Countless Souls Yet To Save.

Posted February 22, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Doctors take what is known as the “Hippocratic Oath” which means “do no harm”. Unfortunately, for the doctors who prescribe psychotropic drugs to children for behavior most commonly called “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” or ADHD, most who believe strongly in that oath are unwittingly doing great harm.

After listening to a radio program which played an excerpt of a pharmaceutical company sales whistleblower, the search for more information on this man led to a very powerful documentary on the corrupt practices of both drug companies and government regulatory agencies, which has massive ramifications for the children in America and other nations which results in children in large numbers being prescribed psychotropic drugs.

The drug company sales rep was a man who had been around the world selling drugs for some 35 years for a number of companies. This man’s name was John Virapen and he seems like someone who is on a mission of sorts to make people aware of how dangerous pharmaceuticals are. Some of the words he spoke, like, “..pharmaceutical industry does nothing but annihilate people around the world” and “only you have the power to stop these criminals” and “we were told to never talk about side effects” paints a picture of drug companies that is shocking.

Mr. Virapen says that he had a high-paying job that allowed him to travel the world, make a lot of money, stay in the finest hotels and eat in the finest restaurants, and “do a lot of bad things”. He admits to bribing officials in Sweden to register Prozac in that nation, and that for him to list the many corrupt acts he committed is “too long to go into here”. He said that the pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful one in the world, and is “in bed” with governments. Pharmaceutical companies kill (long-term) more people than are killed in wars.

He is fair in saying that there are some good products coming from drug companies but that most “are rubbish”. Pharma makes money by telling you that you are sick, and the most virulent form of this tactic is found in prescribing psychotropics to children. He asks the audience if anyone knows of any drug that has cured people of disease? He points out that through the years companies have withheld information concerning side effects from their products to get them approved for sale to the public.

He then talks about how those side effects are kept from the awareness of doctors/customers so that eventually patients have no awareness of potentially serious results from taking the drug(s). Drug company sales reps have become doctors’ source of medical information after leaving university, while these reps become trained to omit harsh truths and concentrate on drug “features, advantages, and benefits” only.

At a certain point years ago drug sales decreased so, fortunately for pharma companies but devastating for children, the “syndrome” or “disorder” of ADHD was first diagnosed/created. This began the regular practice of prescribing drugs to children such as Stratera, Prozac, Ritalin, Paxil, Zoloft and others, until Prozac sales were more than $1 billion/year, despite powerfully painful testimony before the FDA in 1991 from men and women who had family members that had committed suicide or violent acts, up to and including murder.

After listening to Mr. Virapen further searching led to a woman drug company sales rep who told the same story as him, and her advice was for men and women to do their own extensive research on any drug suggested by their doctor before deciding to take it, as well as researching alternative treatments for their particular condition(s). Her view was that many times exercise, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep and water, etc. is all a person needs to become healthy – an alternative to consider especially if depression has led to a doctor’s advice to take some form of psychotropic drug.

Now, after listening to this woman, it was a “coincidence” that led to finding the writer/producer/director of the documentary “Generation RX”, Kevin P. Miller. He spoke at the same conference as a fellow named Jake Hays, whose talk was in the post “Toward Healthy Energy Solutions” a few days ago. Mr. Miller’s documentary is outstanding and gives viewers truly shocking information about the pharmaceutical industry – especially important for parents and any person concerned about the lives of children.

The film is relevant and important with regard to any person with relations to others who are now, or are considering, taking psychotropic drugs. The high levels of suicide by veterans of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam, many probably the direct result of side-effects from taking psychotropic drugs for post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), makes “Generation RX” that much more relevant and important.

“Generation RX” is a film that is very disturbing but contains facts that simply must be known by all people. Please make a note to view later if the 120-minute length does not allow you to view this very important documentary now.



2 thoughts on “Countless Souls Yet To Save.

  1. A few years back, after the Batman movie mass murders, I felt compelled to understand what on earth was going on for some people who are driven to do such heinous acts. After reading a variety of opinions on the subject, the recurring theme in school and mall shootings was misuse and overuse of bad drugs.

    That in turn led me to read about the psychotropic drugs, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. This is a very tragic situation that does not get enough coverage. It is important to see though the connection that Big Pharma has with the FDA. There is a revolving door between the two that allows for legislation to help keep Big Pharma safe from litigation that would stop the mass production and distribution of these more often than not, harmful substances.

    Thanks Jerry, for bringing attention to this tragic modern crisis.


    1. Debra,
      How are you. At 28-30 minutes there is an FDA panel that is asked how psychiatrists diagnose ADHD. No person/expert on that FDA panel was able to answer with one iota of specificity what is required to determine if a child/adult needs to take psychotropic drugs. The man in that segment was at a complete loss of words, even though, as the director powerfully inserts “keep in mind that this doctor has probably prescribed pyschotropics to hundreds of patients”. The maker of the documentary, Mr. Miller, has said that integrity is essential in writing and filmmaking. Yes, these massively prescribed, mind-altering drugs are a tragic modern crisis, damaging human beings on a correspondingly massive scale. The damage continues because drug companies are making huge profits.


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