Goodbye Karen Hudes, Hello Bill Still.

Posted April 30, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it. Give him no news or present him only with distorted and incomplete data, with ignorant, sloppy or biased reporting, with propaganda and deliberate falsehoods, and you destroy his whole reasoning process and make him something less than a man.”

– Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1891-1968) Publisher, New York Times

abstract4-1Is it a big deal or not? Disappointment experienced after becoming aware that what one thought about another isn’t quite right is a hard thing to deal with. This blog has posted three interviews of Karen Hudes – a woman known as the “World Bank Whistleblower” –  since its inception in late May 2013. Ms. Hudes has appeared on many interview programs in the past few years, while many have come to view her as a “hero” for her fearless speech directed at the super-rich and powerful. This writer admits having an initial fascination with her, because her early accounts seemed to prove that she was a genuine and important whistleblower.

That fascination led to a willingness to stay tuned to her as time moved along, and intermittent listening to most recent interviews etc. Unfortunately that initial fascination has turned to disappointment, and the deleting of her posted interviews and web address. This personal transition in perceptions of Ms. Hudes was a slow one, and finally second thoughts and a few analytical questions made the break from Karen Hudes inevitable.

The first question that created doubt about her was “why has she never appeared on any panel discussions with monetary reform activists, attorney colleagues, and/or economics professors?” So, one looks at her public persona and finds that her appearances – including RT, but mostly internet radio/alternative news – are never ones where she engages in group discussions. She always appears alone with a lone interviewer.

Perhaps because she is an Ivy-league trained attorney with a degree from Yale, along with her study of economics in Europe, it became clear that interviewers were somewhat intimidated with her credentials, including her 20 years in the World Bank. As time went by, it became perceived that, because of that constant credential-intimidation, interviewers were derelict in their duty to dig deeper into Ms. Hudes’ claims. All along, with each of her hundreds of interviews, no host has asked the type of penetrating, intellectual questions which would force Ms. Hudes to prove her assertions.

Her talks have been a mixture of well-established facts and theories yet to become proven.

With regard to the unproven assertions, Ms. Hudes consistently mentions a German banker/lawyer by the name of Wolfgang Struck, who she claims has “signatory authority” somehow inherited from Philippines Dictator Ferdinand Marcos – an authority to sign for the release of the world’s entire gold supply. Visiting Ms. Hudes’ YouTube channel one finds she has three videos posted, none of which have become enriched by any appearance of Mr. Struck, the man who is, according to Ms. Hudes, just waiting patiently, in anxious anticipation, to sign off and release to humanity the hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold stashed in Switzerland banks, Philippines banks, and Hawaiian banks, while God only knows how many thousands more ounces were buried someplace in the Philippines.

Wolfgang Struck. The Karen Hudes mystery man.

If any reader has ever seen Mr. Struck speak on camera, or seen any photos of him, or heard him speak on a radio program – if you have any evidence of this “World’s Gold Controller” – please share your information. Most readers are familiar with an American union boss by the name of Jimmy Hoffa who mysteriously disappeared decades ago after last being seen in the Detroit, Michigan area – and never seen again. If by chance, Ms. Hudes, you come to these words, please answer this question, “Is Wolfgang Struck your version of Jimmy Hoffa?”

Ms. Hudes appeared on the scene some three or more years ago, yet has anyone seen her give an academic-like presentation? Has she ever been seen in front of a live audience? Has she ever collaborated with her fellow whistleblowers around the world in a Skype conference call of two hours or longer in duration, where her “team of whistleblowers” discuss specific actions to bring into reality their shared goals?

Just a few moments on the uneventful way I made the decision to separate from Karen Hudes. The son of Academy-award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone – Sean Stone – was spoken about by another talk show host. Without knowing that Ms. Hudes had been interviewed by him, I went to see what was happening lately on his (Sean Stone’s) “Buzzsaw” show. So, Ms. Hudes was appearing and I listened to it. The show began with talk about a so-called “secret constitution” of 1872, where the name of the original became changed from “Constitution of the United States” to “Constitution for the United States”, allegedly making the United States and each of the 50 states corporations.

Sean Stone:    “In 1871, the Constitution of the United States was changed, from the original constitution we all believe we live under, giving us certain rights and laws, and that was changed from the Constitution of the U.S. to the Constitution for the U.S., as a corporation. And that happened in 1871. Can you get into a little more detail as to what actually occurred at that point?”

