Why Are Israelis Killing Palestinians?

Posted on August 2, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-31The title of the short piece – “Why Are Israelis Killing Palestinians?” – may come across as the kind of question a 7-year old would ask when watching CNN. Come to think of it, there are probably many young girls and boys asking their parents or the closest adults that exact question these days. One wonders what goes through the minds of those parents or nearest adults before answering the young person’s question. One wonders what goes through the minds of the children who see Gazan children their age in emergency rooms.

Of course, when the parent or adult answers the little boy or girl with deflective, change-the-subject words like “when you grow up and become an adult, you’ll understand…” or “that’s adult stuff – you’re a kid just having fun”, the child doesn’t give up easily and continues to ask “why?” In many ways adults, when the issue of Israel-Palestine and today’s tragic situation becomes discussed, are still deflecting and changing the subject when it comes to “why are Israelis killing Palestinians?”

It is astonishingly ironic that a child’s innocent observation and inquiry represents precisely the necessary viewpoint from which to start resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. The international community, when a concerted effort to answer the “why” question is started and carried out, will – through full and detailed uncovering of the actual facts, causes, and circumstances surrounding the history of Israel-Palestine – build the necessary groundwork for solving the conflict.

Palestinian human rights advocate and lawyer Raji Sourani describes Israel’s military style over the last weeks as the “rule of the jungle.” His view is that the current attacks on Gaza – including civilians, hospitals, schools, houses of worship, water and electrical infrastructure – have never occurred on such a level of destruction. Mr. Sourjani points out that in 2 hours after the scheduled 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire was unfortunately ended, 90 Palestinians lost their lives and hundreds more suffered injury.

“Simply, we are human beings. All what we are seeking, simple: freedom, end of the occupation, rule of law, as simple as that. We think we deserve to be protected, we deserve to be treated as a human being, we deserve to have an end to this Israeli criminal siege imposed on us for the last eight years. We think this Israeli criminal, illegal occupation should have an end. We have the right to engage with life positively, to be created. Too much blood, too much suffering if people feel they have only the rule of jungle. Israel (is) doing that, and the west (is) supporting.”

Mr. Sourjani said that nations in the west – United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany – who support “this inhuman, barbaric offensive against the civilians” have earned their states shame.

“We are not occupying Israel, we are not killing the Israelis. All what we want – simple – end the occupation and leave Palestinians be free. After 20 years of Oslo courts what we have – de facto apartheid system in the West Bank, ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and Judaisation, and in Gaza social and economic suffocation, and war crimes taking place every day for the last 25 years. Israel should have an end to its criminal, belligerent, illegal occupation and practice against Palestinian civilians. We are entitled to protection as Palestinian civilians in the time of war.”

Why are Israelis killing Palestinians? Humanity must find and acknowledge the answer.


(Thank you to democracynow at YouTube)


4 thoughts on “Why Are Israelis Killing Palestinians?

  1. I’m afraid I have to agree with Derrick Jensen. He writes in the Endgame that the main reason capitalists kill groups of people is because they refuse to give up their resources (land, water, oil, natural gas) voluntarily. That was the main reason our ancestors tried to wipe out Native Americans.


    1. Stuart,
      Your comment puts a finger on the current dangerous clash between those who accept killing as a means for profit-making and those who do not accept killing as an acceptable business tactic. As the world’s people become aware of the history and current use of those unspoken, secret, brutal tactics, they are demanding an end to killing for profit. Those who fail to act upon the moral demands of humanity are on the wrong side of history and spiritual/philosophical evolution, and will only be stopped from their continued killing through increased communication and awareness of truth.


  2. Jerry, this is an elegantly argued discussion about the senselessness and irrationality of war. Although resource control may be part of it, I wonder if there isn’t something deeper going on. When I was advocating against the use of Native American caricatures as mascots by public schools, it struck me that the fervor with which white residents clung to their “heritage” (i.e., their winning team’s logo) symbolized their need to feel “America” belonged to them. It symbolized their tribe and their right as the new owners of the land. They became vicious when told even in the gentlest, most reasonable ways that the symbols were offensive to original inhabitants. At the time it seemed they eagerly awaited the death of the last Native American so they could really feel a sense of ownership, belonging, and as “god’s chosen people” who were meant to rule the land. The situation in Israel seems so strikingly similar.


    1. Carol,
      How are you. It seems that South Africa before the end of apartheid would offer the best example of Israel today. Apparently, according to Desmond Tutu and others, the Israeli apartheid is even more brutal than South Africa was. It’s hard to say what factors are more influential when it comes to Israel-Palestine. Probably the geopolitical-economic factor rises to the top, when it’s right there in energy-rich Middle East. If Palestinians received equality, they’d vote more Palestinians into the national government, they’d make changes to correct the historical wrongs they’ve been subjected to suffer, and wouldn’t forget those wrongs – especially the part played by America. The population is evenly divided between Israelis and Palestinians, so eventually the political power would become 50/50, then the power would shift to Palestinians when those who left returned. Palestinians in power would work with their neighboring countries much differently than Israel/US have, with great, fundamental changes in the power balance of the entire region. Billions of dollars which have historically gone in one direction would go in another direction, from billionaires to the people. And that is the threat to Israel, the U.S. and western nations. This illustrates why “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” and other pressure like put on South Africa is the way, because the powerful and wealthy will not give up their privileges easily.
      If (when) enough international pressure forces Israel to compromise, they may push for a two-state solution, because a one-state solution guarantees eventual Palestinian control of the government. No doubt complicated but one thing’s for sure, the average folks in the Middle East deserve some peace and relief. Hopefully truth and wisdom will guide events.

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