GMO And Glyphosate: An Absolute Crime Against Humanity.

Posted on June 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

459A few posts ago we shared an interview of Canadian scientist Thierry Vrain, who spoke about the dangers of GMOs and the, what he believes are even more dangerous-to-health, effects of glyphosate – more commonly known as Roundup herbicide. Now another scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, confirms much of what Dr. Vrain said in his interview. While Vrain in that interview spoke to the connection between GMO, glyphosate, and depression from glyphosate’s obstruction of serotonin production in humans, Ms. Seneff agrees but goes further. Unfortunately a lot further.

In addition to depression and other forms of mental illness, depending on the amount of glyphosate in a person’s system, Ms. Seneff has found correlations between glyphosate consumption and autism, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, end stage renal disease, obesity, digestive disorders, Parkinson’s, dementia – as well as other health problems.

In 1970, 1 in 10,000 children became diagnosed with autism, but as of 2013 that statistic had risen dramatically to 1 in 50. Dr. Seneff believes the sharp rise is due to glyphosate. Roundup, the herbicide which has as its active ingredient glyphosate, is now the #1 selling herbicide in the United States of America, applied to all farmland that has been planted with Roundup-ready genetically engineered crops, and the use of the herbicide has only increased as so-called superweeds have adapted to survive – requiring more applications.

Celiac disease has quadrupled in recent years, and Dr. Seneff sees the cause as Roundup residues in foods; residues are found now virtually everywhere in the environment because of over use/application. In recent years (2000-2009), once again in almost direct correlation with GMOs becoming approved with the accompanying Roundup drenching, Crohn’s disease has increased by 49% and ulcerative colitis by 71%.

Now farmers are spraying/applying glyphosate on their crops just before harvest as a desiccant or drying agent, in effect killing the crops, thereby making it easier to harvest the plants. So, this adds another layer of glyphosate residues to the foods Americans buy off their supermarket shelves – an “added bonus” of sorts.

Suffice it to say, glyphosate is sold and used to such a massive extent – including for lawn “care” – that the residues are now present in quantities justifying one’s calling the United States “Roundup Land.” The United States government has never conducted studies on the human health consequences of glyphosate. Genetic engineering corporations like Monsanto have never conducted tests on mice/rats with durations longer than 90 days, probably for a reason, as French scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini found devastating health consequences (including large cancerous growths) in rats fed GMOs with and without glyphosate residues in over two-year testing.

Breast cancer cells proliferate when residues of glyphosate are present in the parts per trillion. Parts per trillion is a measure that is very, very minute. This helps explain the sharply increased numbers of breast cancer diagnoses since the approval of GMOs in 1996.

There’s a man in the following video who speaks from the pro-GMO position for the first 18 minutes or so before Stephanie Seneff shares her profound academic presentation. For those with a good amount of previous knowledge/awareness of the GMO/glyphosate debate, you may want to bypass the first 18 minutes. For those who are new to the debate on GMOs and glyphosate, it’s recommended to watch the entire discussion as seeing the contrast between pro-GMO and anti-GMO proponents is very instructive, revelatory, and insightful.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff delivers a message that truly needs to become widely heard. GMOs and glyphosate are doing tremendous damage. This highly intelligent, concerned woman scientist must testify before a Congressional committee – as soon as possible. Hear Stephanie Seneff’s devastating message conveying the, frankly, absolute criminal nature of the herbicide/poison glyphosate.

Think very deeply about the harmful effects that continue to destroy the lives of human beings every single day this deadly herbicide remains legal.

Then take whatever actions you think necessary.


(Thank you to WellesleyChannelTV @ YouTube)


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