Toward Healthy Energy Solutions.

Posted February 17, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Science is the search for truth – it is not a game in which one tries to beat his opponent, to do harm to others.”

– Linus Pauling (1901-1994)

smoky mt-1In the United States shale gas was 2% of the total natural gas produced in 2000. In the year 2014 that percentage has risen to 40% of the total natural gas. Gas from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has become a phenomenon in America, and remains a controversial subject due to limited knowledge of the process by the people.

For those men and women who have concerns or wish to learn more about fracking, an organization “Physicians, Scientists, And Engineers for Healthy Energy” was formed to allow people to study transparent non-biased information on important energy topics. Their information comes from a multi-disciplinary framework with contributions from educated men and women in various fields on all aspects of energy production on Earth.

The group focuses on producing highly vetted knowledge on one of the most important subjects in the world: energy, its sources, the hazards and promise of the various energy production options, as well as societal concerns from those optional forms. Energy is essential for every human being in the world, so this organization, one of the first, if not the first of its kind, offers the public, government officials, and business an excellent source of accurate study on the consequences, negative or positive, of different energies available.

People in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and New York, where the giant Marcellus shale deposits are located will be especially interested in visiting this organization’s website, because the future in this region may include fracking wells numbering in the hundreds of thousands. People in states considering fracking would make the right decision by spending some time on the groups website, as the knowledge offered there is important and highly relevant.

Given the global dimension of fracking, people around the world would do well to learn at as many nations have either begun drilling, are considering it, or are experiencing regrets about deciding to frack.  PSE for Healthy Energy offers a unique and important source of top-notch scientific research and study.

Some facts about fracking:

Wells get drilled to depths from 5,000 to 10,000 feet

3-5 millions gallons of fluid are required per well

2-3% of the fluids consists of chemicals needed for the process

Companies are not required to report all of those chemicals

To a large extent, fracking companies cannot be sued for damages due to the “Cheney Rule”

Methane from fracking is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2

Comprehensive environmental impacts have not been conducted and determined

In the state of Pennsylvania 7,000 wells have gone up, of which approximately one-half have been fracked. The state has seen a significant number of complaints about the effects of fracking, mostly about drinking water contamination. Pennsylvania projects for the future that 100,000 wells will become drilled, and since the relatively small number of wells that have been fracked has resulted in a large number of citizen complaints, the urgency of intense research and study only increases.

This is where absolute relevance of an organization like Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy becomes recognized, because education on fracking and alternatives is essential for citizen’s awareness of the issues, and offers the best chance for good decision-making going forward. In America there are very few, if any, news organizations educating the public on hydraulic fracturing – the positives and negatives. On the one hand there are economic positives, and then there are negative consequences – most importantly drinking water contamination from fracking chemicals.

The work done by PSE for Healthy Energy is critically important because the best minds on the issues of energy production are making sincere efforts to get the science right in the one or two decades most scientists feel are left to reverse adverse environmental effects from fossil fuels.

The greatest danger facing humanity is higher temperatures which accelerate an already melting permafrost in the Arctic regions, threatening the Earth with massive methane releases of catastrophic dimensions. Given the great increase in fracking around the world it is important that science is relied upon for good knowledge of its consequences.


Mr. Jake Hays of PSE for Healthy Energy gives a short talk from January 2014 in the following video. If you have concerns about future decisions regarding energy production options for the men, women, and children of the world, please visit


(Thank you We Are Change CT @ YouTube)


21 thoughts on “Toward Healthy Energy Solutions.

    1. Jan,
      How are you. The main reason for posting this was to hopefully spread the word about Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy. It’s a group of sober, very well studied people who are gathering the most relevant information on fracking and alternative/renewable energy. If you know anyone concerned about the dangers of fracking please direct them to They will find the info necessary to take reasonable action. Quite simply it is a very impressive organization offering knowledge that journalists cannot offer on the science. Frankly I’m surprised that the group was never mentioned in the articles and videos on fracking that I’ve come across.


      1. Jerry, I will definitely spread the word about this group and blog about it as well. The more information people can get, the better.
        I am well. Busy working on the sequel to I Call Myself Earth Girl. It will show us two visions of the future – both of which are determined by choices we make today. It is interesting to try to figure out how to use fiction to raise awareness. We’ll see what happens…..
        How,are you, my friend?
        Peace and love,


        1. Jan,
          I hope you go further than any person has yet in your sequel. That is, further regarding the determination of how much a human heart can hold. Removal of our self-constructed roadblocks related to the “art” of writing, mainly total honesty, offers the only way for our own and others’ awareness to rise. Easier said than done because, well… what will people think? 🙂 I hope the vision you have for the writing project becomes a reality. Yeh, I can see the contrasting visions idea. First half vision of choices made by humans to date and second half alternative reality which would’ve been created because of different choices. Always liked the thought of Hemingway “going to places people have never been before”. Do you like to give your characters a lot of dialogue? The thought came to mind of “Dances With Wolves” which evidently took the screenwriter a couple weeks to write. The film was good but my only disappointment was there could’ve been a lot more dialogue. Doing alright. Thanks for asking.
          Best of luck,


  1. A recent report from Oklahoma said that state is experiencing a wave of hundreds of earthquakes which are damaging buildings and rattling nerves. Similar waves had abruptly ceased when local fracking operations were halted.


    1. Robert,
      How are you. Trying to understand why fracking has become a worldwide phenomenon; to get an idea of what went through the minds of the “big boys” that initiated all these wells. Maybe it’s a reaction to Arab Spring. The big oil and gas heads may see societal issues in the Middle East and other oil and gas producing nations or a turn against their corporations coming. It’s a big move that, given the great risks to health from contamination, and the fact that those risks are given no attention, makes one wonder about why it is being pushed so hard around the world.


            1. Just imagined a documentary of 120 minutes with 120 men and women talking for one minute each… A woman, man, a woman, a man etc. All representatives of 120 separate progressive organizations, from around the world. Hell, it could be done over Skype.


                  1. Jan/Robert,
                    Perhaps you guys can get in contact via email to discuss this effort. This may lead to concrete action where men and women get on an email list and are contacted with updates, etc. Once ideas get kicked around, then people could be contacted with “marching orders” 🙂 Looks like Tanya and you, Robert, may have unleashed some creative power. You can add Jan and my email to your list to let us know of further developments, as we would be interested and willing to help in any way possible.


  2. Jan and Jerry- Thanks so much for your interest in our group! This won’t be a blogger group in the way League of Bloggers is. It will be more of an activist group, with some non-partisan political involvement. If we succeed in getting it going, I’m hoping to see us interacting through various means with others- internet as well as real world, face to face contact. That will be the way to create the most change and reform.


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