign. The agreed upon 72-hour ceasefire was over in 2 hours because Israel blamed Palestinians for kidnapping an Israeli soldier, then it became reported that the soldier died in action.

Israel has blamed Hamas for the deaths of Palestinian civilians because Hamas, according to Israel, uses civilians as “human shields”, then reports come from journalists in Gaza that they’ve “never seen evidence that Hamas is using civilians as human shields.” Israel-leaning media have been consistent in their reporting of Hamas’ firing rockets at Israel, but never take a guess about why. According to British MP George Galloway, Palestinians are firing rockets because their country, Gaza, is being “wiped off the map by Israel.”

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, after the latest Israeli bombing of a UN school (Palestinian refuge from the bombs), said, “…nothing more shameful than killing children in their sleep.”  A recent United Nations vote condemning Israel’s actions passed 27-1 – with the United States the lone dissenting vote – resulted in Republican Senator Graham from South Carolina saying on the Senate floor that the UN Human Rights Council was: “out of touch with reality.”

Other US Senators accused Hamas of “forcing men, women, and children to remain in homes which received Israeli warnings to leave, so that Hamas could use pictures and statistics of dead Palestinians.” So Hamas, not Israel, is responsible for Palestinian civilian deaths according to certain US Senators, but after Senator Ayotte of New Hampshire said, “Hamas does this to get what they want”, she failed to articulate exactly what Hamas and all Palestinians in Gaza simply want: no longer living in the world’s largest open-air, apartheid prison.

Listening to people defending Israel’s brutal four week bombing of Gaza, one hears an upside down, irrational logic which makes the victims look like the bad guys. The Congress of the United States must hear from the American people demanding hearings to consider whether to continue sending over $3 billion annually to Israel – one of the wealthiest populations on Earth – and bring the most well-informed witnesses from the Palestinian and Israeli perspectives to fully and truthfully discuss both Israel-Palestine history and the current tragic situation.

The United States is the single nation which has the power to end the violence, because the Israeli people will not – 95% of Israelis support the brutal military operation against Gaza. Until the American people make their voices heard in the halls of Congress leading to full-scale hearings, the people of the world are increasingly placing pressure on Israel. The combined actions of demonstrations around the Earth, a creative, effective, and growing “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” movement based on the model which brought down apartheid in South Africa, and leaders from more countries calling for steps to stop military violence has only begun to gain the momentum for eventually taking down Israeli apartheid.

Israel, as well as America, understands the stakes involved in continuing the policies which the world’s people are perceiving in larger and larger numbers as plainly and obviously wrong. Israelis and Americans risk becoming viewed as “on the wrong side of history” now, because apartheid in Israel is most certainly going the way of apartheid in South Africa. The sooner citizens and leaders of both nations, as well as western states’ politicians siding with Israel, understand that inevitability, the sooner the violence will stop.

The moral way forward for these people and nations is simple enough for a child to understand: admit the Palestinian people have been clearly, sadly, tragically, enormously wronged.

Then right that wrong. 


(Thank you to Press TV News Videos at YouTube)


6 thoughts on “The Israel-Palestine Catastrophe: Humanity’s Great Challenge.

    1. Stuart,
      Some have written that Israel’s “routine”/”mowing the lawn” is killing and destroying just enough to avoid international condemnation while at the same time pushing Palestinians into crises. Perhaps white men will be prosecuted for war crimes for the first time since after WWII. Deterrence is certainly called for, otherwise war crimes will continue.


    2. ..and Obama condoning the genocide on the installment plan. …and the most important thing that the lobbyists in Congress could do before their month vacation was to ‘ scramble’ to approve the 250 million emergency military aid to Israeli butchers ???????depose the tyranny.


      1. John,
        How are you. Many more Americans are beginning to question the expenditure of tax dollars on weapons of death and destruction to support the apartheid state of Israel. Not only Palestinian people, but all the Middle East people, need to become free of wars and immense suffering they’ve experienced for far too long.


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