The Real Truth On Ukraine: Michel Collon.

Posted May 18, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“There is no truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

– THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) 3rd President of the United States

ocean11While reading an article on the internet, one particular website had historian-political commentator Webster Tarpley listed on its blog roll. So, Webster Tarpley’s weekly radio program is available on YouTube, and that is what led me to listen to his May 17 broadcast. One of the guests historian Mr. Tarpley talked to on this show was a woman historian from France – Ms. Annie Lacroix-Riz.

Now, what she had to say about the history of Ukraine was interesting. She asserted that reports of forced starvation of Ukrainians by Joseph Stalin were untrue, and that no evidence of such an occurrence has ever been found, including, as she mentions during the interview, any photographs taken during those years confirming starvation implemented by Stalin in Ukraine. So, now the focus was on hearing more from Annie Lacroix-Riz.

Her English isn’t great but, although she struggled finding words during Tarpley’s radio show, Ms. Lacroix-Riz was understandable. She speaks on a good number of YouTube videos in French (none in English), but for whatever reason, unless someone adds English subtitles to the video, YouTube’s French-to-English translated subtitles are, in all honesty – horrible. After listening and reading the worst translations ever of Ms. Lacroix-Riz’ talks, then gathering nothing of value from viewer comments where translations are good from French to English, one of the videos off to the right caught my eye.

The title was something like “Michel Collon etc., Ukraine etc.” so, because it seemed like gaining any more about Ms. Lacroix-Riz was somewhat futile, I listened to Michel Collon’s talk about Ukraine. Today is the first time I’ve ever heard of Michel Collon from France, but he apparently has been a geopolitical, investigative journalist/author for over 20 years, and he has appeared on national television in France through the years.

This particular report by Michel Collon on Ukraine has had over 175,000 views in the two months since it was produced by him. I used YouTube’s translation option from French-to-English and, once again, found it horrible. So, as happens when watching non-English speakers, I looked to the comments (there were hundreds of them, all in French) for clarification of what he was saying in the film. Most of the comments, after clicking “translate”, were very positive on Mr. Collon’s analysis of what is really happening in Ukraine.

My only problem was that the comments, although virtually all praising Collon’s analytical work, did not specify his points sufficiently for me to truly break through the horrible YouTube translated subtitles. So, another search began to find more recent talks by Mr. Collon in hopes of finding one or more with English subtitles. After typing “Michel Collon” in YouTube’s search-box, four or five lines down read, “Michel Collon English”, so I clicked it. The video results showed that an English-subtitled version had been produced by “Vaughn Hollund” channel, and that video is found here.

What I discovered when comparing the YouTube French-to-English “translated” version to this Vaughn Hollund channel version with added English subtitles is that they were completely different. The lesson is “don’t rely on YouTube’s language translations, only rely on video versions with added subtitles or voiceovers”. This English-subtitled version brought home strongly the reasons why all of those French commenters were praising and thanking Michel Collon for his production.

I cannot adequately explain how it happened that a notice of Webster Tarpley on a blog roll led to the discovery of an absolutely astounding – searing and truthful – geopolitical analysis of what has occurred in Ukraine. Perhaps there is an explanation that relates to the belief by some that “there are no coincidences.”

Explanations are irrelevant.

All that matters is you are about to learn the truth about Ukraine.


(A very special thank you to Vaughn Hollund at YouTube)

4 thoughts on “The Real Truth On Ukraine: Michel Collon.

    1. Stuart,
      Before owning a computer I’d go to the local Blockbuster and search all the shelves with US-made movies, invariably ending up in the foreign films section before finding a decent film to rent. Seems reports about Ukraine are in the same league, an American has to go to foreign countries for truthful reporting.


  1. It is really sad that the most of the very interesting books from Michel Collon and his group Investig’action do not have yet an English translation (If I remember correctly the only one in English is Liar’s poker). His book “Israel, parlons-en” is for me by far the best introductory text on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The more recent book “Jihad made in USA” , made by two of his collaborators, is the best analysis I know on this intricate issue: in particular if offers a clear, coherent and plausible geopolitical explanation for the Syrian war. There are many other interesting books. His group is growing (I live close to him and know him personally) and I hope he will find the needed resources to get these translations done.


    1. markolopa,
      How are you and thanks for your comment. “The more recent book “Jihad made in USA” , made by two of his collaborators, is the best analysis I know on this intricate issue: in particular if offers a clear, coherent and plausible geopolitical explanation for the Syrian war.”

      Could you share a brief summary of “Jihad Made in the USA”? To be honest, it’s baffling that the Syrians aren’t making public their explanation for the devastating violence there. They have made clear that nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, France and other western nations (including Israel and USA) are facilitating the mercenaries, yet don’t tell the world why. What does Michel Collon see as the genesis of the war in Syria? Natural gas pipeline deal of 2011 between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Syria’s rejection of Qatar’s proposal for a pipeline to ship THEIR natural gas across Syria to Europe? Again, it seems surrealistic that analysts like Michel Collon have to dig for the truth about the Syrian conflcit when al-Assad, al-Jaafari and others can simply provide the real facts. The nation of Syria has been torn apart, and at the same time one sees Syrian leaders’ puzzling silence on the war criminals’ actual motives (root causes). If the root causes are simply explained to the world, that would go a long way toward ending the violence. Why is it up to investigative journalists to explain geopolitics of the Syrian war, when leaders in Syria can simply give the world the explanation?


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