For The Ukrainian People.

Posted on May 14, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.”

ALBERT SCHWEITZER (1829-1965) Alsatian-born physician, philosopher

ocean22While searching for more information about Dr. Olga Bogomolets, the presidential candidate/physician from Ukraine who treated victims of sniper bullets during the “Maidan Massacre” in Kiev on and around February 20, 2014, the path led back to the YouTube channel Verfassing1871 where a previously posted video of Dr. Bogomolets with her speaking in English is found. She studied medicine in America and speaks excellent English. The channel is run by men and/or women from Germany, so only a handful of their uploads are in English, so listened once more to what she said in the extremely difficult medical scenario, along with a review of any comments on her short interview.

After that, a look at Verfassing1871’s recent uploads showed a short interview of a German independent blogger – Robert Stein – on RT recently, where he shared his thoughts on the unfortunate situation in eastern and southern Ukraine, where there have been long lines of residents waiting to cast votes in referendums concerning their futures. Mr. Stein points out during the interview that in his country Germany there has developed in the media a “published reporting” as opposed to a “public reporting.”

In other words, Mr. Stein points out that Germans without the internet are being given a less-than-accurate version of events in Ukraine, especially in the south and east. The thought came to mind that what Mr. Stein is telling men and women who may hear his voice, the incomplete dissemination of accurate reports of what is occurring in Ukraine, is an essential factor which has contributed to increasing levels of separation, decreasing levels of reliance on genuine dialogue to arrive at agreeable resolution of differences, or a diminishing of nonviolent routes to peace in Ukraine.

Simple analogies will suffice to illustrate how important it is that all people in Ukraine are fully aware of every aspect of events and situations in their country. This applies as well to concerned men and women from the European Union (like Mr. Stein’s home Germany), United States, and all nations. A simple analogy is differences between family members. Let us say a mother and daughter have come to a point where words of anger became exchanged (the violent coup d’état which Olga Bogomolets saw first-hand), so now manifested is the need to straighten things out (dialogue to discuss Ukrainians’ concerns in the hope of reaching an agreeable, peaceful resolution).

Now, let us say that either the mother or daughter, during their “we need to talk” experience, holds back important information, facts, or perceptions (Mr. Stein’s example being German media). Or, either the mother or daughter intentionally lies to the other. If there is less than completely truthful dialogue between the mother and her daughter, then after their “talk” what happened is that genuine reconciliation was not reached, which can, given what is occurring in Ukraine, illustrate current events in that nation.

Dr. Bogomolets is holding nothing back.

Now, the element which is indispensable for there to be created a genuine and complete, good and beneficial reconciliation between the mother and daughter (Western and Eastern Ukrainians) is love. Dr. Olga Bogomolets – the doctor who personally witnessed the beginning of Ukraine’s crisis on the Maidan in Kiev – has recognized, through her spiritually devastating experience, that love is indispensable for genuine, peaceful resolution to the nation’s situation. Some may not see that Dr. Bogomolets, who is now asking Ukrainians to make her their leader while a candidate for president, is the right person for that job.

However, consider which candidate would offer Ukraine the best chance for a peaceful future. In the simple mother-daughter analogy, the mother would listen patiently to her daughter’s concerns (Ukrainians’ concerns about who was behind the “Maidan Massacre”, oligarchical corruption and thievery, International Monetary Fund austerity, selling off of Ukraine’s public assets, etc.) then, because the mother has a genuine love for her daughter, she would ask her daughter (Ukrainians with unaddressed concerns) what she thinks would be the best steps going forward (reaching a Ukrainian consensus).

Dr. Olga Bogomolets must become the next president of Ukraine, because she is the kind of leader that Ukraine’s people – and by extension the human race – desperately needs now.

She has traveled physically, mentally, and spiritually further than the other candidates in that nation vying for the presidency, and her vision for Ukraine stands out as the most important news story about any single person now living on this Earth.

These words intend to result in strong action from men and women who read them, especially Ukrainians, to get Olga Bogomolets’ profound message to the United States population and the English-speaking world. Ukraine’s election is in 11 days on May 25, so please try to understand how critically important – to not only Ukraine’s people and the people of that region, but to the world – it is that Dr. Olga Bogomolets wins that election.

Look at it this way. Consider your personal concerns about worrying escalation of violence in Ukraine. Would you want someone like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to become Ukraine’s next president and leader? Please fully understand that, in Ukraine’s field of candidates for president, there is one who comes closer than the others to match the human qualities of King and Gandhi: Dr. Olga Bogolomets.

To Ukrainians reading these words:

It is urgent that Dr. Bogomolets’ English-language message gets to the American people in a big way, and soon. There are only a few days until your presidential election, and there is no time to waste to widely disseminate Dr. Bogomolets’ message. The action which will offer the greatest success in that dissemination is English translation, voiceover, or personal – in English – addresses to the American people (and all English-speaking people on Earth) by Dr. Bogomolets herself posted as soon as humanly possible to YouTube.

To Americans:

Please seriously consider doing whatever possible to help Dr. Bogomolets’ message become viral in the United States. Go to Dr. Bogomolets’ English-language website, compose an email message urging her to communicate to the American people as soon as possible.

If you have family or friends in Ukraine, call them to discuss Dr. Bogomolets and the upcoming presidential election, and how urgent is getting her message to the United States. Email those Ukrainian family members and friends.

The following video was uploaded by people from Germany on YouTube at Verfassung1871. Please notice the German subtitles. Videos with Dr. Bogomolets on YouTube must have the same subtitles – but in English. Listen to what independent journalist and blogger Robert Stein from Germany says, see what is occurring in Ukraine, and ask yourself if such a situation would ever come about with a Ukrainian President Bogomolets.

These are the days of destiny.