Oneness: Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Step.

Posted on June 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-9Since the world began its history has become memorized, recorded and passed down to future generations through the human voice, the printed word, radio and television, and in 2014 the internet. As the days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries have passed, mankind has developed ways to communicate which have surpassed the earlier, last-best forms. Thinking about what could surpass the internet leads one to a type of dead-end, because it’s hard to imagine a better tool for communicating around the world to people everywhere. It seems the only way to communicate which exceeds the power of the world-wide web is telepathic, the communication described by those who’ve had a near death experience.

And who’s to say that telepathic communication won’t become as commonplace as talking through computers? During that time in history when everybody believed the Earth was flat, the first persons to point out that it was round were the subjects of ridicule and public humiliation, until little by little the truth about the planet’s circular, ball-like  structure became the new norm. Later on photos and videos from space astonished the world’s people and gave a whole new perspective of Earth’s place; suspended in the universe.

Since the world was born, life has developed gradually in the process of evolution, and it’s interesting to consider the parallels between a person’s own development and evolution to the big evolution of everything . Is there a real connection between a single man or woman’s evolutionary process spanning the time between birth and death and the world’s? Scientists have arrived at the consensus opinion that, although humans may destroy themselves through nuclear war or environmental catastrophe, the Earth should remain, with or without humans, for a very, very long time.

What in the individual’s life experience equates with wars that may end up as nuclear holocaust, environmentally suicidal actions, and other planetary, negative consequences of collective human actions? War becomes carried out by those who believe in the “law of the jungle”, where it’s “kill or be killed”, many times conducted before the most genuine and honorable efforts for creating good understanding are undertaken. On the personal level, war’s equivalent is apparent in situations where “talking it out”, or sitting down to discuss options, get ignored and not chosen; instead the situation moves directly to shouting, bitter and hateful language blocking any real chance to create good understanding, and then resorts/devolves to fist-fighting or worse.

There is no difference between men and women who are average, just as most people on Earth, and those who are in positions of leadership and power which becomes used to start wars – in relation to the options for peaceful resolution of differences. The most important common denominator about peaceful settling of problems, differences, and misunderstanding of individuals and large groups like nations, corporations, and races is the presence or absence of an ability/wish to consider the well-being and happiness of the other person or group.

During so-called “bumps in the road” situations, individuals have the best chance for mutually satisfactory outcomes when both people have the good intent of creating as much happiness for their counterpart as they strive to resolve any differences of view or awareness. The philosophical concepts which are woven in the seemingly simple “Do unto others what you would have done to you” – the Golden Rule – have always been, and will remain forever, the highest wisdom on Earth. On this there is no argument, for it is spiritual truth.

To bring about a world of true peace, brotherhood/sisterhood, and loving kindness requires only observance, practice, and total acceptance of the Golden Rule, from the individual level to the level of governments. Now people will say that it’s not that easy – not by a long stretch. There are complex issues which have been seriously studied and discussed for centuries by the most well-read and educated men and women who’ve ever lived, and they weren’t able to successfully create a plan that humanity could follow to bring about world peace.

Essentially, the Golden Rule is all about using the spiritual power of love as the basis for all actions, on personal and collective dimensions. The spiritual power of love is very real, as any person who loves their family members can attest. Looking at those photos and videos from space – the ones which reveal no national boundaries to war over, or hundreds-of-miles-wide signs to name the nations of the Earth like “United States”, “Russia”, “China”, “Brazil”, “India”, “Australia” etc. – the observer sees clearly that the photos show the Earth as one.

The Earth is one, and the Earth’s people are one family. Why is it that the entire human family hasn’t come to the point where they love one another just as men, women, and children love their family members all? Because believing in separation, division, boundaries – and that any man or woman who possesses and expresses a genuine desire for the happiness of all is “utopian and naïve” – equals believing that the Earth is flat.

Just as those who lived when the entire human race believed the Earth was flat –  those who first faced ridicule and public humiliation for even suggesting the truth of Earth’s roundness – men and women living now who suggest that the human race is a real family without any separation face similar treatment for speaking the truth. The Earth is round.

For those with spiritual eyes to see, it is clear that oneness is the next step in human evolution.

Now is the time for worldwide acceptance of taking the next step on the universal evolutionary journey, acknowledgement of the highest wisdom available, and a thorough understanding, knowing, and public revelation of ultimate reality.

Humanity is one.


(Thank you to Mempfis333 @ YouTube)


5 thoughts on “Oneness: Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Step.

  1. I don’t know if I believe in telepathy, but I do believe that all living things are connected. I truly believe that if all people believed in this idea, the world would be so much more peaceful. We’d love and respect each other so much more. Your message in this post is so important!


    1. Tanya,
      How are you. Telepathy: “communication between minds without physical means.” One could look at this communicating and see that it’s almost telepathic, or has aspects of telepathy. 🙂 It seems most people on Earth understand these philosophical ideas, but a handful who have yet to grasp or become aware act accordingly. As more of the world’s people get increased faith in such principles, the message that “there is a better way” will overcome separation thinking, then new thinking will lead to creation of a new world. “That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it”. 🙂 It’s frustrating to find the spiritual dimension mostly absent (a hard habit to break) from discussions on the issues of our time, but keeping the faith that better days are coming…


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