Timeless Messages Of Returned Spirit Travelers.

Posted on July 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-44Most men and women who’ve read books or internet accounts written by persons who traveled to the “other side” in a near death experience (NDE) share a number of effects. Perhaps the most common effect that comes to persons is a combination of awe, astonishment, fascination, and addiction to reading more books and personal accounts. In recent years, books about NDEs have consistently risen to the top of bestseller lists – a trending phenomenon almost as mystical as the NDE itself.

When one considers the rising popularity of “all things NDE”, one’s personal readings of the books and internet accounts, and how profoundly moved are both experiencers and those who read about them, it becomes almost impossible to turn away from the spiritual concepts unveiled. The men and women who attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous will begin their address to others with “my name is John/Mary, and I’m an alcoholic.”

Well, my name is Jerry, and I’m a “NDEholic.” As opposed to alcohol addiction and its progressive health-harming consequences up to madness and death if not defeated, being addicted to NDEs is an addiction to keep for both the spiritual and physical health benefits. One could think about the timing of rising worldwide interest and wonder whether the profound information entering the minds of persons across the Earth hasn’t been somehow divinely determined to become revealed in this period of history.

The first time I’d come across the NDE was after hearing about Dannion Brinkley, one of the first to write a book about their memory of time spent on the “other side.” Mr. Brinkley wrote a book titled, “Saved By the Light,” and if not mistaken the first NDE info came when he was a frequent guest on “Coast to Coast” during the time I was a regular listener in the Chicago area years ago. So, the book was found and purchased, and thus began the “addiction.” Dannion wrote the book before Dr. Raymond Moody wrote his book, “Life After Life” where he compiled the accounts of NDErs he had interviewed over a period of years – another equally fascinating read.

From the most recent interview of Mr. Brinkley available he has been a force in organizing a national veterans care group – the Twilight Brigade – whose volunteers spend time at Veterans Administration hospitals with vets who are close to moving on from this lifetime. Dannion has yet to really explain his motivations for making the effort to help vets, but one could surmise that the combined effect of his time in Vietnam as a marine, his “panoramic life review” when he had the NDE and felt the pain he inflicted on others during that war, and his wish to prepare vets for that life review and the death experience led him in that direction.

Dannion Brinkley’s life story became made into a TV movie and people can find it on YouTube. Reading his book years ago, the life review process many NDErs go through was described by Dannion as he experienced it, and the description he gives of feeling the other persons’ feelings during every moment of his life review was very astonishing. Because Dannion was a self-described “prick” up to the time of his NDE, his actions afterward, including the search for, and apologizing to, every man or woman he could remember ever hurting gives his story more credibility.

He was a bully in high school who got into fights for the fun of inflicting pain on others, he went to Vietnam as a marine and committed atrocities, regularly treated others in disrespectful ways, and during his life review on the other side he relived every harmful action he had ever carried out – once again feeling the same pain as the people he hurt. He tells people in interviews, public speaking engagements, and personally that we are all mighty, powerful spiritual beings who are eternal. Before we’re born, we co-create the life we are about to have; we choose to come here and we’re chosen to come here; we created the obstacles we face to overcome them on the way to accomplishing a mission.

Dannion Brinkley believes humanity now is living in a time when actions which are missing integrity are coming to an end, and says, “we need to start thinking that war is unthinkable.”

Another man who’s had a NDE is Lewis Brown Griggs, and I recently listened to him speaking at a TED Talk. His NDE came when he totaled his automobile years ago and he describes going through a “white tornado” – which many NDErs call a “tunnel” – and leaving his body behind only to find himself in a place of pure bliss, pure light, and pure love. He described his talks with his father who was ready to pass on, suggesting to the audience that when a loved one is close to dying to “let go of the spirit to 100% light, love, peace, truth, freedom like never experienced before.”

Despite the familiar NDEr observation that where they were was “beyond the human language”, Mr. Griggs said he thought he was experiencing all consciousness, all knowingness, complete oneness with all that ever was, and all that ever will be. He described “complete understanding of all of it” and told the audience to “imagine such consciousness.” He told the people there in the audience that “in that light some of us are given the chance to come back and some are not.” He recalled a distinctive voice which said to him, ” Lewis, you are called here to have this conversation, and to be sent back because you’re not doing your work.”

Mr. Griggs then asks the audience, “what is it that keeps people from becoming all they can be?” For him, because he’d been born into privilege and had developed a feeling of “betterment” – some call this a superiority complex – he learned that “you have more than others, so give back.”

