Boycott, Divest, Sanction: A Possible Two State Solution.

Posted on July 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“For what can war, but endless war still breed.”

– JOHN MILTON (1608-1674) English poet

ocean55The number of Palestinian men, women, and children killed by Israeli weapons has risen to near 700, and the number injured to over 3,500. It is important to remember that the event which led to the current tragic situation was the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers, that the world has yet to see the evidence to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement “we know Hamas did it”, and that the identities of the kidnappers/murderers has not been announced.

So, is it possible that the kidnap and murder of the three Israeli teens was in fact what has become known by more and more of the world’s people as a “false flag” operation, and was carried out to bring about the exact events that are now occurring? As the death toll of Palestinians and now Israeli soldiers, and the number of injured, rises, the kidnappings/murders have almost been forgotten, faded out of awareness like an inconsequential historic event – old news already discussed.

But the kidnap/murders were what began this whole nightmare scenario, so it is urgent that Israeli law enforcement officials present the results of their investigation. The basis of Israeli actions since the three teens’ murder has – in the over two weeks of military assaults on Gaza – been the allegation that Hamas was the guilty party, which makes revelation by Israeli law enforcement of their investigative findings imperative. The fact that the world has not been told the names of the triple murderers has resulted in increasing doubts about Israeli officials’ originally pointing the finger at Hamas, combined with no public announcements about the investigation process to identify the murderers.

Some news reports now include mention by journalists or guests about the possibility the murders were indeed a false flag, which the Israeli government has neither denied or disproved. So, the obvious question asks why the Israeli authorities have not shown their evidence of Hamas’ guilt to the world. There are only two possibilities when talking about Israeli law enforcement’s investigation of the triple kidnap/murders and Hamas: Israeli law enforcement either has evidence in their possession of Hamas’ guilt or they do not.

If they possess the evidence, they need to hold a press conference and share that evidence with the world’s news organizations. Then Israeli officials will need to explain why the effort to find and prosecute the murderers did not proceed in the routine way that all law enforcement agencies on Earth proceed in the case of a triple homicide. Israeli officials will need to explain why they apprehended and imprisoned some 560 Palestinian men instead of the perhaps 6 or 7 who actually carried out the crime.

If Israeli law enforcement officials cannot provide evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Hamas is the guilty party, then “Tel Aviv, we have a really big problem.”

Because nearly 700 Palestinian men, women, and children, along with over 30 Israeli soldiers, are dead because of a lie. Apparently the Israeli government has bulldozed the homes of those they “identified” as the murderers, so this means they’ve the names of those persons. Publicize the faces of those wanted criminals on the world media stage, offer a million dollar reward for information leading to their arrest and apprehension, you know who they are… right? So then why is it necessary to continue with the bombardment of Gaza? Why haven’t you released the  550-something men who weren’t involved with the triple homicide?

The world must demand a thorough explanation for the actions of Israel, establishment of a week-long United Nations Truth Commission on the current tragic situation, and hearings in every national government body to arrive at the facts for analysis to determine if punishable war crimes have occurred. United Nations observers are now speaking openly about Israel’s war crimes.

People who are not indigenous to the Middle East – who have no ancestors from that region – need to step back and out of the Middle Eastern region and let those people decide their futures free from outside interference. Each additional action which results in harming Middle Eastern people only worsens your reputation and future prospects – because people remember who treated them honorably – and who did not.

Because the world is recognizing that Israel is the last apartheid government on Earth, the “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” movement is rapidly growing and isolating Israel just as occurred to end apartheid in South Africa. There is debate whether the “two-state” solution is still possible, but given the present intensified estrangement between Israelis and Palestinians there may be only the two-state arrangement left. Israel will need to give back stolen lands, even though apartments, homes and infrastructure have been illegally built.

Israel and Palestine could agree on a legal settlement over lands and resources to be considered and decided upon by a retired 20-judge panel. Israel and Palestine would each name 10 retired judges – nominated to serve on the special panel. Of the ten, one legal expert from Israel or Palestine would be named, and the remaining nine would come from outside of the area, from nine separate countries. These 20 retired judges would hear witnesses presented by both parties until 15 judges agreed on a fair and just, two-state legal resolution. Both Israel and Palestine agree to abide by the 75% decision/rule. Yes, it would be an unprecedented and historic event. But, the situation is also unprecedented and historic.

The meaning of integrity is “soundness of character, honesty.” The world’s people have come to the point in history where leaders without integrity are no longer viewed as “leaders.” Those who lie and deceive for malevolent, manipulative purposes are being called out more often, and there will come a day soon when it is impossible for any man or woman to rise to positions of leadership without integrity.

Given the world’s reaction to heart-breaking events in Gaza, that day may arrive sooner than anyone knows.


(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Boycott, Divest, Sanction: A Possible Two State Solution.

  1. Unless Israel dismantles their illegal settlements in the West Bank, the two state solution is impossible. There isn’t enough contiguous Palestinian land nor connecting roads to form a Palestinian State. Unless they give up the settlements, the only possible solution is the one state solution. And it will have to be a secular state because the Arabs outnumber the Jews.


    1. Stuart,
      How are you. A few posts back, used the analogy of neighbors and construction of buildings. Let’s say you (Palestinian) and I (Israel) are neighbors, you go on a one-week vacation out of town, and when you return you find that I’ve built a guest home on your property. e now are in a legal situation that needs resolve in a court of jurisdiction, but which court resolves the illegal settlement constructions of Israelis on Palestinian land? Without knowledge of International Law the best guess is the World Court. The law should be no differently applied for our neighbor situation and the Israel-Palestine situation. Both situations, although infinitely different in scale, are exactly the same as related to law. Your (Palestinian) rights would be foremost and I (Israel) would either dismantle the guest home and restore your property to its original condition or the guest home would become yours – and I’m out the $25,000 spent building it. The illegal settlement apartments and homes, infrastructure, the land, etc. should become the possession of Palestinians. Persons who live in the settlements and paid for the apartment/home would receive refunds from whomever they bought them from, unless other arrangements are made with Palestinian officials. It would be a world-record size real estate legal proceeding. Perhaps settling the Israel-Palestine conflict in a court of law is naïve, but it seems like a good way to finally arrive at an equitable resolution.
      On a personal note, was pleasantly surprised to see you’re writing articles for Veterans Today. With VT’s large readership you have an excellent opportunity to present views, suggestions, and possible solutions on the variety of issues humanity deals with. Here’s wishing you the greatest success in helping bring about good transformative actions which lift the human race to a higher place.
      Thank you,


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