Turkey Shuts Twitter, YouTube Over Syria War False Flag.

Posted March 29, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The press of this country is now and always has been so thoroughly dominated by the wealthy few of the country that it cannot be depended upon to give the great mass of the people that correct information concerning political, economical, and social subjects which it is necessary that the mass of people should have, in order that they shall vote and in all ways act in the best way to protect themselves from the brutal force and the chicanery of the ruling and employing class.”

– E. W. Scripps (1854-1926) 

blogger5The Turkish government has reportedly blocked its citizens use of social media giants Twitter and YouTube after audio of an intercepted phone call shocked that nation. In the phone call government officials in the military and intelligence services were recorded speaking on plans to stage a false flag event to provoke a war with Syria.

The shutdowns of Twitter and YouTube have raised a number of serious questions in Turkey, as well as around the world.  For the people of Turkey, confidence in the trustworthiness of high government officials has become weakened significantly, and many feel that people must answer for what was revealed – officials may have to face legal challenges and/or removal from office.

For allies of Turkey, their officials in government will be facing having to comment about the scandal of planning a false flag event and war on Syria by officials in Turkey. For the mainstream media, yet another challenging world event has occurred that media corporations will find difficult to ignore. Historically, mainstream media companies use selective forms of censorship on stories and events until they become so widely known that it becomes impossible to avoid any longer and not report.

For the alternative media all that they can do is to report events in Turkey ignored by the media until a certain tipping point has been reached in citizens’ awareness that breaks the censorship. This story, involving top officials in the Turkish government planning to wage war on Syria through created and deceptive methods, certainly meets the bar of high importance for not only governments but media companies as well.

The people of the world have to become aware of false flag/war on Syria planning by Turkish government officials

It is a very rare historical event – perhaps the first of its kind – where evidence of a false flag operation became known before the real false flag was carried out. The leak of audio recording of discussions is literally a historic event and, combined with the Turkish government shutdown of Twitter and YouTube, would have people believe the story will soon become a front page, lead story everywhere.

Media reports describe the intercepted audio of this phone call misleadingly as normal, everyday, discussion on military matters without focus on the false flag dimension, which is the most important aspect of the call. That the men talking were Turkish government officials planning to fake war-causing event(s) – and that news organizations have failed miserably to report that significant fact – calls into question the legitimacy of those news entities.

Until then alternative news sites continue to write about Turkey’s false flag scandal in the hopes of preventing escalation of violence in an already war-torn Syria and region. Please add any further information you may have about this story, including details that are important for people around the world to know, in the comments section below.


(Thank you to Breakingtheset at YouTube)