Karen Hudes:    “Yes Sean, thanks for having me back, and that’s exactly what happened. In 1872, Benjamin Franklin went to Paris and was negotiating with the banks that were helping to finance the Revolutionary War, and, uh, so when the money came due and we couldn’t pay it, this was after the Civil War, which by the way was incited by the Jesuits, at the end of the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln had issued greenbacks that were not going to carry interest to the bankers, he was assassinated by the Jesuits, and after they had taken care of that business, what they did was they set up this secret constitution, and under that constitution the U.S. Congress became managers of a corporation in the District of Columbia. The states were also turned into corporations, and this allowed the money that was being generated to go to the bankers to pay interest. The money went to the City of London which kept about 40% of it, and then it went off, 60% roughly, went off to the Vatican, the Jesuits, whose bankers were financing the United States. The Federal Reserve is for taking taxpayer money and transmitting it to the City of London and the Vatican.”

Ms. Hudes error of starting the interview by saying, “in 1872, Ben Franklin went to Paris” drew some not small notice from viewers in the comments section – Ben Franklin died in 1790. In the moments after she spoke that historical error, it seems Ms. Hudes has, in her legally trained mind, acknowledged to herself that she had made the date error. Evidence of this shows up/is seen at her first “uh”, where in her mind she comes to realize her mistake. But, instead of sensibly and properly issuing an immediate correction: “Did I say 1872, Sean? I meant 1782”, she makes sure to, a few words down the road, to squeeze in “this was after the Civil War, which by the way was incited by the Jesuits”.

Later on she tells Sean Stone that Franklin negotiated British/European financing for 100 years, resulting in the 1872 default by the American government and necessitating the “secret, second Constitution”.

Bill Still is a man who has researched, written, and produced documentary films on monetary reform for 34 years. He also listened to the talk, then commented on the Stone/Hudes interview: “Ben Franklin died in 1790. That’s all you have to know about Karen Hudes.”

Unfortunately it needs saying but, because of a great respect for Oliver Stone and a wish for his son’s success, Sean Stone allows Ms. Hudes to fill in the half-hour interview without pressing her with probative, get-to-the-essential-facts/proof of her claims questions – an all too universal interviewer style in every Karen Hudes appearance. Simply, no interviewer that I know of has ever directly challenged her to go any deeper, with requests for detailed and complex specifics to prove her – well – unproven claims.

The final straw came after listening to the Stone/Hudes interview when I listened to her on another show. Some internet surfers may have an awareness of these elongated human skulls that the Smithsonian evidently has in their safekeeping. Karen Hudes claims that there is a second human-type race/species walking this Earth, and that they are the “real World power behind the scenes”, essentially pulling the strings of the Jesuits and the Vatican. She gave her proof as coming from a Peruvian man who emailed her that he had seen one of these elongated-head species – “Homo Copensis” (or something) – inside a Peruvian bank while attending a personal loan-related meeting.

No photos, no nothing.

A search at Amazon books failed to find any authored by Karen Hudes.

The questions about who or what is behind or sponsoring her are in need of answers.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of all is that so many fine men and women journalists/alternative media hosts will now have to admit what has been confessed here. Karen Hudes took a lot of people on a long ride to nowhere. While disappointing for many who placed their hopes on her, probably the most descriptive word is saddening. One feels deep sadness for both her followers/believers and Karen Hudes herself.

Let’s hope Wolfgang Struck is happy in Peru.


That was not pleasant.

Reason for optimism, though.

Bill Still’s latest report goes into some important writings by a world-respected economist about monetary reform. In an April 24, 2014 article by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times, Mr. Wolf – according to Bill Still, a man who “when Martin Wolf speaks, the world’s economists listen” –  suggested the potential of major reform in the way money is created. For monetary reform activists like Mr. Still, Ellen Brown, and others, this development is very large and analogous to an historic scientific breakthrough that promises to change the world.

One has to feel good for Bill Still. Here’s a man who has had his nose to the grindstone researching monetary issues for some 34 years. He’s been like a voice crying out in the wilderness, like the man who has been crying wolf – except that the wolf has been real. He can take some satisfaction that his efforts may finally be paying off, that his very important work making films and writing for over three decades is finally producing fruit.

Visit Bill Still’s website at


From “Desiderata”:

“Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.”


