Maidan Massacre – 2014 Parallels To U.S.S. Liberty – 1967.

Posted April 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

ocean33After more than two months the persons responsible for the sniper murder of over 100 police officers and civilian protesters in Kiev, Ukraine on and around February 20, 2014 have yet to become conclusively identified. Germany’s version of American investigate journalism program “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – aired a report recently which concluded that the coalition of ultra-right government officials that took over power in Ukraine, and not ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and his government security force Berkut, were behind what has infamously become known as the “Maidan Massacre.”

In early March 2014, an intercepted phone call between European Union Foreign Affairs high official Catherine Ashton and Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet – the phone call since gone viral-cubed on the internet – where Urmas Paet speaks directly to Ms. Ashton about “it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the snipers were shooting both police and protesters, and that new coalition government was behind the shootings – not Yanukovych”, corresponds to the conclusion made by ARD Monitor’s investigative team.

ARD Monitor’s report, aired on national German television, besides pointing out that the victims of snipers were shot from behind by men in the Kiev hotel controlled solely by the Ukraine opposition, also pointed out the difficulty victim’s family members and their attorneys have experienced getting specific medical, autopsy, or physical evidence from those running the investigation in the new government. One of the victim attorneys said on camera that there was a coverup occurring, which would correspond to the Ashton-Paet phone call.

The head of Ukraine’s equivalent to America’s Department of Justice, the man who now heads up Ukraine’s law enforcement as the top law enforcement official, after many requests for an interview – which ARD Monitor implied was a delaying/stalling/stonewalling action – finally relented and sat down for a short interview. The top law enforcement official in Ukraine told ARD Monitor’s journalist and camera crew that his office had determined Viktor Yanukovych and his government security force were responsible for the sniper massacre, and responded to the journalist’s suggestion that victim’s were killed by sniper fire coming from behind in the opposition-controlled hotel by replying, “we’re looking into it.”

“We’re looking into it.”

“We’re looking into it” corresponds to the deadpan, lack-of-surprise, response that came from Catherine Ashton after Urmas Paet shared his absolutely provocative assertion with her: “Gosh.”   Let us imagine for a moment the response which would come from, say, President Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of State after the Governor of South Carolina told him on an intercepted phone call that “Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t the assassin – President Johnson was the man responsible for the murder of President Kennedy.” Now, any person who has risen to positions of power such as Catherine Ashton or a United States Secretary of State would, upon hearing such obvious mind-blowing information, respond with a much, much more emotional series of words than “Gosh.”

No America news group has reported either the Ashton-Paet phone call or the German ARD Monitor report. No American news group has reported on an intercepted phone call of high Turkish government officials planning a “false flag” incident against the nation of Syria. No American news group has reported on Building 7 of the World Trade Center Complex, which collapsed on September 11, 2001 into its own footprint – in a manner controlled-demolition experts have described as a “controlled-demolition.” No American news group has reported on the June 8, 1967 intentional Israeli attack on U.S. Navy Intelligence ship U.S.S. Liberty killing 34 navy officers and wounding 172, and one of the largest – surpassed in size perhaps only by September 11, the assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin incident which precipitated the Vietnam War – coverups in American history.

The German TV ARD Monitor report is just over a week old. The phone call of Turkish government officials planning a false flag event to pin on Syria is a few weeks old – which incidentally led to the Turkish government’s shutting down of YouTube in that nation. It has been over two months since over 100 people were shot down dead in Ukraine. September 11 occurred over thirteen years ago. Robert Kennedy was shot to death in 1968, over 40 years ago, while Martin Luther King was murdered by his own government earlier in the same year.

John Kennedy was assassinated over 50 years ago.

On June 8, 2014 it will have been exactly 47 years since Israeli jets and torpedo boats, in an intentional military massacre meant to kill everyone on board the U.S.S. Liberty – and carried out with the knowledge and criminal collusion of Lyndon Johnson – an event that has been successfully covered up ever since. Despite the testimony of men who survived that attempted mass murder, along with the testimony of some of the highest-ranking military men in American history calling for an investigation by Congress so that every American will know the truth, the coverup of the U.S.S. Liberty continues to this day.

Without the ingenious men on the U.S.S. Liberty to overcome Israeli-planned complete destruction of the Liberty’s ability to communicate/call for help, nobody on that ship would have survived. The attack would become blamed on Egypt, Israel’s military opponent in the Six Day War, Lyndon Johnson would have given the command to drop a nuclear weapon on Cairo, Egypt, and the third nuclear catastrophe in the history of the world would have occurred.

How does what happened on the U.S.S. Liberty directly relate to events in Ukraine here 47 years later, in 2014? The ingenuity and knowledge of one or more communications experts on the Liberty allowed the Liberty crew to transmit a successful SOS/call for help to American naval aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, effectively stopping the planned and colluded massacre of the entire crew arranged by Lyndon Johnson and high Israeli officials. The sending and successful receipt of that SOS/call for help in 1967 corresponds to identifying the persons responsible for the “Maidan Massacre” – those who planned the massacre may, or may not, have a larger, more catastrophic agenda to fulfill.

Now, is this proposed false flag parallel between the Liberty and Ukraine plausible? – does it fit? Ask yourself that question intermittently while listening to the testimony of U.S.S. Liberty survivors and America’s highest ranking government and military officials. Ask yourself if the secrecy and coverup surrounding the Liberty – a major, major coverup that has lasted 47 years – parallels a violent, murderous coup d’état in Ukraine that profoundly drives home what philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952) famously said:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


For more information on the U.S.S. Liberty please visit

(Thank you to David Strader at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Maidan Massacre – 2014 Parallels To U.S.S. Liberty – 1967.

  1. Great analysis of two important false flag events and cover-ups. Educating the public about government-sponsored false flag events is one area in which right wing libertarian activists are gaining more traction than the so-called left. Hopefully a critical mass of Americans will become knowledgeable about the criminal acts their government commits in their name before the corporate elite coops the Internet for their own purposes.


    1. Stuart,
      “The Loss of Liberty” was posted months ago, and one of the survivors commented, “Johnson wanted us all dead. Words can’t describe the feelings I have for that man.” The YT channel “David Strader” posts radio programs hosted by Phil Tourney, another survivor of the Liberty attack. Listened to a couple of those and will probably listen to much more, as he and his guests hold honor and truth in the highest regard, providing great insights. With regard to Maidan, this coverup may be unraveling as the German ARD Monitor report has been viewed here at a remarkable rate, noticed more search terms related to it. I sent the YT link to a number of State Police agencies via email, as well as some other organizations. As you are aware, the massacre on Maidan in all likelihood is being covered up, the uncovering of which would completely alter the situation in Ukraine. The link to ARD Monitor’s report is here, if you would feel free to email it far and wide. Any man or woman reading these comments can then take the link and email far and wide as well.



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