Ukraine: Beyond Blame To High Spiritual Truth.

Posted May 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“For fascism is a lie told by bullies. A writer who will not lie cannot live or work under fascism. Because fascism is a lie, it is condemned to literary sterility. And when it is past, it will have no history, except the bloody history of murder.”

– Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961) American writer, Nobel Prize 1954

mountain2It is the “Odessa Massacre.” Massacre means the killing of many. Slaughter. Men and women can move around on the internet while looking for articles on this tragic event, then find a variety of views about who was responsible, next actions, and which “side” is right, which wrong, and so on. What are perhaps the most glaring omissions from writings and comments sharing perceptions about the over 40 men and women who perished by fire in Odessa, and the events leading up to such a horrific human catastrophe, is articulation of total, irrefutable truth.

When human beings reach a point where dozens of people die in an intentional blaze, with those inside the structure prevented from escaping death, the event cannot be described but for what it truly is: a tragedy. For what is needed now in Ukraine is a genuine truth and reconciliation effort. By genuine, this means 100% and absolutely honest, a real confession of all the dirty secrets surrounding events in Ukraine over the last months resulting in today’s unfortunate situation.

This means that any slanting, spinning, propaganda, blame games, information wars, and so on are over and done. Too many innocent men, women, and children are at risk; too many in the region and around the Earth are greatly worried and concerned about where these events are taking the human race – there is no other choice available to bring about a mutually agreed upon, peaceful plan for Ukraine moving forward than bringing into clear view the absolute truth.

This means that nothing – nothing – shall be censored, suppressed, or denied to allow any Ukrainian person’s awareness and wish to bring forward truth and peaceful solutions. This is by no means an original idea, for history finds many periods with the same truth and reconciliation efforts. It is painfully obvious that there are many people in Ukraine who have strong feelings about the recent events shaping the present situation there, so let these people’s voices be heard, learn from what they are honestly saying, separate wisdom from folly, and you are left with good and worthy solutions.

This is how, during periods of conflicting perceptions and actions, that true understanding becomes developed. True facts – not manipulative lies – come forth, allowing the only opportunity for true solutions to become known by all; in the awareness of all people. So, here is what the world’s leaders urgently need to start proposing, whether it takes 8, 10, 12, or 16 hours a day for weeks. What will happen is that, once the entire truth becomes distilled, when the wheat becomes separated from the chaff, what will remain is a true appraisal of the events starting in November 2013 and proceeding until May 2014 in their broadest/clearly visible good, bad, and ugly reality.

Because absolute truth identifies the motivations of those who have contributed by their actions to the present circumstances, it shall be plain to see whose actions were moral, just, and ethical – and whose were the opposite. Absolute truth zeroes in on those who act – and have acted – deceptively, dishonorably, absent wisdom through ignorance of one’s moral compass, and without altruism’s guidance.

At this point in the process, all people acknowledge who is honorable and who is not. Those who are without honor because of their actions thus must face the penalties and consequences, including loss of trust and respect from their fellow countrymen and women, incarceration, and a long, difficult journey to recover both self-respect and the respect of humanity.

All will know then who are the lovers of their fellow-men, women, and children; all will know who are not. And those who are not will perhaps come to recognize that they were mistaken. And choose again.

This is the way out from the danger at the edge of the abyss. To choose love, not hate; to understand that every human being is each other’s brother and sister, and that all have the God-given right to live their lives free from harm – in peace.

This is the way of the Buddha:

“This is the noble Eightfold way: namely, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. This is the Middle Path, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana.”

In Ukraine and the world, choose higher knowledge, enlightenment, and Nirvana.