Economics to Save Our Civilization

Listen to this fascinating talk about realistic reform and understand great change in banking and economics on Earth is not only possible, but necessary.

The Most Revolutionary Act

(This is the eighth in a series of posts about ending the role of private banks in issuing money)

“Somewhere in our history we took a wrong turn and today we are reaping the consequences. If we don’t step back to evaluate the root causes of the rolling economic crises, our civilization is in danger of collapse.” – Clive Menzies

A few years back, Clive Menzies, president of British Fund Building and member of the Free Critical Thinking Institute entered into an ongoing dialogue with the London Occupy movement. The result is a radical monetary reform proposal to fix the global economic mess. In the video below, he is presenting it to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (translation: a high-powered group of investment bankers and stock brokers).

In his presentation, Menzies attributes the current crisis, as well as capitalism’s recurrent boom and bust cycles, to the alienation of…

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7 thoughts on “Economics to Save Our Civilization

    1. Yes, the world’s people are ready for some major reforms. If you’ve ever seen the documentaries “The Secret of Oz” and/or “All Wars Are Banker Wars”, that income inequality needs to be reversed. Thom Hartmann a while back proposed a one billion dollar maximum wealth.


  1. Fascinating and timely post. I was discussing this topic today with a friend who is off to work for a charity in Zambia where the real effects of true poverty are that people are dying of hunger! It is unbelievable that in 21st century we can allow this to happen.


    1. Unbelievable and heart-wrenching. The source is people’s belief that it’s ok to possess more of the Earth’s land and natural resource wealth than our starving brothers and sisters. Dr. Bramhall’s post mentioned a man named Fred Harrison who believes that land value taxes are a solution to the current dire social and economic conditions that may lead to World War III. His historical view is that nations, when conditions are as negative as today, will invariably take actions to grab land and resources from other nations thinking that will bring improvement to their societies. His view explains wars and social unrest in recent years in Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Greece, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, etc. Thanks for your comment. Hope you are doing well.


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