Middle East Peace Conference Will Bring Historic Achievements.

Posted on July 29, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“There are no warlike people – just warlike leaders.”

– RALPH J. BUNCHE (1904-1971) American diplomat

aaa-40What would happen if a Middle East Peace Conference were held? The results could be such that circumstances and events continue as they have, circumstances and events worsen while violence increases, violence decreases to the extent that coöperation and understanding became generated, near total peace comes to the Middle East after agreed upon steps become written into a regional treaty and signed, or some other eventuality between the worst and best outcomes.

As millions of men, women, and children around the world have taken to the streets in their nations to try to stop the warring and deaths of innocents in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel, it would probably be a safe bet that those millions of people have the view a peace conference is a good path to seriously consider. A civilized, enlightened path.

This is a serious proposal meant to reach the world’s leaders, convince them that such a conference could bring peace to the long-suffering Middle East people, and to find out which world leaders truly want to see peace in the region – and which do not. To those leaders and politicians who do not wish for peace in the Middle East and everywhere on Earth, who believe that killing innocent people is an acceptable way of “doing business”, let it be said here on behalf of humanity that you need to resign from your leadership position. For you are not a leader.

In 2014, taking the lives of innocent human beings is no longer acceptable.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu said recently that the people of his country need to get prepared for a long military campaign. Instead of saying this, why wasn’t Mr. Netanyahu calling for a Middle East Peace Conference? Has any leader in the Middle East – in the world for that matter – suggested the idea of a peace meeting? Millions of men, women, and children have lost their lives in past and current wars in the Middle East, many more millions have suffered life-long injuries both physical and psychological, trillions of US dollars were wasted, countless $billions worth of homes, land, infrastructure, and commercial buildings were destroyed, and generational hatreds – leading to even more violence – were created/intensified through these wars.

As the death toll in Gaza passes 1,200, wouldn’t it make sense now to arrange for – as soon as possible – a week-long peace conference attended by the leader of every Middle East nation and relevant group of people, as well as the five permanent United Nations Security Council countries? The conference attendee/speakers’ rules would be very simple. Each speaker shall be allowed to speak extemporaneously (without written speeches) for as long as they wish. After every speaker has taken their turn and spoken, each attendee will be once more allowed to speak for as long as they wish. The same simple formula will be followed for a total of four unlimited rounds/talks per attendee.

If – when – such an event takes place, good ideas for peace in the lands of the Middle East would certainly come forward and enter each attendees’ consciousness, along with the world’s people watching and listening on television or the internet. The greatest benefit of such a peace talk conference/meeting is that the attendees won’t be shooting anything at each other but ideas for peace. Looking at the results of United Nations’ time-limited rules for speakers, the idea of unlimited, no-restrictions dialogue may allow for enough time to explain and fully convey good ideas which are impossible to explain in 20 minutes, a half hour, or sixty minutes.

University lecturers in every field of study fill entire semesters and years of classes on subjects like Middle East Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Economics, History, and so on. It is worthwhile to compare the university professor to members at the United Nations Security Council, become aware of those members’ really inadequate time to fully delve into highly involved matters of war and peace, and then see the need for a peace conference without speaking time limits. Considering the high level of violence taking place in the current situation in the Middle East, unlimited dialogue is necessary to explain/arrive at good options and peaceful results.

If – when – a Middle East Peace Conference is held, the world’s people would be served well because their hearing of ideas and viewpoints will both increase awareness and eliminate information that is incorrect, rumor, or been disseminated to intentionally deceive. What this means is that the world’s people will become more aware of the truth about events and circumstances in the Middle East, and better informed about the world they live in and share with all people. Besides the possible, great achievement of creating peace in the Middle East – the only purpose of the conference for attendees – a major added benefit is the rejection of erroneous thoughts, speech and actions by people around the Earth who will now, after hearing truth, base their thoughts, words and deeds on truth.

A Middle East Peace Conference, made available for the world’s people to view and hear, would raise awareness and consciousness in profoundly positive ways and could literally transform life on Earth for the better. A Middle East Peace Conference would be – will be – a win/win/win for humanity…


(Thank you to The Real News Network at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Middle East Peace Conference Will Bring Historic Achievements.

  1. I hate to say so, but I think if there were a Middle East Peace Conference, the agenda would be set by the 161 corporate oligarchs (according to a recent Project Censored study) who control the global economy and all the so-called democracies. They dictate all the foreign and domestic policy enacted by our so-called elected representatives – not just by lobbying and bribery but via their control of the National Security State.

    The behavior of Congress over the massacre in Gaza makes this really clear – these people are just puppets.

    The only way to change any of this is to remove these oligarchs from power.


    1. Stuart,
      Your views are accurate. The views expressed and the unusual format suggestion for a Middle East Peace Conference were written without any idea of how far they’d travel. While risking accusations of “delusions of grandeur” for thinking there were any possibility such a proposal would become reality, to be honest the odds are stacked against such a result, but hold that the logic is sound. If (a huge if) it were convened and available for viewing perhaps a billion people would find it, and then to some extent those 161 oligarchs’ power would transfer to the people.
      It seems that alternative media bloggers and journalists have become experts at providing facts unreported by the corporate media. Perhaps devoting more words to possible solutions is now needed. This perception came today while reading a recent article about the chaotic world situation by Mr. Petras, where it became clear that he was accurately describing the world’s most important ongoing events. His analysis was powerful, but at the end of the article one is left wanting for Mr. Petras’ solutions. His geopolitical knowledge surely towers over mine, so there was some disappointment of a “what now?” nature after reading his piece, because you think such an excellent analyst must have spent much time thinking about solving problems. Perhaps this feeling has grown from impatience over continued wars and humans killing humans, but in general it seems not enough focus and effort is going into excellently solving mankind’s most pressing problems – in contrast to excellently describing the problems.
      Did I mention there’s not enough solutions-focused writings/articles? 🙂 Keeping the faith…


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