The Ukraine Solution Is Oneness.

Posted March 3, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Let us never negotiate out of fear; but let us never fear to negotiate.”

– John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

blogger4-1Given the levels of stress being experienced by men and women around the world on the situation in Ukraine, many have thought long and hard about how to prevent any escalation of violence there. There are a lot of people around the world turning to the internet to get the latest reports because many people are concerned. Others are watching their regular news programs on television, because, once again, people are very concerned.

Reports are out there that claim that Victor Yanukovich managed to steal up to $70 billion from the Ukrainian Treasury. Living in America, if Barack Obama became accused of stealing $70 billion from the U.S. Treasury, most certainly impeachment proceedings would have begun, all the facts would be presented by the highest priced attorneys in the nation, and, if it was proven the President Obama did indeed steal $70 billion, he would be guilty of “high crimes” then removed from office.

Such an impeachment of Mr. Yanukovich did not occur in the recent days, so his removal from office/travel to Russia was one where, as Mr. Yanukovich stated recently, his personal safety as well as his family’s made no other option available. This writer has no idea whether Victor Yanukovich stole billions of dollars from the people of Ukraine. The point here is that if this is the reason he was eventually forced to leave the Ukraine and lose the office he was voted into, then such proof of a multi-billion dollar theft needs to get shown to not only the Ukrainian people, but the men and women of the world.

If such proof comes to light, then the lawmakers in Ukraine can move forward according to their constitutional rules for removal of their president for crimes. The same scenario would apply if Yanukovich becomes proved accountable for the dozens of deaths during protests. All of the facts need to become presented, all the witnesses need to testify, and the rule of law must prevail for these very serious allegations so that the truth about events becomes widely known.

There have been reports that highly trained military men were among the protesters and the clashes were more than government security forces against a group of misguided skinheads throwing bricks. Some members of Ukraine’s 1,000-member élite military, the Berkut, which was disbanded after the transition of government (all 1,000 lost their jobs), afterward described “war situations” during the protests, pointing out that certain members of the opposition were militarily astute.

Given the number of coups that have occurred around the Earth through history, the events of recent weeks in Ukraine should be investigated and all the facts recorded. The questions that remain unanswered about the departure of Mr. Yanukovich, and whether or not the proper steps for his removal from office were carried out have to get answered. Let the chips fall where they may.

The reason the following statement from the Russian Federation’s United Nations representative is being shared here lies in the spirit of getting to the truth about what occurred in Ukraine. Because this video will probably not be broadcast in America, and because this writer does not see humanity from one “side” or “the other”, this statement delivered at the United Nation’s Security Council is a part of history that has to become considered for men and women to get the fullest view of Ukraine’s recent events.

The events in Ukraine must be thoroughly examined to find with specificity all actions in the most complete context, and allow for differences of opinion to become resolved to the complete satisfaction of each stakeholder. Unanswered questions have to become answered as fully as humanly possible to enable, as the Russian UN representative states, “cooler heads to prevail”.

This is not the time to let matters of great concern expressed by men and women from the Ukraine, European Union member states, America, or Russia to become thrown aside and ignored. This is the time for high level, as-long-as-it-takes discussions to make sure the moral and ethical route gets taken concerning this unfortunate series of events that has great consequences for international relations.

The situation in Ukraine demands that all stakeholders put their minds together as one. That all stakeholders come together on an agreement that is in the best interests for all people in Ukraine, and the world, as one.

It is painfully obvious that differences of viewpoint exist regarding the situation in Ukraine. To favorably resolve the differences will require an absolute willingness by all to work together in the spirit of oneness. 



2 thoughts on “The Ukraine Solution Is Oneness.

  1. I have heard the IMF is somehow involved in this. It’s so hard to know what the truth is, the two big players are known for disinformation and propaganda. I think it would be best if these two ‘big players’ were not involved at all. This is a Cold War hangover and could be extremely dangerous for everyone. Then again it’s been suggested Americans pay close attention as it’s very possible this will happen here. I admit a lot of ignorance about this event, but not from a lack of trying to understand it.


    1. David,
      Just like the wealthiest people in your hometown have the power and “pull”, the wealthiest on Earth have those on the largest scale. Here’s where you get all the “players” together and let them go at it in televised debate/discussion. Yeh, bankers are seemingly always involved. Have you seen the documentary “All Wars Are Banker Wars” by Michael Rivero? Kind of mirrors “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still. Billionaires’ dangerous games – played at the expense of regular people who suffer the consequences. It never fails to astonish how polarized and separate people are. The timing, protests coinciding with Sochi Olympics, is suspect. When the truth surfaces, whatever that truth may be, people will be surprised. When Russia, EU, and USA are involved every journalist on Earth will have their nose to the grindstone.


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