Key To Middle East Peace: The Elephant In The Room.

Posted on June 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

HighwayAlphabet If ever there were a group of people who have earned the right to some decades of peace and quiet it is the men, women, and children of the Middle East region. Now is the time for all nations to remove weapons of war from that part of the world which has been experiencing tragic violence for what seems like forever. Kings and their royal families want to maintain their power by oppressing the people in their countries, large energy corporations owned by the very wealthiest people on Earth want to continue making enormous profits from the natural resources in the Middle East, and war has become the preferred option for those who wish to keep the status-quo, very lucrative, historical ways of operating.

To the monarchs and billionaires who start the violence and wars: harming hundreds of thousands – millions – of innocent people to maintain your privilege and “status-quo” is no longer acceptable in the eyes of humanity, so knock it off.

Those who are planning, financing, and carrying out the present violence in the Middle East region need to explain to the world the reasons for your actions, how you can look into the mirror while many thousands of people die because of your actions, and how you deal with the fact that your actions have forced millions of human beings to flee their homes to live lives of refugees.

Are you satisfied with more zeroes in your bank accounts when your actions have caused overwhelming pain, tears, and sadness to your fellow human beings? Could you hire a filmmaker to record an hour-long explanation of your war-making actions, and why you felt it in your heart that killing was OK to accomplish your “goals”? For the price of one bottle of the world’s most expensive champagne your entire family could be recorded, in documentary style, with good explanations to the people of the world on how war is “good” in your thinking.

Who is arming the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)?

Watching the mainstream news reports will not lead to an answer of that question, because no persons discussing the Iraq situation are bringing it up. Various narratives have come up ranging from ISIL is provided money by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and other western powers, to ISIL self-financing through robbery of one of Iraq’s central banks to the tune of $492 million.

It was not too long after Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed to a $10 or $11 billion pipeline deal that war in Syria took off. The deal was to run the pipeline from Iran’s rich natural gas field (shared with Qatar) across Iran, through Iraq, then through Syria to the lucrative European market. Qatar had approached the Syrians with a similar proposal for their natural gas resources coming out of the same massive field as Iran. A Qatari gas pipeline would have to cross Syrian lands to reach the same European market. The Syrians said no to Qatar, then Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the United States began financing, arming, training, and backing Syrian opposition mercenaries.

Any person who believes that wars in the Middle East are fought for “democracy” or “freedom” are missing the truth, because all wars in the ME are energy wars. The American people will no longer support so-called “boots on the ground” wars after the George W. Bush administration lied them into what could be the largest foreign policy blunder in American history. A false flag chemical attack became falsely blamed on the Syrian government, the internet immediately became saturated with reports/the truth that the attack was a false flag, around 90% of both the people in America and Britain opposed military action against Syria, and a major war was prevented.

If 90% of the people on Earth are against war, then how does that not translate to political decisions? The 90% figure may even be low – could perhaps 99% of humanity be anti-war, but the remaining 1% won’t let the majority have peace? People living in the Middle East are similarly 99% for peace, so how about an end to settling differences with wars and beginning to settle differences with reason and dialogue?

If one compares the two methods of settling differences – war with its extremely negative consequences, and reason/dialogue which leads to understanding, coöperation and an end to violence – it is obvious that talking is the overwhelmingly better choice. So, why isn’t that option chosen every time? Because, if debate and discussion and reason are the choice, then those who desire to concentrate more power and wealth, by the war option, will lose the debate.

Listening to many interviews, discussions, and reading a variety of articles from different viewpoints, it’s somewhat surprising how rarely the real cause of violence in the Middle East – ownership of oil/natural gas resources – is the focus of the interactions. In those countries which possess large amounts of energy resources, there are two options for the people and governments to choose from regarding ownership.

Choose option #1: private ownership, and there will be violence, unless the resources/profits become shared in a reasonably fair way.

Choose option #2: nationalization of energy resources, and there will be peace, because the resources/profits become shared in a reasonably fair way.

Middle East discussions and debate which fail to intensely focus on energy resources fail to recognize the obvious, and are less than constructive.

There are two sides to the Middle East coin, and they both relate directly to ownership of vast energy resources. Either the resources become owned by the few in what has historically been seen as extreme concentration of wealth and power, or the owners are all people – where the common wealth gets distributed evenly. The consequences, negative and positive, of each option are clearly visible when one looks at the history of the Middle East.

Oil and natural gas, for the Middle East region, represent the “elephant in the room.” Any man or woman on this Earth who wants peace in the region, some long overdue relief for people who have literally been torn asunder by war for far, far, far too long – and real cause and effect, positively consequential discussion – will need to learn the “elephant” language soon.



2 thoughts on “Key To Middle East Peace: The Elephant In The Room.

  1. The sad thing about all these pipelineistan wars is they waste trillions of dollars that could be better spent on preventing catastrophic climate change by developing renewable energy technologies.


    1. So true, as well as expenditure on a number of life-affirming initiatives/projects. Makes one wonder what goes through the minds of men and women who work in bomb factories, or other products that are engineered to kill fellow human beings.
      Albert Szent-Gyorgi (American biochemist/Nobel Prize 1937): “Man is a very strange animal. In much of the world half the children go to bed hungry and we spend a trillion on rubbish – steel, iron, tanks. We are all criminals. There is an old Hungarian poem, ‘If you are among brigands (bandits) and you are silent, you are a brigand yourself’.” Thanks, Stuart. War is very saddening from a variety of standpoints, and has become, thankfully, rejected by more and more people as a means to resolve conflicts.


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