Signs Of Hope For The Middle East.

Posted on February 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“Take hope from the heart of man, and you have left a beast of prey.”

– Marie Louise de la Ramee (1838-1908)

365-1Being a big supporter and admirer of Bill Still, it is always a good thing to catch up on his latest reports. After watching some of his recent reports on YouTube let me suggest to readers that they visit his YT channel and offer him as much encouragement as you can. Bill seems like he is suffering some from burnout and it seems he could use some healthy cheering up. While there you can learn a lot from almost every report he’s made, as it is clear that Bill only reports on events and situations that are relevant.

Let me take a few moments to convey my respect for Mr. Still. He is probably most well-known as a documentary filmmaker on the issue of monetary reform. His first widely viewed film was “The Money Masters”, followed by “The Secret of Oz”, and now “Jekyll Island”. He has worked for years to make people aware of the problems associated with the current debt-based money system, the positive results which would come from placing the power of money creation back in the hands of the people, as well as ending the fractional reserve system and replacing that with a 100% reserve requirement for banks.

He ran for president as a libertarian in 2012.

Perhaps this writer is short on people-judgment skills, but Bill Still is one reporter who has developed an ability to insert common sense into virtually every article and post he writes or produces.  Using a baseball batter as an analogy, Mr. Still has one of the highest batting averages regarding sensible information presentation of all reporters of the issues he delves into. So, stop by Bill’s YT channel and cheer him up some. He will surely appreciate it and he responds to comments there.

Catching up on his latest posts there was one of Nigel Farage in the European parliament, one catching up with public banking advocate Ellen Brown and her coming run for Treasurer in California, two on Edward Snowden’s recent interview in Germany, and this one about Iranian President Rouhani. Nigel Farage spoke to the EU Parliament about upcoming elections and the possibility of a dissolution of the EU due to failed policies of concentrated power. Ellen Brown talked about an upcoming campaign event at UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion, where she will be on the speakers list along with Marianne Williamson, who is running for the Congressional seat held now by Henry Waxman, who will be retiring after 40 years in Congress.

There isn’t much to convey about the Snowden interview, because the video stopped at 3 minutes in, a technical glitch that is understandable in these times. During the 3 minutes Snowden said that he acted completely on his own and has no contacts with governments outside the USA. Snowden also pointed out that he would not be able to defend himself in a courtroom with a jury if he returned to America, so he sees no chance to return for a trial.


Ellen Brown’s contact with Bill Still looked like a welcome meeting for Bill, as he and Ms. Brown are in the same monetary field of study/research, and colleagues in a growing effort to increase the awareness and advocacy of monetary reforms. Ellen mentioned that very few men and women are even aware of the concept of public banking, so her continuing efforts to raise awareness will be a major reason for success in her run for Treasurer in California. For those reading this from California, please help both Ellen Brown and Marianne Williamson in their respective political races.

It is probably the case that Mr. Still looks a little tired because of the tremendous battle he has waged to wake people up to the problems and opportunities with regard to reforming the world’s monetary systems, and increasing freedom for humanity.


Bill Still’s analysis of Iranian President Rouhani is optimistic, pointing out that Rouhani seems like he is sincere in his wish to avert war, establish good relationships with all nations and people, as well as Mr. Rouhani’s assertion that his country has no wish to produce a nuclear weapon. Mr. Still reports that Iran has suggested the reopening of an American embassy in Iran, and that Iran has the potential to lift the 2/3 of its population under 25 years old and Iran into the top ten of the world’s national economies.

If this analysis by Bill Still is as common sense and accuracy filled as almost every other report he has produced, then there is reason for men and women around the world to hold some amount of hopeful optimism for the Middle East.

God knows the men, women, and children of the Middle East need hopeful and optimistic signs. 


(Thank you Bill Still at YouTube)

Mainstream Media Lies About Syria.

Posted on February 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“I shall give a propagandist cause for starting the war. Never mind whether it is plausible or not. The victor will not be asked, later on, whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war, it is not right that matters but victory. Have no pity. Adopt a brutal attitude… Right is on the side of the strongest.”

– Adolf Hitler

Has any mainstream American news organization, when “reporting” on the situation in Syria, ever mentioned the word “pipeline”? Any news outlet that looks like it is reporting the causes of this over three-years long conflict without talking about energy resources wars, proposed pipelines, and profits/market shares for oil and gas companies is lying by omission.

These news outlets will call the fighting in Syria a fight for freedom or a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia. They will try to convince viewers that the war in Syria is a historically normal event, that the Middle East region has had this type of fighting for thousands of years, and that the best nations can muster is trying to keep the peace as much as possible.

They will describe events without accuracy and completeness.

However, unfortunately the wars of the Middle East starting post-industrial age have virtually all been about control of the natural resources of the region – namely oil and natural gas. For mainstream media outlets to fail consistently to omit this essential fact is both highly disturbing and saddening. For one to understand that mainstream news has slanted reports to effect public opinion with “facts” that do not represent the complete truth about events on war and peace, describes perhaps the biggest wakeup call humanly possible to experience.

Fortunately, however, men and women around the world have received their wakeup calls by the millions and millions in recent years, and no longer accept the reporting/omissions coming from mainstream media. People around the world, especially in the United States, have come to the point where they will not believe a word of news reports and reporters coming from their televisions. Corporate propaganda and “spin” simply no longer cuts it, so many people have simply stopped watching TV news or reading newspapers and news magazines altogether.

In 2014 people are turning to news groups that do not accept money from corporate advertisers or rely on viewer support in greatly increasing numbers. Mainstream media has in a way become like the World Professional Wrestling Association and its members, participating in a charade and a sham – a fake – nowhere near to producing 100% truthful reports at all costs, but settling for manufactured versions of the actual truth on events and situations around the Earth.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1891-1968), who was publisher of the New York Times, addressed the New York State Publishers Association in 1948 and said:

“A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it… Give him no news or present him only with distorted and incomplete data, with ignorant, sloppy or biased reporting, with propaganda and deliberate falsehoods, and you destroy his whole reasoning process and make him something less than a man.”

America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Libya and in the proxy war of Syria, would have been much less harmful to the men, women, and children of those nations – wars in those nations may have been averted –  had the U.S. mainstream media not diminished the American people’s judgment, and had the mainstream media given the American people the total truth.

Mainstream media performance regarding truth is very saddening

Saddening because of all the death, injury (both physical and psychological), and shattering of innocent lives which would never have occurred had truth been told all the way down the line. In 2014, there needs to occur very serious discussions about media reforms in America, because the airwaves are under the ownership of the people, and there are those who have been allowed to use those airwaves to slant the truth or outright lie to the American people.

This is a very serious issue that has gone on for decades and requires change of a fundamental nature to resolve. Because war and peace is the most serious issue on this Earth. For continuing to allow less than correct or wholly inaccurate reporting to go out over the people’s airwaves on war and peace risks the disastrous repeat of human carnage of the past – namely unwarranted, unnecessary, and illegal military actions.

There is no criticism of this world’s capitalist systems but for the times when competition crosses a line where ruthlessness exists – where morality and ethics become non-existent. Those are the times when competition degenerates totally into a fully dehumanizing situation where war occurs. The world’s people no longer accept this barbaric form of business competition and are calling for it to end. Forever.