World Cannot Ignore Ukraine Sniper Allegations, Yanukovych Stolen Billions.

Posted March 7, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I shall give a propagandist cause for starting the war. Never mind if it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked, later on, whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters but victory. Have no pity. Adopt a brutal attitude… Right is on the side of the strongest.”

– Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

mountain55Millions of men and women around the world are experiencing astonishment after listening to the intercepted phone call between the European Union’s Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. These same millions of people from every nation and region around the world are now experiencing double astonishment.

Mr. Paet’s bombshell allegation shared with the EU’s Ms. Ashton, that one group of snipers was behind the shootings and murders in Kiev, and that this group was not sponsored by Viktor Yanukovych but the so-called new coalition, has caused a worldwide stir that cannot be ignored by the most powerful political leaders on Earth.

Destabilization of nations, false flag operations, and outright coups have in the past been conducted without the broad awareness of most people on Earth. But, because the situation in Ukraine has led to a political clash between Russia, the European Union, and the United States, and because there are many more millions of men and women following, researching, and writing about events in the Ukraine, the phone call between Ms. Ashton and Mr. Paet cannot be swept under the rug – the allegation(s) contained in that call will have to become addressed in front of the entire human race.

It is generally accepted as fact that Viktor Yanukovych stole billions of dollars from the Ukrainian people, yet the crime of multiple murder of protesters is now in question. This leads logically to some extremely important questions.

Is there any possibility that Mr. Paet’s allegations are true?

What is, or isn’t, being done to determine if his allegations are true?

Why are major media companies not giving Mr. Paet’s allegations the attention matching their seriousness?

Why have no Congressman or Senators in the USA raised the issue of Mr. Paet’s phone call with Ms. Ashton – at least to disprove them?

If there is possibility that Mr. Paet’s assertions are true, then mass murderers are on the loose. Does this not concern US, EU, Ukrainian, or Russian politicians?

Will the world stand idly by while the mass murderers of Ukrainian policemen and peaceful protesters elude justice?

Who are these mass murderers, who supplied and directed them, and was the intent of the unknown snipers to create the illusion that Viktor Yanukovych gave the deadly force orders, to facilitate a new government in Ukraine, because Yanukovych was “killing his own citizens”?

As mentioned, there is general agreement that Mr. Yanukovych stole billions from Ukraine, but that does not erase the possible major crimes of snipers killing in a professional, military manner. Dr. Olga Bogolomets, the woman Mr. Paet spoke to about the serious allegations he later shared with Ms. Ashton in the phone call, treated those protesters who were hit by bullets in Kiev, and observed that people were getting shot in the head, neck, and heart – in other words, the shooters were shooting to kill.

Dr. Bogolomets may become Ukraine’s Minister of Health. While she was treating the victims of shootings in Kiev she observed that there were very few victims who had been shot in the arms or legs, or with rubber bullets. Her observations, along with the recollections of former members of Ukraine’s Kiev-based élite law enforcement unit, the Berkut (the unit was dissolved when the new government took power, the over 1,000 Berkut members were out of a job), strongly indicates that shooters were highly trained, professional, military-style men who knew exactly what they were doing.

Not investigating the serious allegations can only be described as an option that is untenable – to ignore this largest of the large accusation without a probe to determine its reality or falsehood is unthinkable and unimaginable.

The action which turned out to be the genesis of protests in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych’s postponement of consideration of a European Union offer in favor of a Russian offer of economic aid, saw Russia putting $15 billion on the table. Mr. Yanukovych is alleged to have stolen from $12-70 billion from the Ukrainian Treasury. Mr. Yanukovych, who in all likelihood used tax havens in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, or any number of tax havens around the world, has knowledge of where those missing $billions are.

France’s President Hollande has called for “the eradication of tax havens”. As a result of tragic events in Ukraine (which may or may not have included mass murder initiating a coup d’état), along with actions by government officials involving massive corruption (including hiding of $billions in offshore tax havens), offers humanity the very real possibility of ending two of mankind’s greatest historic scourges.

The illegal overthrow of democratically elected governments. The theft of democracy.

The virtually unanimous participation by wealthy individuals and corporations from every nation in the massive, secretive, worldwide tax haven industry – corruption. Another form of theft of democracy.

Recent events in the Ukraine have been dramatic, saddening, enraging, and tragic. From a certain perspective, the two main issues which have become identified are those listed – these issues represent at the same time two of the major issues that humanity must honestly deal with.

Investigation of the killings in Ukraine to determine who was responsible is the right thing to do. Investigation to determine where the $billions stolen by Viktor Yanukovych went, and if they are in tax havens, is the right thing to do. Given the universal attention these investigations will receive from men and women around the world from the media, politicians, citizen journalists, religious organizations – the whole of humanity – truth will come to the fore, starting the process of worldwide eradication of actions like coups and tax evasion.

