One Hardcore Blog Journey.

Posted April 13, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-22The idea to share a type of report on other writers’ articles came to mind, so here are brief summaries of recent writings from men and women I follow. For whatever reason the levels of seriousness and sobriety seems to have risen. Perhaps the various messages will synthesize in some meaningful way, and lead to a renewed determination to disseminate the truth to our brothers and sisters around the Earth.

NATO Secretary General (SG) Fogh Rasmussen works to keep Europe and Russia divided according to Washington’s agenda. Rasmussen tells Russia to “stop escalating this crisis and start engaging in a genuine dialogue”. The writer points out that Russia has been calling for dialogue since Kiev, Ukraine experienced street violence starting in November 2013. (Why are the discussions between John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov secret? Shouldn’t the people of America, Russia, and Ukraine (and the world) be hearing exactly what these men are saying to each other? Events in Ukraine have consequences for people everywhere.)

Earlier this month Rasmussen decided to suspend all civilian and military coöperation with Russia. Russia’s foreign ministry says that they haven’t heard from the NATO SG Rasmussen any constructive agenda or care about sooner normalization of the situation in Ukraine, while pointing out that NATO has turned a blind eye to extremist forces in Ukraine.

NATO published satellite photos of 35,000 to 40,000 Russian troops stationed on the Ukraine border, however Russia stated the photos are of a Russian military exercise from 8 months ago – August 2013. (Are the photos from April 2014 or August 2013?) Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia (pop. 150,000) has asked Russia to establish a consulate to build closer trade and education relations. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said that Washington remains concerned about the political situation in Moldova and “we are providing an additional $10 million in assistance to Moldova… So, obviously we are working very closely with the Moldovan government on a range of issues and are concerned, of course, about Russian escalatory moves in the region”.

Children in Afghanistan make up 88% of the 70 casualties since 2012 from un-exploded, unmarked, randomly-scattered munitions covering around 800 square miles. The U.S. has combed 3% of the area so far. Two Afghan teenagers last month were looking for scrap metal near a firing range used by U.S. and Polish forces, stepped on a 400mm grenade and were killed.

Republican governors refuse to allow constituents to use expanded access to Medicaid which is part of the Affordable care Act. The federal government pays 90% or more of the cost, so governors are substituting bad fiscal policy for good, while 5 million Americans have been denied access to healthcare in those Republican governor states.

John Boehner’s position as House Speaker is under threat because of republican infighting between Tea Party and moderate members of the party.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to underwrite college classes in 10 of the state’s prisons, noting that the cost of $5,000 per inmate per year is a bargain compared to the $60,000 per year to incarcerate one prisoner. Critics hold it’s unfair to give free education to criminals while law-abiding citizens have to pay. The writer proposes free college for everybody – including prisoners.

The recent McCutcheon decision of the Supreme Court reflects just a continuance of America’s “zombie democracy”; in America democracy has never been realized or truly alive. Citizens United, gutting of the Voting Rights Act, a surplus of state laws to suppress voting, felony disenfranchisement, and McCutcheon all signal the arrival of a true “zombie democracy”, so let’s put the zombie out of its misery.

United States and Romania air forces partner for two-week exercises, conducting range operations and joint sorties to enhance interoperability. The exercise shows the high level of military coöperation between NATO partners and reflects the strength of that partnership.

United Nations independent expert calls for all governments to cut back on military expenditures, justify spending to their citizens, and block attempts to hijack national priorities at the expense of citizens’ needs. Tax revenue needs redirection to civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, research into sustainable energy and environment, education, health-care, and research. This redirection of public funds would come from significant reductions in nations’ military spending.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna tells Arjuna: “there is a supreme consciousness through which it is possible to be one with all, yet above all, to exceed world and yet embrace the whole nature at once of the cosmic and supracosmic Godhead. This is difficult indeed for limited man imprisoned in his mind and body; but, says the Godhead, ‘be a doer of my works, accept me as the supreme being and object, become my Bhakta, be free from attachment and without enmity to all existences; for such a man comes to me’. In other words superiority to the lower nature, unity with all creatures, oneness with the cosmic Godhead and the transcendence, one of will with the divine in works, absolute love for the one and for God in all – this is the way to that absolute spiritual self-exceeding and that unimaginable transformation”.

A number of photos from Manzar, California in remembrance of World War II and over 110,000 mostly Japanese-Americans ordered to internment camps in California and other western states. Francis Biddle, U.S. Attorney General in 1944 said: “we should never have moved the Japanese from their homes and their world. It was un-American, unconstitutional, and un-Christian”.

