MintPress Destroys Corporate ISIL/Middle East News Narrative.

Posted on June 30, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-44What is truly astounding about the discussion between friends from MintPress News Mnar Muhawesh and Mahdi Nazemroaya is how in such a profoundly simple manner they decimate extremely powerful international media corporations’ – let’s call it what it is – lies about ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

The so-called mainstream/corporate media have unanimously portrayed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as being a consequence of ancient sectarian rivalry between Middle East Sunni and Shia populations, as if that were the sole factor for their (ISIL) actions, all in an intentional effort to keep millions of viewers ignorant of the reality in the Middle East.

ISIL is a mercenary army paid, trained, supplied, and directed by Gulf monarchies Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others, along with government entities in Turkey, Israel, the United States, Britain and others, to destabilize nations and peoples who choose not to go along with imperialist agendas. There is nothing new about ISIL except that it represents a new strategy for powerful people having the desire to control the Middle East region’s vast oil/natural gas/energy resource wealth.

Ms. Muhawesh and Mr. Nazemroaya precisely identify what is occurring in Iraq and the region: a “divide and conquer” strategy perhaps as old as the hills. It is a historically deadly and vicious strategy that has destroyed and/or ended the lives of millions of innocent human beings in the Middle East. Those responsible for military intervention in the Middle East for manipulation and control have no concern for the men, women and children who live there, have to be described accurately based on their actions, and must be stopped through worldwide popular resistance.

The video discussion between Ms. Muhawesh and Mr. Nazemroaya could very well be misperceived and underestimated because of its lack of “slick” production and simplicity of communication. Apparently they spoke through a Skype connection that millions use every day when speaking to distant relatives and friends. What is highly beneficial to acknowledge and remember – especially for men and women who have become frustrated or disappointed in the slow pace of truth’s emergence on Earth –  is that the simple but profound message Ms. Muhavesh and Mr. Nazemroaya deliver here is easily replicated by any persons with minimal technology.

They have shown that it’s possible for average men and women to “speak truth to power”, that the truth is held up more highly by humanity than at any time in history,  and when truth gets spoken – just like the movie “Field of Dreams” –  they will come. Will this simple discussion exposing the truth about ISIL and the Middle East, correcting the false narrative of corporate media go viral? There is no doubt that it will.

After it goes viral will there, because of the truth exposed, be a positive change on the ground in Iraq and the Middle East? No doubt.

Is it possible for ordinary men and women to create a better world? Yes.

In 2014 humanity rejects any further killing for profit

To those who find war and killing an acceptable power/business tactic:  Admit the inhumanity, absence of compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters, and moral bankruptcy of what you are advocating. Think again on how your thoughts, words, and actions affect others in devastating and harmful ways and what the consequences of your actions will be for future generations on this Earth.

See the death, destruction, sadness, and pain your actions have caused, then ask yourself if you have “done unto others” as “you would have done to you.”  If after consideration of that question you find yourself still advocating war and killing, please offer the people in the Middle East along with other war-torn regions a rational and reasonable explanation of your philosophical and spiritual thoughts which lead you to such conclusions.

Explain to all people how more war – mankind’s greatest failure – can possibly be seen as a source of some type of success, exactly the opposite of its reality. This is Orwellian logic summed up in the writer’s famous line from “1984” – War is Peace – or the idea that by “killing you, you will become saved” or from the Vietnam War, where soldiers came to “destroy the village to save it.” Connect the dots that run from your reasoning to the assessment that “war is good.”

To those who agree with war and killing: 99.9% of humanity disagrees with war and killing, and are becoming aware of the warmonger’s completely indefensible logic. What is occurring in the Middle East and other regions on Earth is the direct result of your application of that indefensible logic. You are directly accountable for the criminal harm done to men, women, and children in these lands. Perhaps now would be a good time to come clean, speak the truth, and start being a peacemaker instead of a purveyor of death.

To the masters of war: Ask yourself the question, “What did you do for your fellow-man?” Some believe this question is one of the first, if not the first, ones asked of those who leave the physical body in what people call death. Masters of war, does this question seem like perhaps the ultimate one? And should you or I, or any man, woman or child, wait until that inevitable transition to the world of spirit to think deeply about what it asks of us?

