Weapons Of Mass Ukraine Truth.

Posted March 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The facts fairly and honestly presented; truth will take care of itself.”

– William Allen White (1868-1944) Editor

blogger7-1This is Part 2 of an interview of former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) on “Outside The Box” with Jason Liosatos. In part one of this interview about events in Ukraine Mr. Roberts said, “American officials have no shame about standing up in public and telling lies.”  PCR has gained a reputation for being very frank and holding no punches when either speaking in public or writing articles.

PCR gets straight to his views by stating that the United States has two major reasons for its involvement in Ukraine:

The looting of Ukraine. Transnational agribusiness corporations have designs on Ukraine’s rich and seemingly endless farmlands. Oil and gas transnationals have designs on Ukraine’s natural gas reserves available for production through hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which is direct competition with Russian gas supplying much of the European Union states’ needs.

Military advantage over Russia. PCR sees this as a way of putting a halt to Russian interference in United States goals of establishing hegemonic status in the world.

Here, he mentions the concept of American “exceptionalism” which has become such that U.S. foreign policy has been infused with an irrational level of arrogance, hubris, and self-righteousness. Jason Liosatos said, “Imagine a system where the enemy is the truth”, expressing to PCR his frustration and disbelief that the truth about what is really occurring in Ukraine is not being reported. He then mentions to PCR the leaked now-viral phone call between European Union foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet of March 5.

This phone call contained the highly provocative statements of Mr. Paet where he suggested snipers in Kiev were shooting and killing both police and civilian victims, and that the perception that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych gave the orders to kill were wrong. Mr. Paet later in the call suggests that the snipers were partnered with groups who were protesting for resignation by Yanukovych – regime change – destabilizing Ukraine’s government or, in other words, a violent coup d’état.

He asks PCR in a both sad and almost fearful anticipation – in a way that makes one think Mr. Liosatos wishes he didn’t have to speak the words – “is it true, Paul?” PCR responds to the question in an almost lackadaisical way – like he is speaking about common knowledge – by saying that the United States has a long history of overthrowing governments. He gives the examples of Iran, Chavez’ Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., detailing the 2002 coup attempt on Hugo Chavez that was unsuccessful because the Venezuelan people took to the streets in such massive numbers that Chavez was placed back into power.

In a very casual way PCR said, “everybody knows the United States overthrows governments”.

Mr. Roberts tells Mr. Liosatos that nobody should become surprised if the U.S. government played a part in the nearly 100 murders in Kiev, Ukraine, matter-of-factly saying, “they kill people all the time”. He points out that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died in the Iraq War, so why would those who call the shots in America be concerned about 100 deaths in Ukraine, where unarmed police officers and civilians were falling to bullet shots.

In Part 2 here the men discuss “collective amnesia” and Americans’ apathy regarding world events, PCR giving one reason for this as the American people’s perceptions that they have no stake in the events reported on their television screens, in this case Ukraine. Events in Ukraine are such that Americans don’t see how they have any effect on them, so Americans spend time on football games, American Idol, the new car models, or movies.

PCR states that Americans should be very concerned about events in Ukraine, because presently they don’t realize their very existence could be at stake. He shares his view that the U.S. government is mistaken if they think Russia is similar to smaller nations like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. With an unmistakable sense of warning he states that Washington is taking actions that are a direct strategic threat to Russia, right in their backyard.

He compares this to America sticking their fingers directly into the eyes of Russians. The countries of Europe like the United Kingdom, Germany, and France are enabling this – what PCR views as – “recklessness”. His view also holds that Russia feels that war has been prepared against them, and that the U.S. government must restrain all arrogance and hubris now.

PCR goes on to say that a “big lie” has been perpetrated on the American people – that Russia invaded Ukraine – and that this “absolute, total lie” is now accepted by everyone, and could be impossible to correct. He ends the interview by saying that European nations have enabled the U.S. to take the reckless actions, and they need to find the way to end that enabling.

Finally he sums up by saying, “it remains to be seen if there’s any leadership in Europe.”

One observation about this interview was the intermittent laughter of Paul Craig Roberts. Perhaps because he gives a lot of interviews like this, along with discussing issues of magnitude and ultimate horror like nuclear war, laughter has become a kind of release valve. Be that as it may, what Paul Craig Roberts says here needs to become placed in the consciousness of the American people through whatever channels available.

Paul Craig Roberts – a former high-ranking United States federal government official – is the possessor of “Weapons of Mass Ukraine Truth”.


(Thank you to Jason Liosatos Outside The Box at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Weapons Of Mass Ukraine Truth.

    1. Bobbie,
      I think we could say that AlterNet has published a quite explosive article. Thank you for the link and the website. The piece spells out what was suspected all along. By the way on another post the writer pointed out that former Ukrainian Secret Service head Alexander Yakimenko (under Yanukovych) blames Andriy Parubiy for sniper murders. Just read the piece minutes ago so haven’t checked out the names. Thanks again for the well researched article link.


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