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    1. Stuart,
      You would obviously have a more precise opinion, but it seemed like she slowly got more and more irrational as time went by. Who knows, maybe she had designs to discredit a large segment of the alternative media. She was the “hot interview” for quite a while, appearing what seemed like everywhere. I thought about a World Bank – Karen Hudes agreement (Hudes playing a “role” while millions show up in her bank account), seeing the World Bank has been receiving quite a bit of unwanted, negative attention in recent years. It’s hard to figure the motives behind her charade; it doesn’t look like she’s been trying to make money. Someone said “there’s always more to the story” – in this odd case, it’s a puzzler to figure what the “more” is.


  2. Personally, I am at a loss as to what to think. I am fairly certain that this landscape I am presented with is wrong somehow. People die unnecessarily. Children are brutalized instead of cherished. Liberating technologies are systematically hidden or suppressed. The environment is being poisoned at an alarming rate. Lies are defended instead of attacked. Material wealth is prized above spiritual or intellectual accomplishment. Evil presents itself as an independent entity. Above all, secrecy is employed to impoverish the majority. I despair the future for humanity. I implore the creator to forgive.


    1. Paul,
      Nice to meet you. Your analysis is correct, every circumstance you mention is true, now what can be dome to right these wrongs? The first thing is gaining an awareness that these realities exist, which you’ve already accomplished. Second, in every case men and women are in the position of determining superior modes and plans to clearly present a convincing argument for change. If material wealth is prized above spiritual or intellectual accomplishment, and one thinks this is erroneous with negative consequences, one has to offer an alternative, more beneficial philosophy or system before any good change can occur. When people die unnecessarily, a strong, overwhelming and convincing intellectual or spiritual case has to be made to prevent any repeat of people dying for no reason. In other words, if no men and women come forward with a better plan/ideas, these circumstances will persist, without resolution. What you’ve listed are very large issues that require very large effort to improve. It’s all about solutions-based, new thinking which, when people compare to the present circumstances and understand the new option is preferable, leads to a new world. This presents a great challenge for certain, but a challenge that is truly worthy of acceptance. You’re already halfway there, because you’ve identified the problems. Point out the negative aspects/consequences of current conditions, then offer a better, more positive alternative. Thank you for your honest thoughts and best regards.
      Just wanted to add that you are definitely not alone in your perceptions. Millions of men and women are working on the issues you raised, and more and more are joining in those efforts every day.


  3. Why do so many shills try and discredit me? While I am now representing the US on the World Bank Board of Directors, and the IMF Board of Directors, and the World Bank/IMF Board of Governors, and still use the World Bank stationery, and have filed liens against the Fed, and got minutes of the Spring Meetings approved, and foiled all the attempts to steal the world’s monetary gold reserves?


    1. Collaborate or appear with Bill Still, Ellen Brown, Michael Hudson or other well known monetary reform advocates – with any reformers – and propose real solutions, write the book(s), etc. For years it’s been all talking the talk but no walking the walk, with zero results.


  4. If the monetary system in England is run by the government, and Bill Still is pushing this for the U.S., then how has that done anything to eliminate poverty? I just don’t see how any monetary system works. Maybe the public should print our own money and devise our own simple system.


    1. Silverpen,
      How are you. The problem is that the immense power held by private central bank owners (major stockholders) is concentrated in the hands of very few extremely wealthy families, unaccountable to any government, and operated in the interests of those same owners. Just as any privately-owned corporation has as its goal maximization of profit, the same is true of private central banks. The Federal Reserve should run like a public utility, on a non-profit basis for the benefit of the general population. Groups like Positive Money, Public Banking Institute, and others involved in monetary reform have many videos on YouTube making it easy for people to become informed, including (Positive Money) discussions in the British Parliament. The destruction of Libya and Gaddafi, for example, had to do with Gaddafi’s efforts in establishing a new monetary system for the continent of Africa, which would have made the nations there independent of monetary control by the private banking cartels. The rise of military threats and actions against the BRICS nations (Brazil. Russia, India, China, South Africa) is parallel to what happened in Libya, but much more dangerous, originating from private bankers’ fear of losing markets to new BRICS financial institutions, in attempting to keep monopolistic control. The short film “All Wars Are Bankers Wars” is found under “Documentary” category, and lays out the history very well. Monetary reform is an important subject for people to become informed on. Thank you.


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