Malaysian Lawyer On MH370: One False Flag Too Many.

Posted April 29, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

virginislands 444-1After reaching a place of admiration and respect for former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, it became an intent to find anything he has said recently, especially on Ukraine, Syria, and his overall views. While trying to hear his latest opinions, an interview of Matthias Chang on Malaysia Flight MH370 became available. Although the original intent was to hear from Dr. Mohamad, something pulled me to listen to this man Matthias Chang, who was unknown to me until now.

Perhaps it was a combination of delving into the missing flight for the first time and that the interview (not the one here, but another) was posted on Jeff Rense site, but at any rate I listened to the interview.

Perhaps sharing some of Mr. Chang’s biography would be in order before talking about his findings on MH370 (as a prelude, he will not be invited or appear on CNN for an interview – ever). It came as somewhat of a surprise to learn that Mr. Chang was at one time a secretary under Prime Minister Mohamad. He is 60 years-old and has been a practicing lawyer for some 30 years in Malaysia. He has been an anti-war activist for longer than that, was on the first ship in 2010 – the “Rachel Corrie” – that entered Palestinian waters since 1948, and was arrested and spent time in an Israeli prison.

He has written three books: “Fast Forward Future”, “Brainwashed For War”, and “The Shadow Moneylenders”. Going to’s books section there weren’t many reviews to look over, his first, “Fast Forward Future” (2006) received 10 reviews of which 6 rated 5-stars, 1 @ 4-stars, 1 @ 3-stars, and 2 @ 1-star. “Brainwashed” (2006) received 3 reviews total, all @ 5-stars. “The Shadow Moneylenders” received 1 review @ 5-stars.

Fast Forward Future reviews:

“American readers may take some getting used to the forthright treatment of issues like Zionism, but this is not mean-spirited. It intends to defend human values against a drive for fascist hegemony, and the author quotes many statements from prominent Zionists to support his views. The front cover description tries to sum it all up thus: ‘A riveting expose of the crimes, conspiracies, and con-artistry – with puppets Bush and Blair at the forefront – for total world domination by means of death, devastation, and destruction.”

“I found this book in Malaysia, a Muslim country where moderate Muslims are trying to reconcile their beliefs with the actions of Islamic fascists. The author is a suck-up and cipher to the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir. Chuck full of inflammatory libels and lies, this book, a latter-day Protocols of the Elders of Zion, only serves to show how the United States constitution’s first amendment protects hate speech. If you want to see how low an author can go, buy this book.”

“Matthias Chang’s work is one of the most important and insightful books I have read in years. And I read all the time. Herein, Chang makes a thorough, scholarly, and lawyerly argument that the main problem freedom-loving people now face is the Zionist Anglo-American empire. This is simply the best and most complete explanation of current events I have yet seen. Unfortunately, this excellent book is not currently available on Amazon. But it can be acquired from American Free Press. Truth seekers are strongly advised to pick up this terribly important book. God bless.”

Brainwashed For War reviews:

“This is a terribly important book. A minor criticism that I must express is that there are really quite a few typographical and grammatical errors. But these, frequent though they are, do not distract from the overwhelming importance of the book. Read it. And be both informed, and enriched. Take care and God bless.”

“I honor this author with my highest compliment: he reminds me of Lee Kuan Yew. This is a man whose mind and spirit are fully developed, whose wisdom we can all embrace. I observe with all sincerity that this author shares with us a gigantic intellect that will be of lasting value to all of us who respect the integrity of the individual Asian nations and peoples, and who want peace and prosperity instead of war and poverty.”

The Shadow Moneylenders review:

“It is interesting to note that Mr. Chang was aboard the Rachel Corrie when boarded by Israeli pirates on June 5, 2010. If it were up to me Mr. Chang’s books would be required reading in every college throughout the United States. His meticulously researched books are fascinating exposes of the Zionist Anglo-American empire and the military-industrial-media complex as the diabolical forces behind the establishment of a totalitarian new world order.”

Matthias Chang talks about his prison experience in Malaysia:

“I went on a hunger strike.”

“I was lucky in a sense that, prior to my mission to Gaza, to face the “might” of Israel, I was held for contempt by a woman judge who abused power. I was fined and went to jail. As a matter of principle, to tell the powers-that-be, that you can abuse me and get away with it, what will happen to those who are not lawyers, who don’t have the means – they will trample. I went to jail and went on a hunger strike. In those moments, I went to my family and told them ‘you’ve got to be strong, because if you are weak I can’t take it. Support my stance.’ If I die, it’s God’s will. In that environment, you’ve got to be mentally very strong, you’ve got to have the utmost faith in yourself first and foremost.  Forget about those who support you. You have to have faith in yourself that you can go through the isolation and mental torture.”

“If you don’t believe the truth will out, you’re finished. You’ll be broke into pieces. So, you must have faith that truth will out, so even if you die, your death is not in vain. That is a very powerful mental element. My experience of jail in Malaysia prepared me for jail in Israel. We were the first ship to enter Palestinian waters since 1948.”

“You have to have faith in the cause.”

Interviewer: “Well Matthias, you have done the impossible before, as you have in Gaza, you fought many impossible cases here in Malaysia against the bad guys, we hope you can do the impossible again and – if those passengers are still alive – be one of those who can help achieve bringing them home.”

“God willing. I think what’s important now is, all of us I think, we should really mobilize public opinion. One too many false flags… one too many. I think we say enough’s enough. We should “Spring-clean our minds” and say false flags are real. It’s here. It will come again, and again. Enough is enough. The families aboard MH370 must say no closure until you know for a fact that they are dead. The weight of public opinion is very powerful.”