This then begins humanity’s journey toward true democracy on this Earth.



24 thoughts on “World Cannot Ignore Ukraine Sniper Allegations, Yanukovych Stolen Billions.

  1. Jeff Nguyen

    The destabilization (translation: coups) taking place in the Ukraine mirrors Venezuela. In both countries, the U.S. has funded and trained “opposition groups” who just happen to be well armed and organized for “grassroots groups”. Yanukovych may have been corrupt but so is the POTUS. At least, Yanukovych and Maduro were democratically elected.


    1. Jeff,
      How are you. There’s a difference between anger and righteous indignation. Coups and tax havens should produce massive righteous indignation, and lead to actions/investigations which first reduce then end them. These are immoral, unethical, illegal – simply wrong. Because this situation involves USA and Russia, coups and tax havens can be dealt serious blows that greatly diminish future recurrences (in the case of coups) and use (tax havens).


    2. Reading on Common Dreams earlier today a commenter drew a parallel between the Ukraine and Syria and how we know now that our government was arming an al Qaeda faction in Syria in an attempt to overthrow the President of Syria. Our elected terrorists are the epitome of insanity as it appears they keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome.


      1. Wolfess,
        It’s amazing how many people have become aware of events that powerful and wealthy people are trying to keep the lid on. These are paradoxical times, where “everybody knows, but nobody knows”. The world surely could use a major thrust from truth tellers.


          1. Unbelievably astonishing events are occurring that are like a worldwide unstoppable march toward that truth. The world is in a sense being given the secret “rules book” for how the economic, geopolitical “game” has been played through history up to now.


    1. Robert,
      Thought of “Scent of a Woman” and that classic scene where Al Pacino yells “I’d take a FLAMETHROWER to this place!” There are profound lessons to be learned if and when the truth comes out. You can bet it will, because every investigative journalist in the world is on the Ukraine.


  2. Sadly investigative reporting is suppressed in the US. Interesting that you opened with that quote from Hitler. It’s true. It made me think of Operation Paper Clip and what is happening in this country. I wonder if war is inevitable? I wonder if that it is the plan of cabals higher than governments (central banks)? I don’t believe this war, like most all wars, is what the average people of the Ukraine want. I hope truth and morals win out and mankind evolves into a better global community.


    1. David,
      Maybe Ukraine is going to result in humanity taking a good look at history along with the events that contributed to the current situation (a long collective look in the mirror) and say “enough of this power tripping”. If all the bad actors who are responsible face accountability, chances are very good for truth and morals to win out with mankind rising, as you mention.


    1. Bobbie,
      Nice to meet you. Have you heard any reports about investigation(s) thus far? What is so sad is that ordinary Ukrainians are feeling the effects of business competition gone violent. Ukraine is a huge country with productive, endless farmland and apparently USA-like potential from natural gas hydraulic fracturing. The real motives and reasons for what happened in Kiev aren’t talked about with total frankness, unfortunately. Speaking the truth (all “sides”) is always the best option, for the misunderstandings and problems are revealed, allowing the best opportunity for realistic, fair, and moral actions/decisions benefitting all the people in the region. Truth about who was responsible for the killing in Kiev must be found; if the questions about who is guilty remain unanswered, the region will live with a form of collective cancerous condition. In other words, failure to jail the guilty will result in long-term, widespread feelings of mistrust between those who believe Yanukovych is guilty and those who believe Kiev was a violent coup d’état.
      Thanks for your contribution,


      1. One Citizen's Opinion

        The investigations thus far appear to be a lot of finger pointing and saber rattling. To me no legitimate investigation has been started because the Coup Ukrainian government investigators and the Crimean Prosecutor (She’s cute) both have dogs in the fight, therefore people will question their objectivity.

        I agree that this issue needs to be looked at from all sides, in order to see the full picture. However, because this can get so complex as to be unwieldy, I felt it best to focus my efforts on what caused the Coup and move forward from there. The two catalysts I have seen where the combination of english language propaganda and the sniper attacks.

        While the attacks were originally blamed on Yanukovych’s government, it now appears they were manufactured to send the protesters into a violent frenzy. The Coup government has now admitted he was not responsible… mainly because it served their purpose for regime change.

        So the questions that remain are Who specifically participated in the attacks and why.


        1. Just for clarification: When you wrote “The Coup government has now admitted he was not responsible” did you mean to write “The Coup government has NOT admitted…”? The new govt stating that Yanukovych was not responsible would be a huge development, so it’s important your comment is correct. Thanks.


