Queen Elizabeth, Royals, Elites Mum On Uranium, Nukes, Fukushima.

Posted on February 9, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

366-1“The increase of armaments that is intended in each nation to produce consciousness of strength, and a sense of security, does not produce these effects. On the contrary, it produces a consciousness of the strength of other nations and a sense of fear. Fear begets suspicion and mistrust and evil imaginings of all sorts.”

– Sir Edward Grey (1862-1933)

Since March 11, 2011 and the disasters of Fukushima, over 1,000 days, four hundred tons of radioactive water has flowed/emptied into the Pacific Ocean every day. What is most disturbing besides the obvious fact that Fukushima is the worst environmental disaster in human history, is the actions taken by corporations and government agencies to obscure the true extent of the damage that has occurred to the environment.

How is it that those who are in positions of leadership have been less than truthful about a situation which effects such a large number of people – instead of telling the complete truth?

Of course, the first place to look is money. Nuclear power, and the nuclear weapons which are produced from the by-product plutonium have been making money for the owners of corporations in the power and weapons industry since atomic energy became commercially viable. Evidently there is a lot of money made in the nuclear industries. After coming across reports that the Queen of England owns most of the uranium mines on Earth, it should come as no surprise that she is in no hurry to publicly address or divulge her financial activities in the industry.

It is very interesting that the Queen and others who hold large ownership in uranium mining, nuclear power and weapons companies have been nowhere to be seen, found, and heard from about the situation in Fukushima. Perhaps these owners have the best interests of the people of Japan and surrounding nations at heart; they don’t want to dampen the spirits of those unfortunate ones who have come into contact with high levels of radiation from Fukushima. Yes, that’s the reason for their silence.

Or maybe not. Perhaps the real reason they are silent is that they are some of the people who belong to that group of 85 that controls as much wealth as 3.5 billion people, published in the recently gone viral Oxfam report. Because they are in “damage control” mode when it comes to Fukushima. Not damage control as it would relate to allocating finances to properly repair the plant’s reactors initially in 2011, or in the years since. But damage control related to bankruptcy-causing lawsuits numbering in the millions, and total potential judgments in the trillions.

After generations these families have come to inherit and bequeath the fortunes from their ancestors, sometimes massive fortunes, the thought of losing it all is understandably disconcerting. Because can one imagine how these blue-bloods will be able to deal with having to live like “commoners” and/or even worse, “paupers”. Perhaps they can sustain the media blackout on all things Fukushima and nuclear, especially the real possibility of very high costs from health damages lawsuits, but still have to worry about those bothersome anti-nuclear activists who are calling for an end to nuclear power and weapons.

If the anti-nukers get too much attention there is the possible loss of lucrative profits from ownership of mining, nuclear power, and nuclear weapons production companies. Those billions of dollars of investment could suffer loss of stock valuations; the result could be having to sell some of the houses around the world, or one or two of the jets. The worst-case scenario for nuclear industry owners would be free energy for the people from the sun and wind and other renewable energies.

Another aspect of the worst-case scenario would be the need for cancellation of the plans for billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money becoming allocated for “improving” the nation’s (America) nuclear weapons arsenals. And that was going to be one “helluva sweet deal”. And then there’s the cost of cleaning up all the nuclear plants that will need to become shut down.

The world’s people and the remaining journalists who practice truthful reporting of events have to remain vigilant in getting all the facts about Fukushima and the nuclear-military-industrial complex. Tremendous damage has been done, and continues, to the planet all life depends on for survival. Those who have engaged in criminal behavior from the nuclear industries must be pursued by investigative citizen and professional journalists until all illegal, immoral, and unethical conduct is exposed to the sunlight.

It could be impossible to stop the radiation coming from Fukushima

There are reports that the units at Fukushima have come to the nuclear engineer’s – and humanity’s – nightmarish situation: “The China Syndrome”. In fairness, some are very determined to report the truth about what has occurred in Japan since 3/11/11. Many have come to understand the connection between the nuclear weapons above-ground detonations numbering over 1,000, Chernobyl, Fukushima, and the cancer epidemic in nations where radiation was released in high concentrations into the atmosphere, as well as nations “downwind”.

The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 has resulted in a much greater number of deaths and genetic defects than the World Health Organization has reported. Fukushima will unfortunately result in multiple numbers of deaths compared to Chernobyl. This writer is not one who aims to become involved in any shape or manner with fear-based messages. God only knows why Fukushima occurred in 2011 and continues to harm the Earth’s environment – people, animals, plants and all life – to this day in February 2014.

Humanity is now faced with a very high level of soul-searching with relation to the nuclear power and nuclear weapons industry. All life on Earth – in this and future generations – depends on the results of that soul-searching.


(Thank you to Andrew Ebisu at YouTube)