Masters of war, wouldn’t it be a good thing if you can answer that question as follows?:

“I did everything possible to prevent the harming and suffering of human beings. I did everything possible to help people live their lives in peace, brotherhood, and joy. I did everything possible to increase love’s manifestation and presence on this Earth. And to accomplish these I always spoke from my heart and spirit…  total truth.”


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Fascism As It Is, Truthseeker, Ukraine.

Posted on June 29, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Real news is bad news.”

– Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

whitekeys3-1Episode #42 of Truthseeker from RT contains information which gives people a different picture of Ukraine events than that provided in the so-called corporate news media. With a concern for truthful reporting about the facts in that region where international tension has been difficult to contain, where violence and death have occurred, it is important to cover every perception given from a variety of journalistic sources. Unfortunately in 2014, there has yet to emerge a worldwide focus on the high importance of determining the truth on very dangerous and divisive developments such as those in Ukraine.

In other words, humanity hasn’t evolved to the point where propaganda (doctrine disseminated by organization) is rejected fully, and where the world of reporting/journalism has transformed into the complete search for only the truth. Perhaps one day media organizations will willingly coöperate to compare and discuss their findings on the wide range of events that are affecting people’s lives around the Earth, with a devotion and loyalty to providing  real facts for average citizens, decision-makers/political leaders and others.

While coming across this Truthseeker report on RT’s YouTube channel, the channel now has over 1 million subscribers, which may make it the largest on YT, certainly one of the largest at any rate. A few weeks ago John Kerry gave a talk where he discredited RT for its dissemination of propaganda, so, in a post about that talk, the urgent nature of United States State Department public correction of any perceived false information coming from RT or other news organizations was emphasized.

In other words, because false information going out to millions of people has the potential to instigate action based on falsehood that could be dangerous and harm people unnecessarily, the State Department carries a responsibility to refute and correct any such errors in reporting. An example which illustrates this point would be where, after a person became upset from hearing a false report on their television or computer, person(s) take out their rage on others based on that incorrect information. If the State Department becomes aware of false information, it is important to alert the public to prevent such violence as just described.

Another way of looking at this is the example of a crowded theater where someone cries out loud “fire!” and persons get trampled to death. That said, the information contained in the following videos about Ukraine is highly controversial and has the potential to generate strong emotion in viewers, so the State Department, in the spirit of “Responsibility to Protect”, is morally impelled to publicly articulate and correct any facts which are not exact to forestall harmful action(s) fuelled by falsehood.


Truthseeker Episode 42 about Ukraine is around eleven minutes but contains what seems like much more information than can possibly become presented in such a short time. Some of the views expressed follow.

Economist Michael Hudson:

“There was a Chilean-type military coup d’état there. People of Ukraine do not sign off on IMF (International Monetary Fund) IOUs, and sign the transfer of property. The coup d’état leaders in Kiev sign off, and what do they want? Their aim is not to help Ukraine. Their aim is to get rich for themselves, and to move as much of their money into London, New York, and other centers as they can.”

Lawyer Martha Boersch on former Ukraine President Yulia Timoshenko’s embezzlement while in office. She came in second to Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine’s recent presidential election:

“Because the money was being siphoned off by Timoshenko Ukraine at that time, as they have today, ran up a huge gas debt. You could characterize her as an unindicted co-conspirator.”

Journalist Jason Felch on Timoshenko’s relation to convicted white-collar criminal Lazrrenko:

“So, we know that the political interests of the United States government at the highest level probably didn’t want Yulia Timoshenko drawn into the Lazrrenko (case).”

At one point in the report Timoshenko is captured in a photo with State Department official Victoria Nuland, where each seem to express deep emotions from a years-long relationship. Victoria Nuland has become world-famous for her statement on an intercepted phone call shortly before the Ukraine coup, “F*#@ the EU.” Ironically, Timoshenko’s presidential campaign slogan was “Fighting the Oligarchs.”

Scott Rickard responded to the question – if the “US was still protecting Ukraine’s criminals”:

“Certainly. They’re protecting them and they’re bolstering them, they’re putting them in a position where they can basically control the financial outcome of Ukraine. In hiding the money in the Isle of Mann, hiding it in the Cayman Islands, and in Cyprus, and working with the western oligarchs to launder money.”

The report then goes into newly elected President Petro Poroshenko’s alleged criminal family history. It refers to reports on his father Aleksey’s involvement in prostitution, illegal arms, drugs, and his imprisonment in 1986 for organized, armed embezzlement. Also discussed is a report that Hillary Clinton met with Petro Poroshenko before the February 2014 coup to discuss Ukraine’s eventual joining with NATO.

