One Earth Spirit.

Posted on July 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“They think to order all things wisely; but having rejected Christ they will end by drenching the world with blood.”

– FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKI (1821-1881) Russian novelist The Brothers Karamozov (1880)

368-1Men and women in rapidly increasing numbers around the Earth are now taking action to end the violence in Gaza. Why are millions of men and women concerned about the tragic situation there? Because there is something inside of every human being that brings about feelings of compassion upon witnessing harm and pain experienced by fellow human beings. That “something” is intangible; that which cannot be touched. That something is incorporeal; not consisting of matter; without material body or substance; of spirits or angels.

That something is impalpable; not perceptible to the touch; that cannot be felt, and too slight or subtle to be grasped easily by the mind. That intangible, incorporeal, and impalpable something holds the one route to peace in Gaza and peace on Earth. Through human history philosophers, religious scholars, metaphysicians, and spiritual seekers have voluntarily experienced rituals, studied the world’s religious traditions, and traveled short to great distances on inner journeys to discover that something.

More than enough spiritual wisdom has become discovered, extensively written about and recorded, and available for human beings to end war and large-scale violence on Earth. Beyond all the debates over whose religion is right and whose is wrong, all the words spoken and written about “our” interests and “their” faults and wrongful actions, is existent an eternal and infinite statement of truth that is impossible to disprove: all people, all life, and all things are sacred.

As the years, decades, and centuries have passed, humanity has incrementally approached nearer and nearer to the eventual full awareness of the sacred nature/reality of all people, all life, and all things. Exactly when humanity comes to this highest possible spiritual understanding, organizes societies based upon sacred consciousness, and experiences peace among all people, nations and regions is not predictable, but remains always available as an option.

“The power of love, as the basis of state, has never been tried… There will always be a government of force where men are selfish…”

– RALPH WALDO EMERSON (1803-1882) American philosopher

For a variety of reasons known and unknown, efforts to bring about global understanding, mutually shared vision, and agreement on steps to guarantee peace on Earth for this and future generations have yet to actualize such an ideal reality.

Corporate news media has failed to deliver on its tremendous potential, and the world’s people are turning away in large numbers. This explains the recent rise of independent news media on the internet, and the profound trend of more people getting their information on world events from their computer screens.

Some benefit could be realized from imagining if one were the owner/major shareholder of one of the world’s largest media corporations and held the authority to make decisions about content of magazines, newspapers, internet, radio, and television programming.

How would you use the communications company you own? Remember you own one of the world’s largest media corporations.

You call the shots, the “buck” stops at your desk, and you make the final decision – give your yes or no – on any programming that winds up presented to your customers/viewers, readers, and listeners. With regard to the current global situation – specifically Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and other war-torn regions – what would be your vision and goals for the business entity you have in your possession?

What percentage of articles, reports, and programs would you devote to arriving at the truth through historical and current facts, experts and well-informed guests from every arena of human activity, and discovery of reality-based factors of cause and effect? Would you decide to provide the men, women, and children who are your customers with information that is less than fully truthful and accurate – which leaves them with an awareness of global events that is less than complete? Would you exclude information which, if published, would result in certain of your largest advertisers deciding to sever business relations with your company, although the excluded information was necessary for your customers’ becoming fully informed?

How many of your company’s articles and programs would you like to see produced with titles such as “Is Middle East Peace Possible?”, “A World Without War”, “Ukraine Solutions”, “Gazan Perspectives”, or “Peacemakers Through History”? In what ways would you use your media company’s resources now to help end – not a ceasefire, but to end – the violence, destruction, injuries, and deaths of Gazans and Israelis? Those who own the world’s largest media corporations control what information they provide to their customers. Sadly, the decisions those owners make too often result in their customers’ receiving extremely biased, partially censored, “spun”, or inaccurate, intentionally misleading information.

Media owners’ decisions too often result in the censoring or omission of important facts. Omission of truth.


The following video may bring some men and women to tears – perhaps to uncontrollable grief and sorrow. Looking into the eyes of men and women in the film should help lessen the sadness for there is something visible in those eyes. What’s visible is that intangible, incorporeal, and impalpable something.

That one route to peace on Earth.


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