Economics to Save Our Civilization

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The Most Revolutionary Act

(This is the eighth in a series of posts about ending the role of private banks in issuing money)

“Somewhere in our history we took a wrong turn and today we are reaping the consequences. If we don’t step back to evaluate the root causes of the rolling economic crises, our civilization is in danger of collapse.” – Clive Menzies

A few years back, Clive Menzies, president of British Fund Building and member of the Free Critical Thinking Institute entered into an ongoing dialogue with the London Occupy movement. The result is a radical monetary reform proposal to fix the global economic mess. In the video below, he is presenting it to the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (translation: a high-powered group of investment bankers and stock brokers).

In his presentation, Menzies attributes the current crisis, as well as capitalism’s recurrent boom and bust cycles, to the alienation of…

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Turkish Government Syria False Flag Scandal Widens.

Posted March 31, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen then can freely speak, write, and print, subject to responsibility for the abuse of this freedom in the cases determined by law.”

– FRANCE Declarations of the Rights of Man and Citizens (1789)

393-1An American primetime news program has reported on an alleged military “false flag” discussion by high Turkish government officials. The Young Turks television news organization reported on an intercepted phone call where these officials discuss possible ways to stage events to paint Syria as a military aggressor and escalate the over three years old war in Syria.

Among the possible “false flag” ideas discussed is a staged attack on a Turkish historical shrine – the tomb of Suleyman Shah – which is Turkish property inside Syria according to international agreements. Discussed is the potential blaming of either Syrian military forces or rebel Al Qaeda fighters, with the intended result being entry of NATO military forces into the Syrian conflagration. The Young Turks’ host notes that Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan has called this and previous intercepted calls “doctored”; this latest call was placed on YouTube and led to Erdogan’s government shutting down YouTube in the entire nation of Turkey.

Now, the first observation that will come to the minds of men and women who hear about this series of events is that the Turkish government has carried out a monumental overreaction by banning YouTube nationwide. The phone call, whether it is genuine or “doctored”, contains information that demands attention from the government to provide proof of its being faked – or “doctored”. Each named official in the audio leak would seem to have no choice but to make public statements about the – if genuine – explosive statements made by them in the phone discussion.

Mainstream media news groups around the world have reported on Turkey’s closing down of YouTube because of the audio leak posting on the largest video website on Earth, but haven’t included any mention of the most important, controversial, and provocative aspect of the phone conversation – the planning of a “false flag” military event. Most of the largest news organizations have omitted the false flag angle and described the call as “discussing Syria military options” or “Turkish relations with bordering nation Syria”, etc.

What would a similar scenario result in if Canadian foreign affairs and intelligence officials were on an intercepted phone call discussing staging a false flag operation against the United States? Let us say that these Canadian high government officials were considering launching bombs from Detroit, Michigan across the border to kill Canadians – all to place blame on the U.S. government and give Canada reason to start a war with America. What if any nation’s high government officials were heard on phone recordings planning a false flag attack on one of their neighbor countries?

At this point, there has been no forthcoming information which has either provided proof that the phone call was genuine or not. If the call has been faked – “doctored” according to Prime Minister Erdogan – then the people who are responsible for creating it need to face legal consequences. Slander and libel laws have certainly been broken if the audio is false and manufactured, and the routine legal procedure for finding and prosecuting the slanderers and libellers should begin.

If the audio phone recording is genuine, then a much more complex legal procedure with regard to planning a military false flag attack would become necessary in Turkey. If the recording is genuine, the implications for international relations and questions about the possible involvement of nations outside of Turkey will have to get answered. At this point, there is some uncertainty about the authenticity of the recording. The most important next step is for there to quickly occur resolution of the questions around the world as to the presence or absence of that authenticity.

Until men and women around the Earth concerned about the possible planning of a military false flag by Turkish officials against neighboring nation Syria are given the absolute truth, this story will not – and absolutely should not – go away. 


(Thank you to The Young Turks at YouTube)