The multi-billionaire Koch brothers spent $400 million during the 2012 elections. Their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society in 1958, which advocated ending Social Security, the minimum wage, Medicare, and public schools. (The current adherents to John Birch Society ideals may represent a kind of new civil war in America. A class war and a racist war, fought not with guns but through the Supreme Court that’s made unlimited money (speech) a huge part of the political process in America; a plutocracy or oligarchy.)

People in Eastern Ukraine are calling for a referendum to vote on whether to leave Ukraine for Russia. The political clash is almost a mirror of protests in western (Kiev)Ukraine that led to the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych. Some are calling the country “broken Ukraine” and the new government in Kiev is threatening a crackdown on pro-Russian protesters. In the eastern city of Kharkov, 70 activists were arrested and sentenced to two months in prison and fines of $14,000 each.

The very small group of Senkaku Islands, administered by Japan for decades but recently claimed by China as sovereign, could be taken by a U.S. Navy-Marine Corps team, according to Lt. Gen. John Wissler, Commander of forces in Japan.

“A fearless, outspoken, unbiased newspaper is not only a desideratum (something that’s needed and wanted) to a backward and undeveloped nation, but an indispensable tool for progress”, Gambian journalist Melville Benoni Jones wrote in 1960. A Gambian historian described Jones as “combining crusading journalism with militant politics and trade unionism to challenge British colonial rule”.

Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona Guy McPherson asserts that runaway global warming is already on a path to cause the extinction of the human race – as detailed in his book “Going Dark”. Carbon dioxide levels are likely higher now than in the last 20 million years, and carbon dioxide is but one of many greenhouse gases. Since 2000, 13 of the 14 hottest years on record have occurred.

“Self-reinforcing feedback loops” have begun because of tremendous concentrations of methane in the northern hemisphere. Methane is bubbling out of the Arctic Ocean equivalent to 1,000 to 10,000 gigatons of carbon release, compared to 300 gigatons of carbon released by fossil fuel burning from 1850-2014. The 1,000 to 10,000 gigatons from the Arctic is one of but many sources of methane around the planet. A 50 gigaton methane “burp” is possible at any time.

Half the plankton in the oceans has been lost in the recent decades, these profound methane releases threaten all plankton in the years ahead – along with the extinction of the human race. Two hundred species are being driven to extinction every day. Some are proposing geoengineering, but Professor McPherson believes it would make no difference or make matters worse. He sees nothing to offer that would instill any hope of a turnaround and states, “the situation is truly desperate”.


Mark Gorton is a prominent financier and businessman who founded the music sharing site LimeWire, and runs Tower Research – a high-frequency trading firm. The Huffington Post dubbed him “the new face of Wall Street”.

Mark Gorton also believes that the ruthless, secret cabal that assassinated John and Robert Kennedy – and planned 9/11 – could be coming to kill his family.

Gorton has written essays laying out his theories on the secret, high-level murderous cabal that is responsible for the JFK/RFK assassinations, the presidential careers of the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 plot, and the murder of countless witnesses, politicians, and journalists who sought to expose them, including Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone.

According to Mark Gorton, everything has been an inside job.

Read “The Political Dominance of the Cabal” by Mark Gorton. A lengthy, detailed expose that will shock and astound. Please share the link to Scribd with who you feel necessary.



An astonishing journey which touched on extremely hardcore information. The post about Professor McPherson was the most important, and came from an interview with Thom Hartmann on Hartmann’s “Conversations With Great Minds” over at Dandelion Salad. Very difficult scientific discussion. Mark Gorton’s information has to be one of the most – the most – explosive expose on criminality in the last century.

Please share/add any information you feel is relevant, important, elaborative or corrective of errors. Thank you.

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    1. Robert,
      His information coincides with a CIA man by the name of John Stockwell, who was CIA station chief in Angola then became the highest ranking agent to become a whistleblower. He gave a lecture years ago (I was totally naïve to what he was talking about) and had compiled a list of books to read. In the Q+A I asked him (in my naïve way) “what does the CIA tell the president?” He said “whatever they want.” I sometimes regret reading most of those books, and have at times blocked them from memory because they were so horrific. This writer unblocked those memories in a sense so, although I may have “stepped in it”, it seemed morally correct to disseminate. Those books were on the same level of disturbing facts as this one, only this one updates by 30 years. His idea of amnesty and a “Truth Convention” makes sense to the extent that minor players would come forward, then the truth would finally come to the public. Heavy duty for sure.


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