Ukraine Truth: Biden, Archer, Heinz.

Posted May 16, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The whole of government consists in the art of being honest.”

– THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) 3rd President of the United States

blogger7-1C’mon, man!” is a popular, humorous weekly segment on one of the sports networks, broadcast before National Football League (NFL) games. During the approximately 10-minute weekly segment, each of the five or six commentators, composed of retired NFL players and coaches, presents situations which occurred around the NFL world in the previous week that are controversial, hard-to-believe, funny, or ridiculous. Each describes their pick for a “C’mon, man!” story, pointing out the ridiculous or controversial aspects of the event, then ends his description with an exclamatory, over-emphasized, loud, and original “C’mon, man!” It’s a light-hearted, fun segment that has NFL fans laughing it up before the game starts.

The news about Hunter Biden, youngest son of United States Vice President Joe Biden, earns a “C’mon, man!”, but unfortunately this version is neither humorous or clever – but very serious.

Joe Biden’s son has recently become the head of the legal department, and board of directors member, of Ukraine’s largest independent gas producer: Burisma Holdings Limited.

If asked, history’s greatest writers of novels would not believe such a report.

This development in Ukraine’s business sector has become a viral news story, and brings up a number of questions pertaining to the United States’ Obama-Biden administration’s either non-concern or full awareness that the world would immediately focus on the conflict-of-interest dimension. Victoria Nuland and Jeffrey Pyatt at least thought their phone call, where Ms. Nuland infamously said “F*@k the EU (European Union)”, was private instead of its becoming intercepted and heard around the world.

EU high official Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet at least thought their intercepted phone call  was private instead of becoming heard by men, women, and children around the world. This was the call where Mr. Paet suggested snipers in Kiev were murdering both police officers and civilian protesters, and that the group sponsoring the killings was not Viktor Yanukovych, but the new coalition that took power after he was ousted.

American mainstream media has thus far been able to censor any reporting about either of these massively controversial phone conversations, along with a report by Germany’s version of “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – which furthers the assertions made by Estonia’s Urmas Paet during his chat with Catherine Ashton. American mainstream media has never interviewed Dr. Olga Bogomolets, the physician mentioned in Ashton and Paet’s call as a source of the sniper accountability and investigative/prosecutorial inaction by the new coaltion’s newly appointed law enforcement heads. Media in America have never interviewed Dr. Bogomolets – presently running for president of Ukraine – even though she was treating victims of sniper bullets in Kiev, and speaks perfect English after studying medicine in America.

Did either Barack Obama or Joe Biden consider the consequences that would come with Hunter Biden’s joining the board of directors and becoming head of the legal department at the largest Ukrainian private gas producer Burisma Holdings? Did Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry consider the consequences in that Hunter Biden would join Devon Archer – best friend of John Kerry’s son-in-law Christopher Heinz (heir-H.J. Heinz Co. fortune) – on Burisma Holdings’ board of directors?

In recent days, John Kerry has slammed Russia Today (RT) as nothing short of propaganda. RT has reported on Hunter Biden’s new position as head legal official at Burisma Holdings, and would certainly welcome John Kerry on-air to explain how his stepson’s best friend happened to find himself on the board of directors as well at Burisma Holdings – the largest private gas production company in Ukraine. Or to explain that there is no “conflict-of-interest” in the fact that his stepson’s best friend Devon Archer and Hunter Biden have worked for Rosemont Seneca Partners – which is 50% owned by the founders of Rosemont Capital: John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz and Heinz’ best friend Devon Archer.

Did Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John Kerry consider that information goes around the world in a matter of minutes on the internet, that there are millions of men and women (many, serious investigative journalists) who are concerned about/interested in what is occurring in Ukraine, and will spend much more time than the 90 minutes required for this writing? And that among those millions of men and women are people who live in east and south Ukraine, who have a different opinion on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), genetically-modified organisms (GMO crops), and legal, proper means of impeaching/replacing a democratically-elected president of their nation when high-crimes have been committed?

What is the significance of former Viktor Yanukovych administration official Nikolai Zlochevsky’s control of Burisma Holdings Ltd., as it relates to events in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, before one more innocent human being is harmed, it is critical and urgent to arrive at the truth , the whole truth, and nothing but the God’s truth.


(Thank you to TheLipTV at YouTube)