War: Evidence Of Hell On Earth.


Posted on July 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

– HENRY (BROOK) ADAMS (1838-1918) American historian

398-2-1In recent days a number of photographs from Israel have gone viral on the internet. The images in those photos are of Israeli citizens who’ve come out at night to hills on the Israel-Gaza border to watch bomb blasts in Gaza. One that made a particularly disturbing impression showed that some of the “spectators” had made the effort to bring cushioned, comfortable chairs with them.

These photos have been viewed by many thousands of internet users, and one can only imagine what the reactions have been. Some may react to viewing people gathered in a type of “war at the drive-in theater” – complete with cheering and clapping after each bomb explodes – in a cynical way, without giving the image(s) much thought at all. Then others will feel a sense of disbelief, shock, and anger. And some will recognize that the images are of people watching “snuff” movies.

Movies which are in the “snuff” genre include scenes where human beings are literally shown suffering death. Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe people who watch deadly actions in any other way. Upon consideration, there is another description and that is hell on Earth.  To be completely honest, when one is aware of many heart-breaking situations where people have yet to understand that all life is sacred, seeing such a tragic example of complete absence of such a spiritual understanding is beyond words. This is a symptom of societal disease that cannot be ignored, or spoken of in any other way but with the seriousness that matches the seriousness of the illness.

Philosophers have written that hell is a psychological state resulting from separation between a human being and the Creator/God. There are various degrees of separation that a person can experience at different times, depending on the level of awareness the person has come to have about the sacredness of all people, all life, and all things. The further away a person moves from awareness of the sacred, the greater intensity of the hellish nature of one’s living. This is why war is evidence of hell on Earth: humans taking the lives of other humans have lost the sense of the sacred in the other.

Along with focusing on and practicing the noblest qualities when involved in political, societal, academic, philosophical, and other areas of potential leadership – including heroic, common men and women who the world may never know – what offers the only chance to truly transform this world in a good way is awareness of the sacred reality of life. When that greatest of understanding becomes widely attained around the Earth, it will become impossible to continue with wars and killing.

The challenge for those who wish to see a new world of peace experienced for the first time in history is finding the way to bring sacred understanding to every nation, region and people. Acknowledgement of the sacred is for each human being part of an inner solitary journey of spirituality, been written about by millions of philosophers, spiritual leaders, and sages through history, yet remains in the realm of what some traditions call “the Great Mystery.” Billions of words have been written toward describing spiritual power, but none have succeeded in putting words to higher consciousness felt by those who’ve had a near death experience (NDE) – whose personal accounts represent perhaps the closest humanity has come toward true understanding of ultimate reality.

Almost all people who’ve had a NDE talk about there “being no words in human language to describe what I saw, felt, and experienced.”

It is both difficult and impossible not to write about NDEs. Difficult because one has to take extra care and caution with sacred spiritual concepts so as not to unintentionally confuse others. Impossible not to write about, because the personal accounts offer very profound messages which have powerful transformative potential. One of a number of nearly identical aspects of all NDE personal accounts is most commonly called the “life review.”  The man, woman, or child who has a NDE will see every event of the life they’ve just lived, no matter how seemingly insignificant – from the standpoint of those whom they interacted with.

So, to illustrate, when this writer passes away and goes through his “life review”, that seemingly insignificant event of writing these words will be felt from the standpoint of every person who reads them. In other words, when this writer’s life review comes to July 16, 2014, my soul/spirit will feel what you are feeling as you read this. If a man or woman takes an action based on something they’ve read here, my soul/spirit will then feel from the standpoint of any person affected by that man or woman’s action(s), and so on until there are no more actions taken because of my seemingly insignificant writing. In other words, every person will live out the chain of consequences from their every action in life from the viewpoint of those who became affected – positively or negatively.

This could even include our thoughts, without being in the presence of others.

When Israeli pilots pass away, they will experience what the men, women and children who were killed or injured by the bombs dropped from the pilot(s) plane experienced. The pilots will experience what each person felt at the funerals of those who died as a result of bombs dropped from his plane. The pilots will feel what the nurses and doctors who treated those injured felt. If a man or woman who attended one of the funerals becomes affected by the funeral to the point where he/she, say, expresses anger to another person, the pilot will feel the hurt of the person to whom the funeral attendee directed their anger, and so on.

The greatest teaching of the “life review” aspect of NDEs is that human beings will inevitably face the consequences of their actions. The good news is one can choose loving and peaceful actions to create positive chains of consequences. May all people in this world begin creating positive chains of consequences that travel around the Earth, then on into eternity.