Viktor Yanukovych: Ukraine On Brink Of Civil War.

Posted April 14, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

The chief source of the serious evils which affect man is man himself: homo homini lupus.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) German philosopher

As of April 14, 2014 no Western major media groups have interviewed ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych. Perhaps it’s an unusual question, but, “why?” CNN has devoted hundreds of hours on-air to “reporting” on Malaysia Flight 370 over the past month or so, then serious people are asking what all the excessive, way-over-the-top effort relates to as far as programming decisions. One would think that an exclusive interview of Viktor Yanukovych would bring CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and other mainstream media corporations near record viewership, but for some reason the opportunity to make a huge profits/ratings score has been turned down.

Such an interview would be the equivalent of getting Ferdinand Marcos after he was thrown out by the people of the Philippines, or Al Gore days after the 2000 Supreme Court decision that handed George W. Bush the presidency, or Richard Nixon days after he waved the peace sign while standing on the running helicopter. An interview now with Yanukovych would be the same as getting the Shah of Iran to sit down after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Some important and timely questions could be directed at Mr. Yanukovych:

Were you, Mr. Yanukovych, the person who gave the orders in February to the snipers in Maidan Square, Kiev to shoot down and kill near 100 police officers and civilian protesters?

If you didn’t issue the order, who do you believe was behind the sniper murders?

How would you describe the events starting in November 2013 that led to your fleeing to Russia?

The reports that you stole hundreds of millions, perhaps tens of billions, of dollars from the Ukraine Treasury and people. Is that true, and if you deny this, can you prove you didn’t steal any public money?

How do you respond to the records found near your home after you left the country which list many offshore tax havens? What are your views on tax havens?

Would you like to correct any news reports you feel have falsely accused you of misconduct or illegality?

Do you believe you are still the democratically elected President of Ukraine, and that you should rightfully be given back your position?

What in your view should be done now for the best outcome in Ukraine?

Do you have any regrets? Do you feel you owe any apologies to the Ukrainian people?

Is there anything we’ve not covered, do you have any final message to share with viewers?

As of April 14, 2014 CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. have not asked Viktor Yanukovych these – or any – questions on-air. In the interest of balance and truth, and especially a concern for the innocent men, women, and children of Ukraine who would feel the tragic effects of a civil war in that land, here is what Viktor Yanukovych said in recent days after people died in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

“Blood was shed today. From now on the situation in our country is fundamentally different. Ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. I’d like to remind everyone that when we were in Kiev we would not use such methods, even against radicals and extremists. Ukraine’s socioeconomic situation is quickly deteriorating. The country is spiraling toward inevitable bankruptcy – let us recall how it all started.”

“It started on the Maidan, where a group of nationalists imposed its will on the majority of Ukrainians, using violence and later weapons. The people of Ukraine will never put up with such authoritarianism, especially coming from nationalists. People living in various regions are looking for ways to protect themselves and the future of their children. hey want to live in a free country, speak their native tongue, have a voice, and elect local officials. These are the demands of the regions.”

“How can you replace dialogue with the methods they have offered? The language of machine guns and armor? Don’t they understand that what the country doesn’t need today is a hurried election but a wide dialogue that would lead to consensus? More power should be delegated to the regions, people should have the right to elect their regional leaders – both in Western and Eastern Ukraine. The regions don’t want to put up with the dictates of the central government.”

“That’s why the only acceptable solution today is to call a referendum that would calm the situation in the country down, stop the civil war, and preserve Ukraine from a breakup. After that, a new constitution should be adopted, and only then should there be parliamentary and presidential elections. This is a legitimate and fair demand by the Ukrainian people who seek protection from authoritarianism, lawlessness, and humiliation.”

“One more thing. By dismissing the legitimate demands of the Ukrainian people a separatism, and describing an insignificant group of people as revolutionaries, they intentionally divide our society – furthering the country’s disintegration. I would like to say a few words about the steps being taken by the so-called Ukrainian authorities, who will sooner or later be held accountable for the decisions they are making today. I can tell you straight away you will be prosecuted…”

“As Commander-in-Chief, I tell the troops – police, security service officers – don’t follow their criminal orders. Don’t shoot at Ukrainians. People will never forgive you if you do.”

“Also, I would like to mention that the United States was directly involved in the recent events. Through diplomatic channels and intelligence services it is not just playing an inactive role. It tells people what they should do and how they should do it. According to reports I have received from Ukrainian security services and other government institutions, CIA Director Brennan has visited Kiev. He had meetings with the illegitimately appointed chiefs of Ukraine’s security agencies. It was after those meetings that the decision to use force in Eastern Ukraine was then made. Basically, Mr. Brennan sanctioned the use of force and instigated bloodshed. Thus, the United States also played a role in unleashing this civil war…”

“I appeal to the people of Ukraine. Don’t let the pseudo-advocates of Euro-integration destroy our country. Preserve the unity of Ukraine, defend your future. The people of Ukraine alone have the right to decide the future of their country. Thank you.”

At this point in the press address, Yanukovych’ equivalent to America’s Attorney General and Interior Secretary spoke. Among their comments were, “Legal and social institutions are intentionally being destroyed in Ukraine today”, “What about morality? What about ethics?”, and “They are unable to deal with the situation in a peaceful way.”

God help the men, women, and children of Ukraine.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)