Accurst Be He That First Invented War.

Posted April 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Mankind are then divided into those who are still what they were, and those who have changed: into the men of the present age, and the men of the past. To the former, the spirit of the age is a subject of exultation; to the latter, of terror.”

– John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

earthblog2April 15: the deadline for filing tax returns. So proper, when one remembers the cliché “death and taxes”, that April 15 would be the “dead” line. Some people claim that the 16th Amendment, which allegedly gave the federal government the authority to tax wages, was never legally ratified by the required number of the states. Oh, well. Another subject to research. Has anyone heard if there’s been any really strong laws passed to shut down the more than 70 tax haven locations around the world?

No? Boy, that’s really surprising (not really), seeing it’s tax day and trillions of dollars in taxable revenue are in offshore havens – placed there by the big – too-big-to-jail – banks and the largest transnational corporations. Hmm… maybe the guy or gal who was given the task to let Congress and the Senate know about tax havens directed the email to the wrong address, or forgot the phone numbers of the people in government in charge of tax collection, and stuff.

Perhaps the guy or gal did inform the proper government tax bodies, but the actions to shut down tax evasion has been kept on the quiet for “national security” reasons, because if the Department of Justice (DOJ) were to prosecute any CEOs or CFOs or whichever one of the Big Four accounting firms that facilitated their tax scheme(s), those companies would suffer a loss of their reputation and this may hurt the economy. Yes, one can see the logic is the same as for the frauds committed by mega-banks on Wall Street – prosecuting people for tax evasion in offshore havens would “damage the economy” – so, that makes sense.

But, Matt Taibbi was talking on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman this morning and said that a guy who gets caught with a bag of weed gets thrown behind bars. Matt said even one marijuana cigarette will land a person in jail. Then, he tried to compare consequences of the crimes of those on Wall Street to small-time crimes. Apparently, according to Matt, when white-collar criminals at the mega-banks on Wall Street get caught, the financial cops on the beat hit the banks (shareholders) with monetary fines, and that the CEOs or CFOs who were behind the frauds get no punishment whatsoever.

Evidently, reputations of the man or woman who lands in jail for having a bag of weed is not viewed the same, with regard to importance, as the Wall Street bankers. If he or she ends up in jail for a few weeks or months and loses his or her job, it won’t do any major damage to the economy – just the economy of his family who he can no longer feed, house, and clothe. Heck, most of the small-time criminals in jail are probably there because they lost their jobs after the Wall Street white-collar criminals crashed the world economy in 2007-8.

Yes, it all comes together for the good. The white-collar criminals, if DOJ were to prosecute and jail them, wouldn’t be able to get these criminals off the street by crashing the economy and millions of jobs. Allowing Wall Street criminals to continue with impunity is a law enforcement sting operation! The Wall Street guys probably have a gold-plated “McGruff, the Crime-fighting Dog” prominently displayed in their offices, kind of like when Elvis Presley was an honorary member of the FBI. Wall Street bankers are really crime-fighters and, just like that one CEO who testified in Congress said, “doing the work of God”.

Wall Street criminals are actually undercover cops – turning in the tax evaders/cheats, Ponzi-scheme operators, derivatives fraudsters, front-running high-frequency stock traders, and the like – just like the cops who let their hair grow long and infiltrate drug rings. Come to think of it, the accountants at the big four accounting firms, the lawyers at the largest legal firms in the world, are probably undercover agents too.

The undercover accountants and lawyers are turning in crooks who they “sting” by engineering tax evasion schemes for them, and their customers have no clue that they are being setup for a fall, just like John DeLorean when he got caught on tape accepting bribes, or whatever. So, this explains why Eric Holder hasn’t prosecuted these guys. They’re working undercover. This explains why there have been zero prosecutions of those who participated in massive frauds leading up to the financial crash. Every last one of them is an undercover financial cop.

When HSBC got caught laundering $850 million for two drug cartels, the men who facilitated the laundering couldn’t be prosecuted because if they were they wouldn’t be able to sting the next drug kingpins that walk into their offices. When the 16 largest mega-banks on Earth colluded to fix Libor interest rates, or when they engineer tax haven schemes for their “high net worth” customers, they weren’t doing it to make out-of-this-world profits, they were doing it to keep regular people who were in 401k and pension plans from having extra money to buy weed. This is amazing. When people are all angry and all in the streets protesting about the “greedy banksters”, they don’t realize the banksters are actually doing the community a valuable service – God’s work – by disallowing millions of men and women retirees to become weed-smoking, Doritos-eating, tree-hugging, “peace, man”, Led Zeppelin-listening, zombies.

Enough of this poor Steven Colbert impersonation.

Although attempts at clever ways (lame) of using humor have their place at times, the underlying facts are anything but laughable. The following video, and you may agree or disagree with the facts asserted, tells the viewer that $32 trillion is now hidden in offshore tax havens by Wall Street banks and large transnational corporations. The report asserts that 68 cents from every American’s tax dollar goes toward military expenditure.

It states that 1/2 of all Americans are living near or below the poverty line, and that 17 million children in America will go to bed tonight hungry. There’s a man saying that America is not a democracy, but a “corpotocracy”, unaccountable to citizens but answering to corporate, moneyed interests. The film conveys that Martin Luther King was killed by entities in the American government because he was on the verge of leading millions of poor people on a march to Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon in protest of inequality and militarism. Lawyer William Pepper, in 1999, convinced jurors that elements of the U.S. government, the Memphis Police Department – not James Earl Ray – were responsible for the murder of Martin Luther King – a trial and verdict completely ignored and unreported by the American media.

Another man points out that Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, John and Robert Kennedy, and others were assassinated because they advocated peace on Earth. He says that an awareness of these facts should come as a shocking reminder to the men and women of the peace movement.

The consequences of entering the military, where most enlist not to become involved in warfare but for perceived economic benefits, are various but most intensely felt when men and women do end up on the battlefield. One man states that studies show human beings have an inherent, built-in quality which instinctively results in an extreme aversion to killing another human being. Essentially, killing another human being is an action which directly contradicts one’s conscience, resulting in extremely difficult to manage psychological problems – most commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

PTSD isn’t just some academic term used by psychologists and psychiatrists, but is truly indicative of a shattered conscience, spiritually disastrous, and soul-destroying condition from either witnessing horrific deaths or causing same. Veterans experiencing extreme damage to their bodies, minds, and souls from war are then prescribed potent, dangerous, probably suicidal-thoughts producing psychotropic drugs. The statistic featured in this short film of 22 veterans or active-duty troops committing suicide every day is of the most damning indictments on war imaginable.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)