Ukraine: The Fierce Urgency Of Now.

Posted April 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I believe unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say in reality.”

– Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

peace pipe 222The phrase “The fierce urgency of now” was a result of original thought by Martin Luther King (MLK), right before he was assassinated on the 2nd floor of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968. Reverend King had the idea while trying to decide on his next actions during the Civil Rights struggle at that time. From afar, one could imagine the situation he was in, most assuredly he had received death threats warning him to step down and out of the picture or risk great personal harm.

Dr. King had suffered backlash from the American public for his outspoken condemnation of the Vietnam War, fuelled in no small measure by seeing photographs of death in Vietnam brought back a young reporter, who would later become an attorney representing the King family after MLK’s death – William Pepper. William Pepper recounts decades later that, after he handed the photos to Dr. King, MLK was moved to painful tears and great, great sorrow. Those photos were probably the factor most responsible for MLK’s decision to speak out strongly against the war, and militarism with its’ enormous expenditure.

William Pepper was asked by the King family many years after MLK’s death to talk to the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, he did so because of his close relationship with Dr. King in the months before his murder, talked to Ray for four hours and walked out of the prison knowing Ray was not the assassin. In a 1999 civil, real trial, Mr. Pepper convinced a jury that Ray was innocent, the man who owned a grill across from the Lorraine Motel was 30% responsible, and the U.S. government along with Memphis Police Department were 70% responsible for Dr. King’s murder.

No United States media group of any significant size had any reporters in the courtroom or reported on the historic verdict of the jury. No history books read by America’s schoolchildren have made the corrections necessary to teach the truth. So, the murder of MLK by his own government, the murder of a man who may have taken the most powerful spiritual action in American history, is portrayed to the next generation in a false manner, leaving out the essential aspect of his 39 years walking this Earth.

That essential aspect was MLK’s decision to take actions which he knew were life-threatening but would result in more lives becoming threatened absent his decision to try and end the war in Vietnam, lead a march of an estimated 500,000 poor people to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon, and call for a significant decrease in government spending on war. Powerful people saw the threat to a status-quo as reason enough to silence “a dream” articulated by a man who studied religion and philosophy and believed spiritual concepts could be actualized on this planet.

How does the life of Martin Luther King relate to events occurring now in April 2014? Perhaps most in Ukraine, where men and women are fearful of escalating violence leading to a civil war, or worse. One has to wonder what Martin Luther King would be saying if he had lived until today – at the age of 85. One wonders if he would have retained his original thought about “the fierce urgency of now”, and spoken out –  in contrast to Vietnam – before any major violence broke out. One could imagine him appearing with Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter calling for another look at who was responsible for the over 100 sniper murders of police and civilians on and around the 20th of February, 2014.

He and Mr. Carter and Mr. Tutu would tell the entire world that something is terribly wrong with the allegation coming from the new regime in Ukraine that Yanukovych is responsible, and that a coverup is occurring in Kiev regarding the real murderers. They would mention facts that have surfaced since February 20 such as the intercepted phone conversation between the European Union’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, where Mr. Paet told Ms. Ashton that it is becoming clearer and clearer that the new regime was behind snipers shooting police and protesters – snipers aiming for the head, neck, and heart – snipers shooting to kill.

They would call for a multi-national team of law enforcement experts to travel to Kiev in order to assure that there was no possibility of a coverup by the new regime.

They would tell the world about the investigative journalism report from Germany’s equal to America’s “60 Minutes” – ARD Monitor – which concluded that the new regime, not ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, was behind the massacre. They would call for American media companies to cover these newly emerged facts, because their existence if proven credible changes the entire equation in Ukraine, namely a major constraint on escalation of violence based on false pretenses. This they would call for because it is increasingly obvious that it is the right thing to do.

People around the world have to consider the almost total absence of attention being given to that massacre in Kiev two months ago. People have to wonder how it is that in those two months no American news organization has mentioned the call between Ms. Ashton and Mr. Paet, or squeezed in any investigative reports on the “Maidan Massacre” among the hundreds of hours religiously devoted to on-air broadcasts related to Flight 370 and Oscar Pistorius.

People around the world have to consider why no “news” media in America has called out Secretary of State John Kerry’s erroneous display of outrage over a supposed anti-Semitic leaflet going around Eastern Ukraine – a leaflet that has since been discredited as faked.

This writing has nothing whatsoever to do with taking “sides”, because there is only one side in ultimate reality for people to accept or deny, and that side is the human race – the one family of man. Arriving at the truth about the February 20, 2014 tragic events in Kiev will most assuredly expose for the whole world which people have come to deny that ultimate reality of one side on Earth, while identifying those who have come to accept it and love all people in the human family.

To arrive at that truth of Kiev requires enough men and women in this world to understand fully the spirit woven into Martin Luther King’s words: “The fierce urgency of now.”

“The holy ones whom God has given each of you to save are everyone you meet or look upon, not knowing who they are; and all those you saw an instant and forgot, and those you knew a long while since, and those you will yet meet, the unremembered and the unborn.”


(Thank you to Henning Witte at YouTube)