          1. One Citizen's Opinion

            I meant : “The Coup Ukrainian Government admitted he is not responsible for the Ukraine Sniper Attacks occurring between February 18, 2014 and February 20, 2014.

            The quote from AP on March 7, 2014:

            “Ukrainian authorities are investigating the Feb. 18-20 bloodbath, and they have shifted their focus from ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s government”

            The Coup government itself said:

            “the involvement of foreign nationals in mass killings of people in Kyiv was also being considered”

            This is an dirty situation, because Yanukovych’s arrest warrant was based on him being responsible for the sniper mass murders… now he’s no longer a suspect… why is the warrant still out?

            Lots of valid questions regarding credibility here that aren’t being asked.


            1. Thank you very much for clarifying that. This points to the idea of “wait a minute” and “we need to do a big-time reconsider”. What are your thoughts on the reason(s) why I have heard nothing on any of the American TV channels’ news broadcasts / DirecTV about this, seeing the AP quote came on March 7 – two weeks ago? (and I’ve watched a large portion of those Ukraine reports on Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, CNN, PBS etc.) This is a major shift, what some would call a “game-changer”, yet in two weeks there have been zero reports. The spiking of this major, major story can’t be maintained for much longer. Thanks again.


              1. One Citizen's Opinion

                Read my series on the Ukraine Crisis. I have sourced from BBC, CNN, Guardian and other credible sources. There is a lot of information that, while publicly available, is not being widely reported.

                Once you read the articles and verify my sources, get back to me. The game changer happened awhile ago… it’s just not being told.


    1. Noticed Victoria Nuland is not seen anywhere in the photos handing out bags of cookies. What are your thoughts about news programs where commentators, when the issue of violent protesters in Kiev is raised, tend to minimize the extent of the violence that subset of the protesters carried out? For example, commentators will respond with “the so-called neo-Nazi/fascist element were in the crowds, but they were only a small fraction (insignificant). Overemphasis on violent fascists is Russian propaganda.”, etc. You probably feel the same sense of frustration that what really happened is not being analyzed in the most transparent manner, with the sole objective of arriving at the facts and the complete truth. I’ve had moments where the thought of walking into the local State Police post to discuss events in Kiev would make a difference – hasten investigations to find the killers. The brotherhood of police/law enforcement must have strong feelings about Kiev, because of what happened to the Ukrainian police (and after reading your piece, the threats to family members of Ukrainian police officers).


      1. One Citizen's Opinion

        Disclaimer: I am not geopolitical media expert, nor do I travel the world to obtain stories.

        That said, I think that before we can examine the commentary reporting style there are logistical issues to contend with first.

        The main issue journalists have is access to their story. They want to be as close to the action as they can, in effect, putting themselves in harms way.

        Journalism Protip: Get between someone and the guy trying to beat him to death and you might get attacked too. Just Sayin…

        Moving On: The other issue is that they work for such large networks who are connected to various governments, their journalistic integrity can get easily compromised or they could be both out of a job and blacklisted from the industry.

        In the Ukraine Crisis, I am thinking that the movement itself was corralling the journalists. What I mean by that is someone trained protesters how to handle journalists to steer them away from some aspects of the story and attempt to focus the journalists on other aspects.

        What ends up happening is that the story ends up being biased because too many hands are trying to manipulate the pot, in an effort to be portrayed in a positive light. Was this all nefarious?

        I don’t think so. It is human nature to act in self-interest.

        On Propaganda: This personal attack has been used too often. It’s right up their to comparing someone’s political position to that of Nazi’s gassing Jews. Is there propaganda? Sure there is. However, too often entities and leaders are writing off those who disagree and those who discuss uncomfortable contradictory facts as propagandists. On the macro level, Americans have lost their ability to rationally debate and intelligently argue. This retardation (the true meaning of the word) is further reinforced by media outlets not holding the ethical standards to their estate.

        However, there are voices rising to counteract this: The Young Turks being a prominent example. They get it right. You can’t talk to your politician, their objectivity is in question because they receive truckloads of corporate cash, on all levels.

        Can’t talk to law enforcement, as an entity, because they are influenced by politicians.

        Thus, you have to talk to people directly. Find a way to boost the signal teaching people how to have rational dialogue rather than the pitchfork, saber-rattling witch hunting that every major story devolves into.

        To me, this is the only way to start filtering out the noise and get people to learn the facts of the world around them.


        1. Very articulately well-said, sir. In the meantime people can retain hope and optimism that the day is coming when anything less than absolute truth and the real facts will be universally rejected as an extinct, primitive way for human beings to communicate. Your words “rational dialogue” sum up the world situation perfectly, as rational dialogue is what the world needs now more than ever. Thank you very much for being willing to enter into discussions on relevant and important issues. Keep the faith and best of luck to you.


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