“Manufactured Crisis” Blows Lid Off Israel-USA Nuclear Lies About Iran.

Posted on June 6, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be outraged by silence.”

– HENRY FREDERIC AMIEL (1821-1881) Swiss philosopher

aaa-15Veteran investigative journalist Gareth Porter’s new book “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare” is an extremely important and timely writing. Amazon.com shows that the book, since its publication in February 2014, has received (9) reviews of which (7) gave it 5-stars, (1) reviewer rated it 4-stars, and (1) came in at 1-star.

Given the enormous significance of the content Mr. Porter has written, it is very surprising, and frankly worrisome, that the book hasn’t been reviewed thousands of times, by all men and women who are deeply concerned about issues of war and peace in this world. When one considers that mainstream/corporate media (MSM) groups are losing many readers and viewers in recent years, because more and more people have lost any faith in the truthfulness of their reporting, a book like Mr. Porter’s will never get reviewed or publicized in the MSM.

“Manufactured Crisis” is a book that will become popular because of word of mouth and pieces like this one, and is in the same genre/league as “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins, another book which received no reviews in the MSM but became a bestseller anyway. At any rate, this book must become widely known, read, and talked about, because in 2014 there is a need to put an end to deception and criminality practiced by persons in high government positions – especially when the stakes are as large and high as can be. Because these actions potentially put American lives at risk, Iranian lives as well, the criminals who carry them out need to face justice.

Some Amazon.com comments on “Manufactured Crisis”:

“Porter exposes one of the great disinformation scandals of our age – the phony accusations of Iran’s ‘nuclear weapons program.’ Porter’s book is essential reading for all Americans wary of the manufactured path to war. It shows how ideology can distort facts, and can be used as a weapon to sway public opinion in directions that are inimical to world interests. As talks with Iran in Vienna over its nuclear program proceed, Porter notes that the Obama administration, only after ridding itself of the extended influence of Robert Gates, has finally made attempts to wind down the two decades of baseless attacks on Iran to try and forge a rapprochement. The question remains whether warmongers in Washington, Israel, and some nations in Europe will come to their senses and let this happen.”

“Riveting, and a must read.”

“A brilliant investigative report on how American policy toward Iran has been distorted and war made possible.”

“Does for Iran what Truthdig did for Iraq.”

“US Empire and Israel in crisis.”

“Should be standard reading on Iran’s nuclear program.”

“Incompetent psychopaths are running the western world.”

Mr. Porter’s book delves into the George W. Bush administration’s attempts to “manufacture” evidence that Iran was deep into producing a nuclear weapon, and the false reasons for starting a war on Iran. There were plans to take military action against Iran after the consolidation of Iraq after that war based on outright lies. America’s highest ranking military officers would have been against such actions because such actions were, well, insane.

So, Bush administration officials, namely the neocons there, used tools of deception like Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” to create a lying pretext of “proof” that Iran was building a nuclear weapon. In 2004 Bush administration official John Bolton began a propaganda program with bogus satellite photos, shared photos with the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), but the photos were not an Iranian nuclear bomb facility, they were an Iranian military installation. Bolton believed Iran would not allow IAEA inspectors into the installations, but Iran did allow the inspectors – twice in 2005.

Bolton then resorted to other ways of “proving” that Iran was conducting a “secret nuclear weapons program.” Bolton “leaked” the satellite photos to ABC News and they reported that an “unnamed source” from the government shared that Iran may be testing nukes.

Israelis were working on a “false flag” of documents found on a laptop computer, owned by an Iranian scientist who “participated” in Iranian nuclear weapon development. These documents were handed over by a mujahedeen terrorist group with close ties to Israel – MEK – to German intelligence officials. MEK is listed as a terrorist group in European nations and the United States.

German intelligence knew the documents were unreliable and, after Colin Powell spoke publicly about the documents as if they were accurate, the Germans became worried that they were witnessing another “performance” from Powell like the United Nations presentation based on lies obtained from the Iraqi by the name of “Curveball.” Although Mark Twain, as Gareth Porter quotes, said “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”, the rhyme didn’t materialize as the Germans thankfully intervened.

Mr. Porter then points out that MEK was “incapable of producing the documents”, that the documents were extremely advanced, wove a narrative that Iran has a secret nuclear weapon program, persons who look closely at the documents will find contradictions that show them inauthentic, fabricated by an ally of MEK, and could only have been created by MEK ally – Israel.

He goes on to say that the Obama administration has taken the laptop manufactured documents and later “evidence” that Israel had turned over to the IAEA, and demanded of Iran that they “come clean” about the “evidence.” Porter emphasizes the great importance and extreme danger of these actions, as Iran has no intention of “coming clean” on manufactured evidence.

In 1967, while the profoundly popular Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was influencing sociopolitical action in the entire Arab world, US President Lyndon Johnson and the Israeli government colluded on a “false flag event” to result in dropping a nuclear bomb on Cairo during the “Six Days War” between Israel and Egypt. On a sunny summer afternoon in 1967, Israeli jets’ bombs and submarine torpedoes exploded on an American Navy communications ship – the USS Liberty –  with the intent of killing the over 200 American seamen on board.

Such was the power and influence in the Middle East and Northern Africa of Nasser that Lyndon Johnson and the highest leadership of Israel intentionally set out to kill every man on board the Liberty, blame the Egyptians, and carry out the nuclear obliteration of untold thousands of Egyptians in Cairo – as well as Gamal Nasser. If it weren’t for the technical expertise of the Liberty’s crew who were able to communicate an SOS to a nearby Navy ship in the Mediterranean – after the Israelis virtually destroyed the Liberty’s ability to send messages out –  the “false flag” would have been carried out, all on board the Liberty would have died, and resulted in its intended nuclear vaporizing of the major Egyptian city of Cairo along with its citizens.

Many may have viewed a recent, viral speech given by Patrick Clawson at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies where he openly calls for a covert “false flag” to be carried out against Iran. After sharing a listing of literal, historical “false flag events” that were required for starting major wars, Clawson said:”If Iranians aren’t going to compromise, we can put on the pressure. Maybe an Iranian submarine goes to the bottom of the ocean… We are in the game of covert means against the Iranians, and we can get nastier at that.”

How human beings will resort to deceptive actions in order to carry out wars – then kill untold numbers of innocent men, women, and children –  is beyond comprehension. 


(Thank you to National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special Relationship” @ YouTube)


2 thoughts on ““Manufactured Crisis” Blows Lid Off Israel-USA Nuclear Lies About Iran.

    1. Stuart,
      Fortunately the Bush administration was prevented from carrying out their planned bombing of Iran. Thankfully the internet allows the truth to travel around the world before the warmongers can act. So long as people keep putting the truth out there, then the odds are better that more attempts at deceptively planned war will be stopped.


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