Then the report delves into the actions of Ukraine billionaire Igor Kolomoysky, who after the coup was named as Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Region, and is heard on an intercepted phone call threatening the life of Eastern Ukraine presidential candidate Tsarev in mafia-like fashion. Kolomoysky becomes described as a financial backer of extreme right-wing criminals who carried out the “Odessa Massacre” where over 100 pro-Russian/anti-Kiev activists lost their lives. Ukrainian official Oleg Noginsky: “It’s now proven Kolomoysky planned Odessa. He has gone crazy, seriously. There’s going to be a second Nazi Germany in Ukraine.”

Geopolitical analyst William Engdahl:

“I’ve already seen reports that the government has signed over the pipelines, the gas pipeline, distribution network. They signed that off to Chevron, but the German companies have grabbed metallurgical assets in Eastern Ukraine, and coal assets, extremely prized coal assets there. So, they’re already looting the crown jewels of Ukraine and the, I don’t know what you want to call it, the puppet regime in Kiev is doing their bidding. Now, you’ve got a chocolate king as president, that his opponent was the gas queen, Yulia Timoshenko, who looted billions from her country, her countrymen, and is closely associated with organized crime. So, you’ve got a bunch of gangsters essentially, and Nazi thugs, running Ukraine and that is hardly a stable thing for peace in Europe. Germany wants to go to war to defend a bunch of Nazis in Kiev because they got hot-headed and start creating incidents with Russia?”

“I don’t think so, but they better realize that’s the agenda that some people in Washington have, because they want that – not the American people, not the US – but this tiny power cabal that has so much power in Washington. They want not only a new cold war – they want a new hot war. That’s a pretty dangerous thing to be playing around with. This is an escalation toward a new dimension of horror for mankind.”

Yulia Timoshenko is heard in another intercepted phone call suggesting the “nuking” of Ukrainians living in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

The report ends with warnings about ultranationalists belonging to the “Right Sektor” and “Svoboda” holding high positions in the Ukraine government. These cautions have to do with desires to make Ukraine a nuclear-armed state, published recommendation of “pre-emptive nuclear strikes”, possible use of biological weapons, and possible nuclear proliferation by selling of intercontinental missile-building plans and documentation.



“Fascism As It Is” by Russian journalist Andrey Karaulov is a film that captures the violence carried out in the Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine in recent months. Many readers are familiar with how truthful reporting of events during the Vietnam War on Americans’ nightly news shows hastened calls for an end to the war. Those reports showed real results of violence and killing during war, including interviews on torn minds and bodies, horrific video of bullet and bomb-destroyed  injured and dead bodies, and although soul-searing to witness, represented the highest achievement of journalism: conveying the literal truth.

Many readers are aware that, after the real reporting given to Americans that sped up an end to that war, from the end of the Vietnam War until today, there has been a conscious and intentional effort undertaken to prevent any similar reporting of later wars. No longer are Americans exposed to the real results of battlefield violence, to the point where even US flag-draped coffins arriving in airports are never seen on the nightly news programs.

This suppression of literal scenes of war violence has been the policy of the US military since Vietnam during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, and includes those wars which are “proxy” wars, directly or covertly financed with American tax dollars without American “boots on the ground.” And that is why no American will be seeing the following film on their televisions any time soon – unless a large enough demand manifests for addressing the events in the film. The US government, if one takes into account the $5 billion spent in Ukraine by the State Department in the last ten years and billions in military-related transfers, has been “investing” a very large amount of money.

US government aid is to some extent responsible for what takes place in the documentary. It is up to the viewer to decide whether the events and testimonies captured in the film are serious enough to call for full address by American media corporations and the United States government.

Some will conclude that this information, especially the heavy photo/video journalism content in “Fascism As It Is”,  rises to the level of serious enough, and some may not. Be that as it may, in the case of “Truthseeker” Episode #42 seen by millions of men and women around the world, and in the case of “Fascism As It Is” – which may or may not become viewed by millions – responsible media corporations and responsible governments must either disagree with and disprove publicly their allegations or, by their silence, send a message to the world that the films are conveying truth.

 If the films are conveying truth on events in Ukraine, it becomes painfully obvious that media corporations and governments must choose the morally superior path, end their silence, and address the truth.