Matthias Chang is a lawyer who has been in the “business” for over thirty years in Malaysia. He has an association with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the now 89 year-old former 20-year Prime Minister of Malaysia – a man who embodies the highest qualities of leadership such as morality, honesty, and ethics. Although I have yet to verify, my guess is Matthias Chang was involved in the “Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal” of 2007, which concluded that George W. Bush and Tony Blair were guilty of war crimes. It would not be surprising to learn that Mr. Chang was also involved with “9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth”, also in Kuala Lumpur in 2012.

Perhaps the most disturbing facts he speaks to in the following address revolve around three separate published articles in Israeli newspapers – written by Israeli security experts – that assert Iranian hijackers were responsible for Flight MH370’s disappearance. Mr. Chang points out that these articles came out shortly after the flight disappeared. On a personal note, while viewing Al Jazeera news a few weeks ago, an Iranian official was on air for an appearance when the interviewer from Al Jazeera brought up the Iran hijacker “theory”. Let me say that the Iranian guest expressed his resentment in such a forceful way – directly saying that Al Jazeera would be held legally responsible for the slanderous and lying assertion – that, although I had no awareness of what the clash was about till this interview, was memorable and I made a note to find that short interview to learn what the issue was.

So, everyone knows about that old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” Matthias Chang makes the case that Malaysia Flight MH370 has to do with a “false flag” event to place Iran in the crosshairs of a planned operation leading to first, the manipulation of world public opinion to accept a military attack on Iran, then the actual military attack. Sitting in his Malaysia office, Mr. Chang issued a direct challenge to the writers of those Israeli articles suggesting an Iranian hijack operation. He does what any lawyer would do when confronted with the same situation. He does what men and women will after learning about those articles.

(Keep in mind that no other news outlet or government – only three Israeli newspaper articles – theorized Iranian hijack.)

He, and now you, asks those writers/Israeli experts: “Where is your evidence?”


(Thank you to iribmalaysia at YouTube)


10 thoughts on “Malaysian Lawyer On MH370: One False Flag Too Many.

  1. After MH370 went missing, I looked at the media’s maps showing a circle encompassing the maximum area the plane could have traversed on its fuel supply. When the confirmation came in that it was headed into the Indian Ocean, I tried to determine where it could have gone using the assumption that the plane was under human control. I saw only four reasonable destinations: India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and the U.S. military base at Diego Garcia.

    Then I heard about IBM’s Phillip Wood and other computer professionals who were passengers aboard MH370, and that there was suspicion they might share sensitive or confidential information with the Chinese. The U.S. subsequently denied these allegations (see:

    I don’t know what happened to that flight, but the conventional wisdom insisting MH370 is laying on the bottom of the southern Indian Ocean seems like the most implausible possibility to me. If I had wanted to steer the public into a wild goose chase, what better place to point to than that extremely remote location?


    1. Robert,
      This Matthias Chang fellow seems to have done his homework. Men and women who follow this story (and not like CNN) may want to keep an eye out for any response from those who wrote the Israeli articles pointing to Iran hijackers. September 11 was pulled off with thousands dying and “buried”, why should people think a “false flag” airliner event with 300 dying and blamed on Iran, with calls to make the evil Iranians pay dearly, is not the plan. Chang seems to have such a knowledge of these false flags that he simply says “enough is enough”. Maybe I’m gullible and he’s a great storyteller, or maybe he’s telling the truth. He seems to be telling the truth. Absolutely amazing time.


      1. A false flag operation is certainly reasonable speculation. But, the objective truth about MH370 is not dependent upon believing anyone’s hypothesis – but by obtaining and assessing conclusive facts. As long as the whereabouts of the plane (or wreckage) remain unknown, there is insufficient evidence to form any substantive conclusion.

        I’ve repeatedly tried to think of different scenarios where the flight realistically could have been deliberately put on a course for the southern Indian Ocean, but I keep coming up empty. There just is nothing out there for thousands of miles. A false flag operation to target Iran or anyone else would have wanted a spectacular crash not an eerie disappearance.

        Nothing makes any sense. For all I know, MH370 could have been taken by extraterrestrials! But I digress…



        1. Another angle, considering the timing, is the plane as a diversion. The Ashton-Paet phone call, although you and I are so familiar with it we may have forgotten exactly how enormous it was, was indeed a huge deal – coming out on March 5. The plane was lost on March 8 or so, CNN covered it wall-to-wall ad nauseum, unable to squeeze 5 minutes of air time to the phone call. Chang’s pointing to Diego Garcia seems to be the most plausible theory thus far. The man’s a lawyer, he decided to take the case of MH370 on as a lawyer, and he seems to have nailed it.
          Just came upon Chang today, but at first glance he’s a brilliant lawyer.


  2. jtremaine

    Wow, Mr. Chang hit solid wood on this one. I always thought it was a take down just like JFK, Jr.’s plane, and Paul Wellstone’s plane because someone or group of people on that plane were wanted dead by the new world empire’s zionist puppet masters. Not only does the ‘guantanamo 2’ base at Diego Garcia fit the crime, but the entire nsa-cia-mossad profile, and the ploy to divert global media attention away from the sneaky operations being executed behind the curtains match the overall conspiracy pattern. Praise to the truthers and thanks for stretching my eye springs. I reblogged this great post on OCCUPY AMERICA. Viva Revolution.


    1. John,
      The former Prime Minister of Malaysia for 20 years, 88 year-old Mahathir Mohamad (who Mr. Chang worked with), pointed the finger at Boeing recently. The published Israeli articles “pointing” at Iran are the smoking gun. Thanks.


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