A Fake ‘Honest Politician’ to Spur Focus on Corrupt Campaign Funding

Kentucky’s anti-corruption Senate candidate Gil Fulbright surges in polls past incumbent Republican McConnell and Democrat Grimes. Fulbright upset victory would be crucial to Senate balance of power.


Just found this notice from Represent.Us in my mail. A wildly creative approach to politics. Can barely wait to see what happens!

Run this Honest Politician for U.S. Senate

Meet Gil Fulbright: America’s first ‘honest’ politician. He’s a hysterical candidate who’s going to Kentucky to shake up Mitch MConnell’s and Alison Lundergan Grimes’ U.S. Senate race.

We made this short video to explain how it’s all going to work, or you can read about it at our IndieGoGo campaign page.

‘Honest Gil’ will bring much-needed exposure to the race’s record-shattering $100 million price tag, and get America (and both candidates) talking about how to fix our corrupt political system.

Gil is fake, but his campaign isn’t. Control of the Senate could hinge on this one race, so the national news media will be watching…. This is our chance to break with convention, be bold, and make the 2014…

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3 thoughts on “A Fake ‘Honest Politician’ to Spur Focus on Corrupt Campaign Funding

  1. Brilliant strategy. Reminds me of a fake public relations campaign back in the eighties to raise money for Ted Bundy, the serial killer. Potential donors were given a choice of helping a disadvantaged high school go to college, helping the humane society or helping Ted Bundy publish a book. The overwhelming majority chose to support Ted Bundy


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