During a later whitewater rafting trip with his sons, he had another brush with death when a 100-foot cottonwood tree fell directly on his head and fractured his skull so badly he was clinically dead, leaving him no memory of being in a coma for a long time. He’s learned that every person is both unique and in the oneness at the same time. He said, “inside the center of all this uniqueness and oneness there is still the individual soul separate from even the oneness and personality, and the soul never dies.”

“The soul cannot be killed, cannot be damaged, and cannot be abused. The soul is 100% light and truth and love and inside every one of us in every minute. How can such a weakness become such a strength, and how can any of us at any moment forget that?’

Anita Moorjani was close to death from terminal cancer. She describes her NDE as like having 360-degree vision, where she expanded outside of her body, and she “felt as though I could be everywhere at one time.”  Her father and best friend – both of whom had already crossed over – were guiding and communicating with her. She describes a profound clarity during her NDE, a realization that people are “much greater and more powerful than we realize”, and the feeling of “being connected to everybody, like we shared the same consciousness.”

Ms. Moorjani “could feel what everyone was feeling, that my father was telling me it wasn’t my time, and that I didn’t want to go back into that sick and dying body.” She learned that “if I chose to go back my body would heal quickly, so I decided to go back into my body, and in five days 70% of the tumors were gone; after five weeks I was cancer-free and released from the hospital.”

Anita Moorjani tells her audience to remember:

Love, including yourself

Remember fear doesn’t keep you safe, but love keeps you safe

Experience more humor, laughter, and joy

Remember that life is a gift / She says it took losing her life to realize the value of life – “cancer saved my life”

Always be yourself / Shine your light as brightly as you can

Live fearlessly

Of every interview of men and women who’ve had a NDE and every personal written account I cannot remember one where there were hints or any evidence of dishonesty or intentional deception. It is my view that the majority of NDE accounts as told by or written by men, women, and children who have become so profoundly moved by what they’ve seen that it is now impossible for them to live anything but 100% truthful lives.

Scientific researchers have proven that near death experiences are real. The intense, growing interest in NDE books, internet sites, and interviews on radio and television further confirms the truth that persons who go through the near death experience – and return to share what they saw and heard – are bringing humanity perhaps the most amazing and profound spiritual wisdom ever revealed/discovered in our history.

How the human race uses that wisdom to create a more loving, peaceful, unified, and just world of higher spiritual consciousness will become known soon enough.


The Near Death Experience Research Foundation has compiled the largest internet collection of NDE personal accounts from men, women, and children around the Earth on its website: nderf.org.


4 thoughts on “Timeless Messages Of Returned Spirit Travelers.

  1. JoAnn Chateau

    I just talked to my lovely neighbor who is elderly and suffering from loneliness (all family and friends are dead). Afterwards, I caught myself thinking, there is no God.

    A minute later I happened to read your post. My negative thinking has been alleviated.

    I have not had a NDE, but I have had a few brief “experiences” with loved ones who have passed on. I know there is more to existence than our 5 or 6 senses can comprehend.

    You have a calling to spread peace. I feel it. Thank you.


    1. JoAnn,
      It’s nice to meet you. Your neighbor seems to have one friend left: JoAnn. 🙂 You’re probably familiar with the book “Tuesdays With Morrie” about Morrie, who was visited by the author Mitch Albom every Tuesday during the last part of Morrie’s life. Wonder if your neighbor would be interested in something like that.
      Negative thinking is tough because it’s almost an epidemic, but will share what a Native American medicine man said: “If there were one piece of advice I could give people, it is never complete a negative thought.” The website referenced in the post – nderf.org – is a place well worth spending some time at. The personal NDE accounts are inspiring, fascinating, and offer great wisdom. Don’t you love those “coincidences”? 🙂
      All people have built in them the same capacities, perhaps never having a NDE but more common are those “vivid” dreams – the ones that are more “real” than usual – or OBEs (out of body experiences) which occur during sleep, where one has NDE-like events like “flying” or the instant movements in line with thoughts. Many years ago I had a going-through-the-tunnel experience and it, like the NDE, was an event impossible to forget. Not nearly as much occurred as some of the NDE accounts at nderf.org, but certainly profound. Met a young man once who was severely banged up from a car crash, and I asked him if he “went through the tunnel”, not expecting an answer. He said yes he’d been to the other side, it was “better than sex”, then corrected that statement moments later saying “a billion times better than sex.” Never saw him again, but now would definitely ask for a long discussion about what he saw. Thanks JoAnn, and stop by any time. Dress code is always casual. 🙂


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